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 Sonora, Tuolumne County California

Sonora, Tuolumne County, PO, Incorporated town and County seat, one of the most pleasantly located of mountain towns, is situated on both sides of Woods Creek, and is celebrated for the vast sums of gold that have been extracted from its placers. The town is reached by stage from Milton, 20 miles distant, the terminus of the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad of 30 miles in length, and by stage is connected with the surrounding towns. It is regularly laid out and well built, and has numerous public buildings of fine appearance, and benevolent, literary and educational institutions of high character. The rich placers being measurably exhausted, Sonora lost much of her population and active business life; but trials have proven that the soil, where only gold was sought for, as well as the hill sides where it was not found, is capable of producing all the horticulturist or farmer may desire, and a healthy prosperity is promised. Vines, orchards and mulberry plantations now occupy the deserted claims, and the product is of excellent quality, remunerative to the grower and increasing in value. Two newspapers, the Tuolumne Independent and the Union Democrat, are published weekly.

Armitage William, boots and shoes
Ashe G H, restaurant
Bacigalupi Louis, brewery
Baer Meyer, dry goods, and clothing
Barlow & Bonas, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
Barry John, liquor saloon
Bauman John, proprietor Sonora Brewery
Beauvais A B, county and U S deputy mineral surveyor
Bemis L, proprietor City Hotel
Bonnefoy G, barber, and dealer human hair
Boyd & Lopez, livery stable
Bradford & Way, lumber dealers
Brodigan T, proprietor Sonora Hotel
Burden C H, house, sign, and carriage painter
Burden Charles, furniture, and bedding, and undertaker
Burke P, wagon maker
Bush George C, harness and saddlery
Cabegut J M, restaurant
Cady J S, carpets, paper hangings, paints, oils, etc, and house and sign painter
Calvin E R, attorney at law
Carkeek Andrew, boots and shoes
Carter J B, lumber dealer
City Hotel, L Bemis. Proprietor
Condit J H. hardware
Conrad F, barber
Conrad Samuel, liquor saloon
Cooper W S, attorney at law, and justice of the peace
Coyle Hugh, marble worker
Cramer H, machinist, and sewing machine agent
Crepin H, groceries; and liquors
Dart John P, U S deputy mineral surveyor
Dorsey Caleb, attorney at law
Duchow J C & W A, proprietors Tuolumne Independent
Duquesne D, wines and liquors
Dyer W H Rev, clergyman (Episc)
Eichelroth W E. physician
Fahey William, liquor saloon
Franklin J J, physician
Freund F A, furniture, and bedding, and undertaker
Gallut Victor, stoves, and tinware
Galvin E R, attorney at law, and notary public
Gimmerman H Mrs, groceries and liquors
Haag Adam, varieties
Half Charles, harness and saddlery
Hall Josiah, general merchandise
Hampton & Smith, proprietors Sonora City Flour
Mills, and lumber dealers
Hartvig William, house, sign, and carriage painter
Hosking John L, boots and shoes
Hughes M E,' blacksmith
Jalumstein J, jewelry
Keel E, liquor saloon, and bowling alley
Kelly M, stage proprietor
Konfield D M, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Kleferker Louis, groceries, and liquors
Lang Charles E, bakery
Lauguray D, lumber dealer
Leonard Thomas, liquor saloon
Livingston A C, boots and shoes
Lopez T, butcher,
Madson J G, groceries, gold-dust buyer, and commission merchant
McCormick D, groceries
McCormick D & Sons, butchers
McLean D & Company, livery stable
McNeil H B, county judge
Menendez Joseph, dentist
Miller L W & Company, stage proprietors
Mock A, dry goods, and clothing
Moore William K, stoves and tinware
Mundorf John, general merchandise
Neuebaumer J H, boots and shoes
Oppenheimer H, cigars, tobacco, books and stationery
Parsons Edmond, proprietor Union Hotel, and liquor saloon
Passeron T B, general merchandise
Penz H, liquor saloon, and theatre
Phelps, Shepard & Cowie, foundry and machine shop
Phillips T Rev. clergyman (R C)
Randall Charles H, proprietor Union Democrat
Redmond J D, attorney at law
Reeb Moses, dry-goods, boots, shoes, etc
Reeffe C M, auctioneer
Reitz J K, liquor saloon
Reoica G, liquor saloon, and restaurant
Reuter G S, shoe maker
Richards E, groceries and liquors
Riordan D F Mrs, millinery
Rocker P, physician and druggist
Rodgers E A, attorney at law, and notary public
Rooney J F, attorney at law
Rother William, groceries, and coffee and spice mill
Rudorf William, restaurant
Ryan Dennis, liquor saloon
Sears W L, physician (eclectic)
Segret H, watch maker and jeweler
Sewell Daniel, photographer
Shaw John, drugs and medicines
Shehan W J, Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Shoup S, proprietor Sonora and Yosemite Stage Line
Smith S H, forwarding, and livery stable
Smyth Edward, shoe maker
Sonora Hotel, T Brodigan, proprietor
Starbord J R, blacksmith
Steinfelder W A, liquor saloon
Steinmetz G Mrs, restaurant
Street C E, agent W U Telegraph Company
Street C L, attorney at law, and notary public
Street Harlow L, postmaster, books and stationery
Superville P, groceries
Taylor & Wise, liquor saloon
Towle R H, watch maker and jeweler
Trout & Wenzel, blacksmith and wagon makers
Tuolumne Independent J C & W A Duchow, proprietors
Tupper Charles, notary public
Union Democrat, Charles H Randall, proprietor Van Harlingen John, auctioneer
Vickory & Goodwin, butchers
Walker John, physician
West Thomas, liquor saloon
White J J, liquor saloon
Wilzinski & Son, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Wolfling John, butchers
Wyckoff William, groceries

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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