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 Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County California

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, P O and County seat 245 miles from the State capital, is on the north side of the bay of Monterey, occupying a pleasant site, and fronting a harbor safe at most seasons of the year. The place is reached by steamer from San Francisco, or by stage from San Jose on the east. Watsonville on the south-east, and Pescadero on the north-west.

During the summer months, Santa Cruz is one of the favorite watering places of the coast, and is enlivened by the presence of many fashionable visitors. The beach affords the pleasantest open sea bathing on the coast, and fine roads amidst the most lovely and romantic scenery invite the tourists to excursion drives over the neighboring plains and hills. The San Lorenzo River runs through the eastern portion of the town, and is crossed by costly bridges, adding to the picturesqueness of the landscape.

 The town is well built, its hotels, county buildings, business blocks, schools, churches, Odd Fellows' Hall, and private residences, being of a high order, and its prospects of future importance are very encouraging.

Two newspapers are published weekly, the Sentinel and the Local Item, both with a good circulation throughout the county.

Adam J Rev, clergyman (R C), upper Plaza
Adams F, attorney at law. Pacific avenue
Allen J D, planing mill. Powder Co's wharf
Amner Thomas, proprietor Santa Cruz Foundry
Anderson C L, physician, Pacific avenue
Anderson P, merchant tailor. Pacific avenue
Archer & Ennor, dry goods, cigars, stationery, etc, Pacific avenue
Archibald J H, harness and saddlery, Pacific avenue
Augusteen H, barber. Front
Bahten & Ruegg, proprietors Ocean Brewery, Mission
Bailey F E, physician. Front
Bailey J R, agent WU Telegraph Company, and steamship and insurance agent
Bailey S H, watch maker, and jeweler. Pacific avenue
Baldwin A, boots and shoes. Pacific avenue
Baldwin J E D, photographic gallery, Pacific avenue
Bank of Savings and Loan, S A Bartlett president, Frank Cooper cashier, Pacific avenue
Barnett S, general merchandise. Pacific avenue
Battersby John, stoves and tinware, Pacific avenue
Bausch Henry, brewery
Bean Charles AV, brick manufacturer
Becker F M, house, sign and carriage painter. Front
Bennet & Hihn. Proprietors Santa Cruz Stage Line, and Santa Cruz Grist Mill
Bernheim J & Company, general merchandise. Front
Besse J S, liquor saloon. Pacific avenue
Bird Samuel, shoe maker. Vine
Blum I & Company, general merchandise, June Pacific avenue and Front
Bowman Gustave, stoves, hardware, crockery, and tinware. Pacific avenue
Boyle J T, boots and shoes. Pacific avenue
Bradley I, blacksmith, and wagon maker. Front
Brazer John, postmaster, books, stationery, and fancy goods, Pacific avenue
Briody E, general merchandise, Pacific avenue
Brownstone J, general merchandise, furniture, and carpets. Front
Burk N, cigars, tobacco, and candies. Pacific avenue
Butler E P, photographer. Pacific avenue
California Powder Works, Bernard Peyton, superintendent
Canney, F E, physician, and insurance agent, Pacific avenue
Cappelmann C, wholesale liquors, Front
Chace J D & Company, butchers. Pacific avenue
Chester, Phillips & Company, restaurant. Mission
Coblentz Felix, general merchandise, Pacific avenue
Coffin H, proprietor Santa Cruz Local Item, Pacific avenue
Cohn & Schwartz, cigars and tobacco, Pacific avenue
Conant Roger, attorney at law, Court House
Cooper & Company, general merchandise, Front
Cope Jesse, insurance agent. Pacific avenue
Corey S H Mrs, dress maker. Laurel
Cremer Thomas, hotel. Bridge
Culverwell E A Mrs, dress Maker, Pacific avenue
Curran F, teacher, upper Plaza
Cushman Z, manufacturer sacks, tents and awnings, Mission
Cutler James M, drugs and medicines, Pacific avenue
Dakan & Young, butchers, Pacific avenue
Davis & Cowell, lime manufacturers, forwarding and commission merchants, lower wharf
De Lamater G B V, general merchandise. Pacific avenue
Do Voll Philip H, agent Domestic Sewing Machines, and patterns
Degroat & McKenna, feed stable. Front
Dennison George, liquor saloon. Pacific avenue
Dyer J J, dentist, Drennan's Building
Easton, G A Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Effey William, watch maker and jeweler. Pacific avenue
England W P, gunsmith, and machinist, Front
Evans A D Mrs, confectioner, fruits, etc. Pacific avenue
Fagan P B., physician. Pacific avenue
Felker William, undertaker. Front
Field & Son, general merchandise. Pacific avenue
Fisher Anton, tanner, Powder Mill Road
Flagg D S, marble cutter, Pacific avenue
Foster Edward, blacksmith. Front
Frank Philip, real estate, and insurance agent, corner Mission and Bridge
Frank & Smith, land agents. Lower Plaza
Franklin House, Mrs Sophia Harris, proprietress
Gadsby B C, painter, and paints, oils, and glass. Pacific avenue
Gardner & Cummings, proprietors Ocean View House, Ocean Beach
Goodwin & Martin, livery stable, Front
Gordon L, dentist. Pacific avenue
Gore Arthur, dentist. Pacific avenue
Gragg George T, planing mill. Pacific avenue
Gray S C & Company, proprietors Santa Cruz Tannery
Green Eliza, liquor saloon. Front
Green K, tailor and clothier. Pacific avenue
Handley Katie Miss, millinery. Mission
Harmon L S, carpenter and contractor
Harris Sophia Mrs, proprietress Franklin House, Front
Haug Christopher, liquor saloon. Water
Hawe P Rev, clergyman (R C), Upper Plaza
Hay William G, physician. Mission
Heacock E H, attorney at law
Heath Albert, attorney at law. Pacific avenue
Heath C H & R T, stoves, and tinware, Pacific avenue
Heath L & Company, hardware, doors and windows, Pacific avenue
Heitmann Henry, tailor. Pacific avenue
Hinds A J, books and stationery. Post Office
Hoadley J H, proprietor Pacific Ocean House, Pacific avenue
Hoff & Swanton, livery stable. Pacific avenue
Hoffmann C, real estate, and insurance agent, Pacific avenue
Holmes H Y, lime manufacturer
Holl G I, fruit, and confectionery, Pacific avenue
Horn W H, groceries, and provisions. Bridge
Hug J J, drugs and medicines. Pacific avenue
Hughes D P, tailor, Pacific avenue
Hunter Hamilton D, Rev, clergyman, (M E)
Hunter William, blacksmith, Mission
Ingraham E H, homeopathic physician, Pacific avenue
Jarvis G M, native wines, and liquors
Johnson T V, liquor saloon. Pacific avenue
Johnson Wm B, refreshment saloon. Ocean Beach
Kaye & Davis, contractors and builders
Kelly Jeremiah, proprietor New England House, Front
Kelly John, proprietor What Cheer House, Front
Kelly Michael, general merchandise. Water
Kelly & Reilly, groceries. Front
Kenney Joseph, painter, and paper hanger. Laurel
Kilburn & Company, manufacturers and dealers lumber and building material
Kirby R C & Company, tanners, Coast Road
Kirk W J, liquor saloon, Front
Knight Benjamin, physician. Water
Knoer William, stage proprietor
Kollner E Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Kresteller P, boots and shoes. Pacific avenue
Kron Jacob F, tanner. Powder Mill Road
Kroehfli J, liquor saloon, Front
Kunitz E, manufacturer glue and soap, corner Locust and Church
Lake G P, wagon maker, Front
Lansing C, ice and ice cream, Pacific avenue
Lohmkuhl E, proprietor Long Branch Bathing House, Ocean Beach
Leibrandt John & Son, swimming baths. Ocean Beach
Lemare J J Mrs, proprietress Linda Vista Cottage, Beach
Leonard Michael, liquor saloon. Front
Lindner E, shoe maker. Front
Logan J H, attorney at law. Pacific avenue
Longley Otis A, house and ornamental sign painter, Pacific avenue
Lukens E, blacksmith. Water
March W F, lumber merchant. Powder Co's wharf
Marinovich Anbro & Company, restaurant, Lower Plaza
Martin H A Mrs, millinery, and ladies' furnishing goods. Pacific avenue
Martin W H, superintendent New Foundry Company
Martin & Benedict, proprietors Santa Cruz House, Front
Matt & Ruegg, brewery, Mission
McCann F J, attorney at law. Pacific avenue
McLaren J, physician. Lower Plaza
McPherson Peter, surveyor and civil engineer, J, Locust
Mette & Tilden, blacksmiths. Water
Montgomery James, proprietor St Charles Hotel
Moore L L, physician, Laurel
Moretti Peter, barber, Pacific avenue
Morrow John, contractor, carpenter and builder. Pacific avenue
Moulton & Bias, general merchandise, Pacific avenue
Mozrini Pado, proprietor Swiss House, Bridge
Neary Misses, millinery, Pacific avenue
Neary Patrick, liquor saloon. Mission
Nugent R, shoe maker. Front
Ortiz & Alarcon, carriage painters, Front
Osterhaus J A, cigars and tobacco. Pacific avenue
Otto George, & Company, grain, liquors, tobacco, etc. Front
Paschall D P, wagon maker. Bridge
Peckner George F, fruit and confectionery, Pacific avenue
Peterson A M. harness and saddlery. Pacific avenue
Peyton Bernard, superintendent California Powder Works
Pierce G M Mrs, dress maker, Mission
Pinana Frank, liquor saloon. Front
Place G W & Company, dry goods. Pacific avenue
Place H M, butcher
Porter L, proprietor Cabin House, Beach
Pratschner Anna & Company Miss, millinery, and dressmaking. Pacific avenue
Pray F P, insurance agent
Pray Brothers, clothing, and famishing goods. Pacific avenue
Priest R, tailor. Front
Randall & Kober, boots and shoes, Pacific avenue
Reis Bros, lime manufacturers
Rhodes W H, gunsmith. Pacific avenue
Roberts S S, attorney at law. Pacific avenue
Santa Cruz Gas Company, D Tuthill, president. Water
Santa Cruz Local Item, H Coffin, proprietor. Pacific avenue
Santa Cruz Railroad Company, Hihn's Building Pacific avenue
Schlobohn Henry, restaurant, Front
School of the Holy Cross, Sister Corsina, superioress. Upper Plaza
Scott F D, drugs and medicines, Lower Plaza
Scott & Cummings, livery stable, Mission
Scott & Merrill, lumber, corner Mission and v me
Sentinel Printing Company, B P Kooser and J H Hoadley, proprietors Santa Cruz Sentinel
Simon Jacobs & Company, general merchandise. Pacific avenue
Simpson & Jordan, feed mill and wood yard. Water
Smallwood Joseph, barber. Front
Staeffler George, furniture and bedding, and undertaker. Pacific avenue
Stingle Henry, hardware. Mission
Swan Lyman, confectioner, and baker, Pacific avenue
Swanton & Clements, livery stable, Pacific avenue
Sweeney Thomas A, barber. Front
Tammeyer Louis, liquor saloon. Front
Thompson Richard, notary public, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agont
Treat George, lumber dealer. Powder Co's wharf
Tucker B F & Company, butchers. Pacific avenue
Trust Andrew, baker, Lincoln
Van Doran S M, general merchandise, Mission
Van Guelder A A, attorney at law. Front
Ward & Colgrove, stage proprietors
Waterman W F, blacksmith, Pacific avenue
Weitzman Robert, basket maker. Pacific avenue
Wonte Daniel, liquor saloon. Front
Werner Chris, liquor saloon, Lower Plaza
Werner John, harness and saddlery. Main
West E S, superintendent Santa Cruz Wharf Co
Wilkinson Peter, wagon maker. Bridge
Willey S H Rev, clergyman (Cong), Pacific avenue
Williams Edward S, notary public. Pacific avenue
Williams H, tinsmith, plumber and gas fitter, Pacific avenue
Willis E, grain and feed, and sewing machine agent, Water
Wood R M Mrs, restaurant. Pacific avenue
Wright H F, liquor saloon. Pacific avenue
Wustenberg H, cooper. Pacific avenue
Younger C B, attorney at law, Lower Plaza

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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