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 Santa Rosa, Sonoma County California

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, PO and County seat, is a busy and flourishing village in the valley of the same name. The small creek which gives its name to valley and town is a tributary of Russian River, flowing northwardly to that stream, and in its course watering one of the most fertile and lovely sections of the State.

The surrounding country is noted for its fruits and grains, corn growing here to greater perfection than elsewhere in California. The town is well built and bears every evidence of prosperity. Two colleges are established here, one under the patronage of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, having an attendance of 200 students, and the other devoted to the Christian Church, having 100 students. Here is also the seat of a religious sect denominated Seventh Day Baptists, whose peculiarity is in holding Saturday sacred, as a day of rest and worship, instead of Sunday.

The town is on the line of the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad, which runs from Donahue northerly through the county to Cloverdale, giving quick communication to all parts. Stage communication is also had with Sonoma and Vallejo, with the Quicksilver region of Pine Flat, and with other places.

Two newspapers, the Sonoma Democrat and Santa Rosa Times, are published weekly.

Allen S, physician, Fourth
Allison & Dunnigan, liquor saloon, corner Fourth and Mendocino
Bailey N A Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Baker & Ross, blacksmiths, Main
Barnes J A Mrs, millinery and ladies furnishing goods. Fourth
Barnes k Cole, dentists, Fourth
Bissell C T, civil engineer, Plaza
Boggs Bros, books, stationery, tobacco, etc, and insurance agents, Fourth
Bogle J A, drugs and medicines, Main
Bond William H, notary public, conveyancer, and searcher of records, Plaza
Boorman Bros, proprietors Santa Rosa Flour Mill
Boyce J F, physician. Third
Brand W H, gunsmith, corner Mendocino and Fifth
Brown John, attorney at law, and justice of the peace
Brown Joseph, butcher, Fourth
Buckland L H, carriage trimmer, Main
Burckhalter J, attorney at law. Fourth
Burckhalter Mrs & Chamberlain Miss, millinery, Main
Butler James, liquor saloon, Fourth
Butler J W Rev, clergyman (Christian)
Byrne M, groceries. Fourth
Caldwell R G, varieties, Fourth
Cannon John T, attorney at law, and justice of the peace. Fourth
Canterbury & Morse, house painters, Wilson
Carithers D N, general merchandise. Main
Charles E W, physician. Fourth
Christian College, Rev J W Butler, president, corner B and Cherry
Clark James P, livery stable, and stage proprietor, Main
Cocke W T, physician. Fourth
Colgan E P Mrs, proprietress Santa Rosa Pioneer Hotel, Main
Conrad Charles, proprietor Hotel de Europe, Fourth
Coolbroth S W, tannery
Cowen Philip, books, stationery, and piano agency, Main
Cox Arthur L, civil engineer and surveyor, Mendocino
Crane T J, produce, poultry, etc. Fourth
Creighton Thomas, stoves and tinware. Main
Davis A, dry goods and clothing. Fourth
Davis McK, proprietor Mechanics' House, Fifth
Davis Preston, civil engineer and surveyor
Davisson D D, real estate agent, Plaza
Dimmick F M Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Doychert J, agent W U Telegraph Company, Main
Duffy T, proprietor Railroad House, Fourth
Farmer E T, president Santa Rosa Bank, and president Maxim Gas Company, Plaza
Farmer J H & Co. furniture, carpets, etc, and undertakers, Plaza
Farmer & Taylor, butchery, and produce dealers. Fourth
Filcher & Company, soap manufacturers. Sixth
Fisher A L, marble works. Fourth
Frazee G W, drugs and medicines, Main
Gardner L B, watch maker and jeweler, Fourth
Gentry & Morris, harness and saddlery. Fourth
Getz M & Company, stage proprietors. Grand Hotel
Gilbert G C, gents' furnishing goods, corner Third and B
Gilbert G C Mrs, millinery, and dross making, corner Third and B
Gordon J B, physician. Second
Gray & Prindle, butchers, Fourth
Griswold William, candy manufacturer. Third
Haas John & Company, hotel. Fourth
Hale W J, sewing machine agent
Hardy William J, attorney at law, and notary public
Healy John, shoe maker. Fourth
Henley Barclay, attorney at law
Hewitt H T, real estate and insurance agent. Fourth
Hodgson R, tailor. Fourth
Hood, Anderson & Sons, groceries, crockery, and willowware, Third
Hood George, watch maker and jeweler. Main
Hopper F, restaurant, and bakery. Third
Hornung J, cooperage, and vinegar manufactory. Fifth
Hudson T F. drugs and medicines. Plaza
Hudson & Nilson, stationery, and fancy goods. Plaza
Hughes H M, proprietor Mapes Hotel, Fourth
Jacobs M k A, merchant tailors, Fourth
Johnson & Henley, attorneys at law, Plaza
Justice S A Miss, millinery, and dress making. Fourth
Keim B F, wood and coal
Kessing Hotel, Charles Lyman, proprietor, Main
Kessing & Tupper, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company, Main
Kirsch Joseph, hair dressing saloon, and baths, Main
Koch August, barber. Mapes Hotel
Kohle Aug, liquor saloon, Plaza
Korbel F & Bros, lumber, and planing mills, etc, Fourth
Kraft E, photographer. Plaza
Kurlander J, cigars and tobacco. Fourth
Label Henry, varieties. Main
Lancaster William, clocks, spectacles, and plated ware. Fourth
Langdon C W, attorney at law, and real estate agent, Fourth
Lavin Charles, tailor. Main
Liebman, Cassel k Company, dry goods and carpets. Plaza
Loucks A H, cottage saloon, Mendocino
Lovejoy Charles J, Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Lyman Charles, proprietor Kessing Hotel, Main
Lyon & Mitchell, carriage and wagon makers. Main
Magoon H K, real estate agent, Fourth
Maede A, boots and shoes, Fourth
Mandeville J W & Company, flour manufacturers, Wilson
Mapes Hotel, H M Hughes, proprietor. Fourth
Marr George H, proprietor Santa Rosa Times, Fourth
Marsh Joseph, harness and saddlery. Plaza
Matern V, groceries and provisions, Front
Maxim Gas Company, ET Farmer president, George
P Noonan, secretary. Court House
McAnally W W, physician. Fourth
McConnel W E, attorney at law. Court House
McCoy James, painter and paper hanger
McCullough & Maslin, attorneys at law. Plaza
McGee James H, attorney at law. Fourth
McLean H B, merchant tailor, Fourth
Metzger Herman, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and Mendocino
Metzger & Joost, brewery. Third
Miller J D, contractor and builder
Miller John A, searcher records
Molglich Charles, restaurant, and bakery. Fourth
Moller Henry, liquor and billiard saloon, Fourth
Monroe J M, Rev, clergyman, (Christian)
Morgan T G, flour and feed, Mendocino
Morris J W, varieties. Third
Morris W R, furniture. Fourth
Morrison Brothers, general merchandise, Plaza
Morrow Brothers, stoves, tin and hardware, and agricultural implements, Fourth
Morter & Thompson, blacksmiths, and wagon makers, Main
Moxon W H, varieties, Main
Murphy Brothers, lumber manufacturers, Fourth
Myer John J, tailor. Plaza
Nagle F G, searcher records, Fourth
Neece & Pooler, proprietors Grand Hotel, Main
Nicoll & Hopes, blacksmiths, and carriage makers, Fourth
Nilson PF, watch maker and jeweler. Plaza
O'Rear W E, groceries, corner Fifth and Mendocino
Pacific Methodist College, A L Fitzgerald, president, corner King and College avenues
Paul H C, carpenter, Plaza
Pauli G T, county and city treasurer, Court House
Poery & Proctor, clothing, and dry goods. Plaza
Perkinson John E, proprietor American Exchange Hotel, Fourth
Petit A P, architect and builder, and book manufacturer, Plaza
Powers Charles, feed. Fourth
Powers D P, livery stable, Mendocino
Pressley John G, attorney at law, and notary public. Fourth
Price & Hicks, groceries, Fourth
Read & Caldwell, dentists. Fourth
Rendall S A, photographic. Fourth
Richards John, hair dressing saloon, and baths, corner Second and Main
Riley Hardin & Farmer, general merchandise. Plaza
Ringo S A, groceries, Fourth
Roothel E, shoe maker. Third
Roney & Prince, wines, liquors and cigars, Fourth
Royal & Wood, harness and saddlery. Fourth
Sacry & Hayes, general merchandise, Third
Santa Rosa Bank, E T Farmer, president, C G Ames, cashier. Plaza
Santa Rosa Branch Home Mutual Insurance Company, George A Thornton, manager. Plaza
Santa Rosa Steam Carriage Manufacturing Company, manufacturer carriages, wagons and agricultural implements. Main
Santa Rosa Times, George H Marr proprietor,
Santa Rosa Water Company, J Temple, president, W B Atterbury, secretary. Plaza
Savage G N, auction and commission. Third
Savings Bank of Santa Rosa, A P. Overton, president, F G Hahman, cashier. Plaza
Schaaf J H, shoe maker. Fourth
Schmidt C H, barber. Fourth
Scott L B, surveyor. Fourth
Seegelken A D & Brother, groceries and liquors, corner Fourth and Wilson
Shane Adam, groceries. Third
Shaw Charles, liquor saloon, corner Third and Main
Shepherd Dora Miss, private school. Third
Simms & Bethel, real estate agents. Plaza
Smith A H, lumber dealer, corner Tenth and Mendocino
Smith R P, physician. Fourth
Smith S S, carriage painter, Wilson
Smith & Shulte, iron works, Fifth
Sonoma Democrat, Thomas L Thompson proprietor. Plaza
Stanley, Neblett & Company, hardware, agricultural implements, etc, corner Third and Main
Tate Augustin, liquor saloon, Main
Temple Jackson, attorney at law, and president
Santa Rosa Water Company, Plaza
Temple R A, postmaster, notary public, drugs, stationery, etc. Fourth
Temple & Johnson, attorneys at law. Plaza
Terrill J M, stoves and tinware, plumbing and gas fitting, Third
Thomas A, attorney at law. Fourth
Thomas Charles B, civil engineer. Plaza
Thompson Thomas L, proprietor Sonoma Democrat, Plaza
Thomson J W, butcher. Plaza
Waits A E, dentist. Third
Ward Charles, shoe maker. Fourth
Weinstein M, merchant tailor. Fourth
Weise Morris, liquor saloon. Plaza
Weller S, blacksmith, and wagon makers, Mendocino
Wheeler C, shoe maker. Main
White & Atkins, liquor saloon. Main
Wilde L, shoe maker. Fourth
Williams J A, liquor saloon. Fourth
Willis & Simons, livery stable. Plaza
Wilson W H, blacksmith, corner Third and Main
Wise & Goldfish, general merchandise, G
Woodward C W, varieties. Fourth
Wright A S, physician, Fourth
Young B S, physician. Fourth

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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