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 Stockton, San Joaquin County California

Stockton, San Joaquin County, PO, County seat, and incorporated city, 48 miles south of Sacramento and 90 east of San Francisco, stands at the head of the bay, or slough, of the San Joaquin River, which is navigable for vessels drawing six feet of water, and is an excellent harbor. Large steamers and sailing vessels from San Francisco land at its wharves, and transfer their cargoes to light-draft steamers and barges, which ascend the San Joaquin one hundred and fifty miles further into the rich agricultural regions of Stanislaus, Merced, and Fresno counties. The Central Pacific Railroad passes through the town, thus connecting it by rail and water communication with all parts of the world. The Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad, reaches easterly into Calaveras and Stanislaus counties, the main branch extending to the town of Milton, a distance of 30 miles. At the town of Peters, 15 miles from Stockton, a branch leads southerly with a length of 19 miles, having its terminus at Oakdale, in Stanislaus County. Another railroad, with track of three feet gauge, is in course of construction from Stockton to Ione, and is expected to be completed in the summer of 1875. At Lathrop, 9 miles from Stockton, the San Joaquin Valley branch joins the Central Pacific and extends southerly 239 miles to the southern extreme of the great valley. Thus Stockton has a radiating system of transportation and intercommunication of great convenience and value, insuring it the commercial center of a large extent of very productive country. Stages penetrate the interior in every direction, it being the headquarters of lines to Murphy's and the Big Trees and other places in Calaveras, to Sonora and the mining regions of Tuolumne, to Merced, Yosemite and Mariposa. The town was laid out by Captain C. M. Weber in 1848, and received its name in honor of Commodore Stockton, who had taken an active part in the conquest of California. The city stands in the midst of an exceedingly fertile section, and has, in addition, a large mining area contributory to it, assuring its prosperity. The streets are regularly laid out, well paved, the sidewalks broad and well sheltered from sun and rain by pleasant awnings, and bordered by noble public buildings, capacious stores and hotels, and the suburbs are adorned with the most lovely gardens and private residences to be found in the State. An artesian well, 1,002 feet in depth, furnishes the city with pure water, supplying 300,000 gallons daily, rising eleven feet above the surface of the ground. Water is easily obtained near the surface, by ordinary wells, of from ten to twenty feet in depth, by means of which the rich soil of the surrounding gardens is irrigated, bringing forth fruits, flowers, and generous shade trees. The numerous windmills used for this purpose have given the name of "Windmill City" to Stockton; and considering that the winds are gentle zephyrs, and the products luscious fruits and bright flowers, the sobriquet is a very pleasant one. The State Insane Asylum is within the city, and its several large and imposing buildings add to its appearance, and the business connected there with adds to the city's resources. Three newspapers are published. The Independent, daily and weekly; the Herald, daily and weekly; the Leader, daily and weekly.

Officers: F. T. Baldwin, Mayor; C. Grattan. (President;) James Brown, H. W. Schmidt, B. F. Rogers. H. Williams, E. E. Thrift, J. W. Smith, W. C. Miller. P. Rohrbacher, S. Williams, W. F. Freeman, L. E. Yates, T. Edwards, Councilmen; F. S. Hinds, Treasurer; Julius Steiney, Assessor; H. T. Compton. Clerk: James A. Lonttit, Attorney; A. G. Brown, Police Judge; D. O. Harelson, Chief of Police; T. C. Mallon, Collector and Street Commissioner.

Abramski M L, real estate agent, 173 Main
Adams A, superintendent Stockton Gas Works, Centre
Adams Samuel, blacksmith, 273 Main
Alders Charles, butcher, 258 Main
Alegretti G, groceries and provisions, corner Centre and Washington
Alisky Edward, proprietor Cosmopolitan Hotel, corner Main and American
Anaya Frank, hair dressing and bathing saloon, 171 Main
Andrews J H, harness and saddlery, 210 Centre
Arnold Frederick, boots, shoes, and findings, 194 Main
Aust J G, carriage maker, California, between Main and Market
Bahman Conrad, blacksmith, and wagon maker, corner American and Channel
Badger Brothers, paints, oils, and paper hangings, and sign painters, 200 Main
Baggs William M, lumber dealer, corner Levee and Beaver, and warehouse Levee
Baker M D, insurance broker, 173 Main
Baldwin F A M Mrs, dress maker, 183 El Dorado
Baldwin F T, attorney at law, Main
Bank of Stockton, George W Kidd president, corner Centre and Main
Barney J H & Company, commission merchants, and dealers grain and sacks, 182-186 Centre
Bartlett J L, agent Stockton Portable Gas Light
Batchelder, B P, photographer. 183 El Dorado
Baxter ____, liquor saloon, 180 Main
Bazilie L, groceries and liquors, corner Hunter and Market
Beardsley & Fee, livery stable, 282 Main
Belden Charles, soda water manufacturer, and insurance agent, corner Weber avenue and San Joaquin
Bolding W J, dry goods, 180 El Dorado
Berdine D H, book and job printer, 224 Main
Bere A, fruits and vegetables, 182 Levee
Beswick Frank, livery stable, corner Washington and Centre
Black, & Brothers, wholesale and retail groceries and clothing, corner Main and Centre
Blackman M, liquor saloon, Centre
Blake A N, undertaker, Hunter between Main and Market
Blake T, machinist, California, between Main and Market
Boerner & Brother, brewery, corner American and Weber avenue
Bond M H. undertaker, 295 Weber avenue
Bonn F Rev, clergyman (Meth), Sutter between Main and Market
Boscher E, druggist, 169 Main
Bostwick I S, grain dealer, 171 Centre
Bowen S B & Company, manufacturer agricultural implements. Main
Braids John, blacksmith, and wagon maker, 250 Centre
Breidenbach Joseph, proprietor Philadelphia House, 15 Bridge
Breith C, liquor saloon, 184 Levee
Brown Oscar M, attorney at law. Hook's Building
Brown P T, plumber and gas fitter, Hunter
Brown & Company, produce, and grain dealers, 178 Levee
Browne W T, physician, corner Main and Sutter
Browne & Beasley, contractors, and builders, corner California and Main
Browning & Elliott, fruits, and vegetables, 190 Levee
Bryant J G, physician, corner Main and Centre
Buckley W S, attorney at law. Main
Budd J E, attorney at law, 221 Main
Budd J H, attorney at law, 224 Main
Budd J H Jr, attorney at law, 224 Main
Burkett Alexander, flour manufacturer. Levee
Burns John, blacksmith. 231 Centre
Burton Charles O, postmaster, 177 Hunter
Bush A., groceries, and liquors, corner El Dorado and Lafayette
Byers & Elliott, attorneys at law, 224 Main
Cadieu & Bugley, clothing, and gent's furnishing goods, 252 Main
Caine John, proprietor Globe Iron Works, corner Commerce and Main
Carlon J C, grain dealer, 200 Hunter
Caro M, cigars and tobacco, Yosemite House
Carvin & Nunan, booksellers, and advertising agents, corner Main and Sutter
Cavanagh Edward, liquor saloon, corner Centre and Levee
Cavis Joseph M, attorney at law, 241 Main
Central House, John Henderson, proprietor, corner Channel and California
Chalmers Brothers, dry goods, and carpets, 178 El Dorado
Chapin & Cohen, liquor saloon, corner Weber avenue and San Joaquin
Chappell H, liquor saloon, corner Weber avenue and Sutter
Charleson & Morris, boots and shoes, 201 Main
Chesrown M A, dress maker, Main
Chicard L E, forwarding, and commission, 180 Centre
Choate & McCurdy, druggists and chemists, corner Main and Sutter
Christian Charles, blacksmith, 234 Market
Christian W, merchant tailor, 181 Main
Claiborne G B, president San Joaquin Valley Bank, 187 Centre
Clark B F, glove maker, 227 Weber avenue
Clarke A, physician. Hunter
Clayes & Lyon, collectors, and general agents. 205 Main
Clifford G. photographer, 198 Main
Cole James, proprietor Yosemite House, 253 Main
Compton H T, notary public, 224 Main
Cordell Thomas H, notary public, and searcher records. Odd Fellows' Building
Courturier Mme, dealer human hair
Covacevich H C, restaurant, 178 Levee
Craft & Company, beer saloon. Levee
Crawford T A, shipping, and commission merchant, 166 Levee
Cross L E, homeopathic physician. Post office Building
Culver N C, livery stable, corner American and Channel
Curtis W G, assistant superintendent S and V and S and C Railroad
Cutting L M, notary public, Channel
Cutting L M & Company, agricultural implements, corner Main and El Dorado
Davenport A C, dentist. 209 Centre
Doffenbacher J, barber, 251 Main
Devoll Mary R, millinery, 185 El Dorado
Devoll W, cigars and tobacco, 176 Main
Dies A, restaurant, 217 Hunter
Doak & Dunning, livery stable. San Joaquin
Dohrman Charles W, insurance agent, corner Main and Hunter
Dohrmann & Company, groceries, provisions, wines and liquors. 174 El Dorado
Dorrance H T, harness, and saddlery, 185 Hunter
Douglass J B, liquor and billiard saloon, 255 Main
Drascovich Nicholas, restaurant, 168 Levee, and liquor saloon and restaurant, 205 Centre
Ducker John, groceries and liquors, corner Weber avenue and American
Dudley W L, attorney at law. Odd Fellows' Building
Dunning William F, liquor saloon, corner Market and Sacramento
Eccleston R, proprietor Eagle Hotel, 272 Weber avenue
Eckstrom Albert, barber, 202 Levee
Eckstrom M E Mrs, millinery, and fancy goods, 254 Main
Ellsworth & Washburn, saw and planing mill. Hunter between Main and Market
Engelhardt A, proprietor Weber House corner Main and Centre
England J W, toys, fruit, and confectionery, 237 Main
Ernest C G, stoves, ranges, tin and hardware, 260 Main
Estein William, dry goods, and furnishing goods, 239 Main
Evans Willard, liquor saloon, corner Sutter and Weber avenue
Evans & O'Brien, wholesale liquors, 222 Main
Evening Herald, H S Spalding & Company proprietors, corner Main and and San Joaquin
Evening Leader, Laura De Force Gordon, proprietress, Parker's Building
Fairbrother George W. physician, corner Main and Suttre
Farmers' Co-operative Union, grain and bags, corner Commerce and Levee
Farrington, Hyatt & Company, proprietors Stockton Iron Works, 183 California
Feeley John, shoe maker, 20(3 Levee
Ferguson John, tailor, 209 Centre
Fickett S H, dentist, 198 Main
First National Gold Bank, Frank Stewart president, H H Hewlett, cashier and manager, corner Main and Hunter
Fleishmann & Company, cigars and tobacco, 238 Main
Fogarty W & Company, hardware and iron, 196 Main
Foote H L Rev, clergyman (Episc) 84 El Dorado
Ford J, livery stable, 225 Centre
Fountain T & Company, proprietors American Exchange House, Center
Fowler & Woodson, liquor saloon, 279 Main
Fox C J, liquor saloon, 175 Hunter
Frank Brothers, furniture, 183 Main
Frank H Rev, clergyman (Heb), corner Hunter and Channel
Frankenheimer B, clothing and gent's furnishing goods, 208 Main
Fraser P B, notary public, corner Main and Hunter
Freeman W H, soap manufactory. Centre
Galgiani Vincent, fish, vegetables, and fruit, 188 Levee
Gall A, bakery and confectionery, 176 El Dorado
Gallo Peter G, barber, 278 Main
Gardner J W, pianos, organs, etc, 184 El Dorado
Garrow C, bakery, 230 Market
Gawne John, president Stockton Grain Warehouse Company, corner Commerce and Sonora
Gebhart Benjamin, barber, corner Weber avenue and Hunter
George Thomas, agent W U Telegraph Company, 203 Main
Ghizliazzi Brothers, groceries, corner San Joaquin and Lafayette
Gibson C Mrs, millinery, 187 El Dorado
Gibson William M, attorney at law, and notary public, 6 Odd Fellows' Building
Gillingham C A, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, 182 Main
Gimbal H, liquor saloon, Main
Givanovich A, restaurant, 200 Levee
Gordon, Laura De Force Mrs, proprietress
Evening Leader, Parker's Building
Graham B F, harness, and saddlery, 189 Main
Graham William, hardware, and cutlery, 257 Main
Grand Hotel, Philip Mazzi, proprietor, corner Centre and Levee
Grangers' Union, A Wolf, president, S S Burge, secretary, general merchandise, and agricultural implements, 204 El Dorado
Gray & Hickman, dry goods, clothing, and carpets, 206 Main
Greenblatt &, Company, wholesale and retail groceries, 261 Main
Grissim Henry, liquor saloon, 177 El Dorado
Grunsky Charles, insurance agent. Court House
Gumpert Elias, cigars, and tobacco, 226 Main
Haas H, watch maker and jeweler, 185 El Dorado
Hahn F C, proprietor Franklin House, 293 Weber avenue
Hall H E, attorney at law. Odd Fellows' Building
Hall J, bakery, corner California and Weber avenue
Hall John B, attorney at law, Post office Building
Hall & Chittenden, plumbers and gas fitters, El Dorado
Hammond, Moore & Yardle, groceries, provisions, and hardware, Weber avenue
Hansel & Wollner, groceries, corner Hunter and Channel
Harris & Jacobs, junk dealers, 154 Hunter
Hart & Thrift, groceries, corner Weber avenue, and Sutter
Hatch & Holmes, blacksmiths and wagon makers, corner Weber avenue and Sutter
Heacock H B Rev, clergyman (Meth), San Joaquin between Main and Weber avenue
Hedges & Buck, groceries and provisions, 235 and 237 Main
Heinze Joseph, furniture and bedding, 202 Main
Heinzelman S, proprietor Avenue Hotel. 298 Weber avenue
Helmrich Max, beer saloon, corner Main and California
Henderson John, proprietor Central House, corner Channel and California
Henderson R W, dentist, corner Hunter and Oak
Henderson & Clark, carriage makers, 292 Weber avenue
Hersey Thos. E, boot and shoe maker, 267 Main
Hewlett H H, manager and cashier First National Gold Bank, corner Main and Hunter
Hickey W S, marble works, 293 Main
Hickinbotham John T, carriage and wagon materials, 271 Main
Hickman Edward, house furnishing goods, 206 Main
Hickman L M, stoves, hardware, and firearms, 204 Main
Hickman William M, drugs and medicines, 212 Main
Hilke N C. harness and saddlery, corner Main and Sutter
Hogan J M, attorney at law, and notary public, 222 Main
Hoisholt & Brother, watches, clocks, and jewelers, 171 El Dorado
Holden S S, drugs and medicines, corner Main and El Dorado
Holmes & Carroll, livery stable, 270 Main
Home Mutual Insurance Co (Stockton Branch), Charles Belden, manager, corner Weber avenue and San Joaquin
Hood E H, attorney at law, Odd Fellows' Building
Hopkins & Louttit, attorneys at law, 230 Main
Hosmer J A, attorney at law, Hook's Building
Houche & Easton, auctioneers, and commission merchants, and furniture, corner Main and Centre
Hudson A T, physician, 182 Main
Humphrey D G, feed mill, corner Main and Stanislaus
Huper C F, gunsmith, 175 El Dorado
Hyers William, barber, 17314 El Dorado
Hyslop J B, proprietor Mansion House, corner Hunter and Weber avenue
Inglis William, bakery, 222 Centre
Isaac & Delano, hair dressing, and bathing saloon, 226 Main
Isaacs Louis, barber. Main
Jackson John, tinware, and fancy goods, 197 Main
Jackson & Houghland, livery stable, 226 Centre
Jockers & Behrman, proprietors What Cheer House, 176 Levee
Johnson R B Mrs, millinery, and fancy goods, 186 El Dorado
Johnson R H, livery stable, Weber avenue
Jones William, wagon maker, 236 Market
Jones & Hewlett, hardware and agricultural implements. 175 Hunter
Jones & Overton, liquor saloon, corner Centre and Market
Kafitz John, boots and shoes, 188 El Dorado
Kaiser M L, liquor saloon. Hunter, between Main and Levee
Kaiser Simon, boot and shoe maker, 210 Weber avenue
Keeler W H, watch maker, and jeweler, 249 Main
Kennedy & Miller, junk dealers, 236 Centre
Kidd ____, house and sign painter, 228 El Dorado
Kierski William, books, stationery, musical instruments, and toys, 187 Main
Killion Frank, liquor saloon Levee
Kirkpatriek &McCrillis, liquor saloon, 288 Main
Knowlton L A Mrs, dress maker, 257 Yosemite Block
Kohlberg Benjamin H, cigars and tobacco, 243 Main
Kolman & Son, clothing, and gent's furnishing goods, 224 Main
Kraft Henry, groceries, and liquors, corner Stanislaus and Park
Kroeckel George, liquor saloon, 200 Levee
Kuhn J, manufacturing jeweler, 203 Main
Kullman, Wagner & Co. tanners. Oak between Hunter and El Dorado
Lambart Frederick, shoe maker, 189 El Dorado
Lambert, Doughty & Patterson, proprietors Stockton Woolen Mills
Lane R B, flour manufacturer, and proprietor Pacific Paper Mills, 2.59 Weber avenue
Langdon Samuel, physician, 175 Hunter
Langdon W R, physician. Insane Asylum
Langmack H, watch maker, 189 El Dorado
Lastreto N, groceries and liquors, corner San Joaquin and Washington
Lea S H, fancy goods, 186 Main
Lee William W, barber, 189 El Dorado
Leecher & Lutz, proprietors Columbia House, corner Channel and San Joaquin
Legalle & Shepherd, groceries, wines and liquors, corner Centre and Market
Lehe Eugene, restaurant, 263 Main
Leonhard G, barber. 174 Levee
Lotora Peter, groceries and liquors, corner Washington and Aurora
Lieginger H, boots and shoes. 207 Main
Little T B, harness and saddlery, 240 Centre
Lockhead A F, produce, corner Centre and Levee
Long J M, insurance agent. 22(5 Main
Lord Daniel, builder, and contractor, Miner avenue
Lothrop & Noble, hatters, 241 Main
Lowenthal M, Indies' hair dresser 175 Hunter
Lutje & Gross, manufacturer candies and confectionery, 181 El Dorado
Maggetti F, fruits, and vegetables, 307 Weberave
Maggi & Mersfelder, restaurant, corner Centre and Levee
Manchester H A, attorney at law. Odd Fellows' Building
Mansion House, J B Hyslop, proprietor, corner Hunter and Weber avenue
Marks H, merchant tailor, 201 Main
Marks M, tailor, 232 Main
Marks Mayer, cigars and tobacco, corner Levee and El Dorado
Marks & Isaacs, clothing, 196 Levee
Mason W H Rev., clergyman (Meth), Aurora
Matteson & Williamson, agricultural implement manufacturers, corner Main and California
Mauro & Vuletich, restaurant, 204 Levee
May & Nye, photographers. Hunter
Mazzi Philip, proprietor Grand Hotel, corner Centre and Levee
McCloud J R, cigars and tobacco, 228 Main
McGuffick William, boiler maker, Main
McKee & Southworth, general merchandise, 216 and 218 Main, and 196 and 198 Hunter
Melone G W, auction, and commission, Hunter between Main and Levee
Mengel P, boots and shoes, 181 Main
Mersfeldar Louis, bakery, corner Channel and Hunter
Meyers J N, dentist, Post office Building
Miesell Frederick, hair goods, 188 Main
Milco Q N, fruit, 173 Hunter
Miller William P. carriage and wagon maker, corner Channel and California
Mills & Doll, stoves, hard, and tinware, 108 Main
Montgomery W S, attorney at law, Hook's Building
Moore D C, physician. El Dorado
Moore E D Mrs, physician, El Dorado
Moore & Gawne, lumber dealers, corner Commerce and Sonora
Moreing W, cigars and tobacco, 203 Main
Morris & Belden, livery stable. Centre
Morrisey James A, collector, and real estate agent. Main
Morrissey & Corcoran, groceries, paints and oils, corner Main and San Joaquin
Morse S B Rev., clergyman (Bap), 216 Lindsey
Moss F W, liquor saloon, and lodgings, 204 Levee
Mullhaupt G Rev, clergyman (German Reform), Weber avenue
Musto P, groceries, and liquors, corner El Dorado and Market
Myers J N, dentist, Post office Building
Nastrate N, restaurant, 174 Main
Natt George, groceries, provisions, and hardware, Weber avenue
Newell Sidney, books and stationery, 184 El Dorado
Newell George W, poultry, 280 Main
Nicholas L, liquor saloon, corner Hunter and Washington
Nichols John, furniture, and bedding, 262 and 264 Main
Nicola Milco & Company, toys, and fruits, 205 Main
Niestrath Philip, brewery, corner Levee and Elk
O'Brien John H, wholesale wines and liquors, 222 Main
O'Connor W B Rev, clergyman (R C), 230 Hunter
O'Reardon M Rev, clergyman (R C), 234 Hunter
Olive John H, livery stable, corner Bear and Washington
Orr N M, proprietor Stockton Independent, corner El Dorado and Levee
Oullahan & Company, wholesale liquors, 177 Main
Overhiser W L, insurance agent, 204 El Dorado
Owens & Moore, dry goods, and general merchandise, corner Main and Centre
Palmer U C, agent A and P Telegraph Company, Main
Parker R & Company, groceries and provisions, 207 Hunter
Parker William O, liquor saloon. Centre
Paul T S Rev, clergyman (Meth), Weber avenue between California & Sutter
Peabody J H, physician, corner Main and El Dorado
Peckler Caroline Mrs, confectionery, Weber avenue
Peri A, fish and vegetables. 162 Levee
Peters J D, grain dealer, 162 Levee
Pier A G & Company, crockery and glassware, 171 Main
Pixley William B, drugs and medicines, 174 Main
Post Martin Rev, clergyman (Cong), Miner avenue between San Joaquin and Sutter
Potter C, grain warehouse. Center
Powell T, news dealer. Hunter near post office
Quinn J, house and sign painter, 295 Main
Raphael J, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 179 Main
Reid S E Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Rhodes Alonzo, insurance agent, 237 Main
Ring C B, auctioneer, and real estate agent. Odd Fellows' Building, Main
Robbins & McKenzie Misses, glove makers, 182 Main
Robinson Samuel Rev, clergyman (Presb), Miner avenue between San Joaquin and Hunter
Rock John, blacksmith, San Joaquin
Rogers B F, coal and ice depot, 206 El Dorado
Rohrbacher Brothers, beer saloon, 255 Main
Rolland A, liquor saloon, C P R R depot
Rosenbaum D S, clothing and gents' furnishing goods, 240 Main
Rossie A, proprietor Columbo Hotel, 120 Main
Rothenbush D, brewery, Stanislaus between Oak and Park
Rothenbush & Schmitt, groceries and liquors, corner Main and Grand
Rowley Mary A Mrs, millinery, and fancy goods, 180 El Dorado
Roysdon A W, attorney at law, Hook's Building
Ruddick & Madden, liquor saloon. 228 Main
Ruggles Clarles A, physician, 182 Main
Ruhl Frederick, stoves, ranges, and pumps, 183 Hunter
San Joaquin Valley Bank, G B Claiborne, president, B W Bours, cashier, 187 Center
Sanderson J B Rev, clergyman (M E), 160 Sonora
Sargent H S, groceries and provisions. Hunter
Sawyer I M, furniture, corner Main and Stanislaus
Schmidt H S, watch maker, and jeweler, 171 El Dorado
Schneider & Holman, proprietors United States Hotel, corner Centre and Market
Scilnacht F, shoe maker, 170 El Dorado
Scuittich P, fruits and toys, 170 El Dorado
Sedgwick Charles, butcher. Levee
Selby Thomas H, coal, iron and steel, 195 Hunter
Severy & Wallace, real estate agents, surveyors, and civil engineers, 200 Main
Shaver J P, liquor saloon, 272 Main
Shaw H C, manufacturer agricultural implements, and wagons, 201 El Dorado
Shaw M J & Company, poultry, game, eggs, 180 Levee, and wine depot and storage, corner Centre and Levee
Showers, Thompson & Company, agents Remington Sewing Machines, 249 Main
Shurtleff G A. physician, and superintendent Insane Asylum
Simpson & Gray, lumber, doors and blinds, corner Commerce and Levee
Skinner I W, fruits and vegetables, 182 Levee
Smith E B & Company, poultry and produce, 184 Levee
Snyder & Dolan, blacksmiths, 305 Weber avenue
Spalding H S & Company, proprietors Evening Herald
Spencer Walter, barber, 174 Main
Sperry & Company, proprietors Stockton Steam Flour Mills, corner Levee and Beaver
Spooner John Pitcher, photographer, 175 Main
Stamper M & I, clothing, 210 Main
Starbuck S & Company, wholesale liquors, 214 Main
Staring & Seavers, butchers, corner Hunter and Channel
Steiger S, dry goods, and clothing, 190 Main
Stockton and Ione Railroad Company, 177 El Dorado
Stockton E A, physician, corner Main and El Dorado
Stockton Gas Company, H Adams superintendent. Centre
Stockton Grain Warehouse Co. John Gawne president, corner Commerce and Sonora
Stockton Independent, N M Orr proprietor, corner El Dorado & Levee
Stockton Savings and Loan Society, J M Kelsey president, James Littlehale cashier, 179 El Dorado
Stockton Water Works, office 202 Hunter
Stockwell & Moseley, dry goods, clothing, and carpets, IW Main
Sturgeon William S, cigars and tobacco, corner Levee and Hunter
Sutherland & Company, butchers, 212 Centre
Tabor & Young Mines, electric baths, 211 Centre
Terry & McKinne, attorneys at law, corner Main and San Joaquin
Thorndike A, physician, 195 Main
Tinkham Henry, butcher, 172 El Dorado
Titus Isaac S, physician, 108 Main
Todd F W, physician, ISO Main
Tripp R. harness and saddlery, 217 Main
Underbill & Company, hardware and iron, 184 Main
Van Vlear W H, guns and pistols, 226 Main
Vasquez Mariano, barber, 210 Weber avenue
Vedder & Moss, liquor saloon, 158 Levee
Viebroock C, liquor saloon, corner Hunter and Channel
Vigelich N, oyster saloon, 232 Main
Vobbe Augustus, restaurant, 175 Hunter
Wagner Jacob, butcher, corner Weber avenue and American
Wagner & Harrison, tanners, corner Sacramento and Calaveras
Waldman S, cigars and tobacco, corner Levee and El Dorado
Walker L & C, mirrors, frames, etc, 273 Main
Washburn E E, dry goods, 194 Main
Waterhouse J, veterinary surgeon, 175 Mormon avenue
Weber E C., tailor, 189 El Dorado
Weber House, A Engelhardt proprietor, corner Main and Centre
Weber J K, liquor saloon, 369 Centre
Webster J H, notary public, and real estate agent, 234 Main
Wenk T B, carriage and sign painter, 81 Channel
Weller George E, boots and shoes, 188 El Dorado
West & Company, wines and liquors, 197 Hunter
Wiggman L, butcher. 184 Levee
Wilcox J & G N, varieties, 195 Main
Wilhoit R E, notary public, conveyancer and searcher records. Court House
Wilkes P S, attorney at law, and notary public, Post office Building
Williams Charles, carpet manufacturer, 323 Main
Williams & Humphrey, planing mills, corner Main and California
Williams &, Moore, druggists, 220 Main
Williamson G F, cigars and tobacco. Hunter, opposite Court House
Winchell George, cigars, fruit, and candy, 3 Centre
Wittkopf Charles, liquor saloon, 180 Levee
Wollner H, feed stable, 296 Weber avenue
Wolfe Lewis, watch maker, and jeweler, 182 El Dorado
Woodman J L, bookbinding. 111 San Joaquin
Woolsey William, groceries, provisions, and liquors, corner Main and California
Wurster C P, ornamental, and carriage painter, corner Hunter and Fremont
Wyman Charles H, land agent. El Dorado Building
Yates L E, livery stable, Aurora
Yosemite House, James Cole, proprietor, 253 Main
(See supplement for additional names.)

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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