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 Shasta, Shasta County California

Shasta, Shasta County, PO and County seat, is situated in the midst of a rich placer and quartz mining section. This place was formerly an important center of trade for all the northern portion of the State, but the construction of the California and Oregon Railroad, which has its terminus at Redding, a few miles distant, has turned the tide of travel, but it still enjoys considerable trade. The place was settled as "Reading's Springs," in 1850, but the name was subsequently changed in honor of the grand mountain peak that overlooks the region. Shasta is in the foot-hills of the mountains, enclosing the Sacramento Valley, at an elevation of 1,160 feet, two miles west of the river, and one hundred and seventy miles north of the city of Sacramento. The climate is pleasant and healthy, and the town continues to be the favorite place of residence of the pioneers of the section. The Shasta Courter was established in 1852, and is published weekly, being one of the oldest papers of the State.

Anderson Colin Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Andrews A K, attorney at law
Behrens Ludwig, fruits, candies, and varieties.
Behrle & Litsch, brewery
Bell Aaron, attorney at law
Boell & Blumb, bakery, and saloon
Booth Reuben, contractor, and builder
Bystle David P, wagon maker, and undertaker
Carter William L, proprietor Shasta Courier
Coleman Anduran, hardware, iron and steel
Craddock John, livery stable, and agent Shasta and Redding Stage Line
Demers Louis, tailor
Dobrowsky Adolph, watch maker and jeweler
Dobrowsky Ernest, gunsmith, and sowing machines
Eames Charles W, blacksmith, and horse sheer
Garrecht Lorenz, livery stable
Garter K & C A, attorneys at law
Glaser Peter, blacksmith
Goodall William, proprietor Shasta and Red Bluff Stage Line
Greene Harriet L Mrs, proprietress American Hotel
Grotofend A, general merchandise
Gwinn & Maher, liquor saloon
Hartman William, hair dressing saloon, and baths
Hoff Peter, butcher
Isaacs Samuel, blacksmith
Isaacs & Downer, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
Kinscla John, liquor saloon
Knox George R, billiard saloon
Lewin Emanuel & Co. watch makers and jewelers and bankers
Litsch Frank, groceries, provisions, and liquors
Lynch Daniel, groceries, provisions, and feed
Manasse Jacob M, cigars and tobacco, books, stationery, and lamps
McDonald Charles, liquor saloon
McGarry James, liquor saloon
Morette Jean P, harness and saddlery
O'Brien John, shoe maker
Pelham James E, physician
Peoples Northern California Stage Company, James E Carr, president
Pritchard Robert, liquor saloon
Ravenscroft William, shoe maker
Schroter G C, harness, and saddlery, lumber, doors, sash, and blinds
Scott John V, proprietor Empire Hotel
Scott William A, shoe maker
Shasta Courier, William L Carter, proprietor
Taggart Grant, proprietor Weaverville and Shasta Stage Line
Taylor Clay W, attorney at law and district attorney
Twine Elias, hair dressing saloon, and baths
Van Schaick John, house, sign, and carriage painter
Volhard George, shoe maker
Voluntine E, stoves, tin and hard ware
Weil D & Brothers, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Wellendorf Louis, postmaster and druggist
Wilhelm George, merchant tailor

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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