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 St. Helena, Napa County California

St. Helena, Napa County, 18 miles northwest of Napa City, is a lovely little village, on the western side of Napa Valley, on the line of the railroad from Vallejo to Calistoga. The large vineyard, wine cellar and distillery of Mr. Charles Krug, are in the vicinity, and constitute an important feature in the business of the place, he making about 100,000 gallons of wine annually. His fine gardens, with orange and other semi-tropical trees and fruits, are proof of the wealth of the soil and equability of the climate. A great deal of wine is made by other parties. In the neighboring hills, veins of gold and silver bearing quartz have been discovered, giving a prospect of converting St. Helena from the quiet summer resort to the busy mining town. Some quicksilver mines nearby have been successfully worked. A public school, with 280 pupils, is maintained with great care. One newspaper, the Star, is published weekly.

Alstrom S, proprietor Napa White Sulphur Springs
Anguin W Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Brown D W & Company, lumber, doors, blinds, lime, etc, and carpenters
Brown J M, drugs and medicines
Bruce W A, gunsmith, and blacksmith
Bussenius H R, drugs and medicines
Butler C H, cooperage
Calderwood M, wagon maker
Carver D B, postmaster
Carver & Phillips, general merchandise
Chandler H L, hotel
Chrisman G S, butcher
Cleghorn John, harness and saddlery
Cliff J F, tin and hardware
Clow J S, photographer
Cooks R, carpenter
Creamer J, shoe maker
Dalley F, merchant tailor, clothing, and furnishing goods
Darbyshire D K, wheelwright
Davis C E, dentist
Dickinson J J & Company, general merchandise
Donaldson D S, physician
Edwards W S, hotel
Elgin W A, livery stable
Faley Garret, liquor saloon
Fautz & Bender, brewery
Follmeyer William, carpenter
Francis J G, general merchandise
Gallewsky D, general merchandise
Giauque Brothers, distillers and vintners
Gila Bros, bakers and grocers
Gillam John, wood dealer
Gordon V L Mrs, milliner
Grant J N, carpenter
Haskin Pi. A, brick dealer
Hastie Robert, carpenter
Heymann E, hotel, and billiard saloon
Hoffman Frank, shoe maker
Horden J R, carpenter
Horton George, furniture
Howe A, liquor saloon
Hunt D O, wood dealer
Hurlbut R B, sewing machine agent
Jacks Samuel, tinsmith
Johnson P R, painter
Kaiser J M, butcher
Kettlewell J R, blacksmith
Krug Charles, distiller and vintner
Lawrence Dewitt C, proprietor St. Helena Star, and patent attorney
Lazarus L, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Lewelling John, horticulturist
Logan Joseph I, undertaker, contractor, and builder
Lynch Oscar, tailor
McCarty John, blacksmith
McCord JH, justice of the peace, and real estate agent
Mecklenberg Joseph, flour manufacturer
Michel W M, physician
Nichell C F A, dentist
Pellet & Carver, wine growers
Pinkham P, carpenter
Potter J C, blacksmith
Prouty C R, shoe maker
Risley H, carpenter
Rule D K, physician
Sage F A, plasterer
Sanders F, groceries
Simmons W T, carpenter
Solamonson S, general merchandise
Spurr & York, butchers
St Helena Star, Dewitt C Lawrence, proprietor
St Helena Seminary, Mrs C F A Dodge, and Mrs M A Tulley, associate principals
Stamer G A, liquor saloon
Straus J E, general merchandise
Swarts H F, livery and feed stable
Thomas John, wine grower
Tonolla A, hotel
Tossetti B, liquor saloon
Van Tassell & Company, lumber, doors, blinds, lime, etc and carpenters, and insurance agents
Veasy William, barber
Warren C M, painter
Warren I B, carpenter
Weinberger J C, vintner
Willis Joseph, butcher
Wuth C G, watch maker, and jeweler
York E M, horticulturist

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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