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Susanville, Lassen County California

Susanville, Lassen County, PO and County seat, 200 miles north east of Sacramento, is east of the Sierra Nevada in Honey Lake Valley, and is more intimately connected with the State of Nevada than with California.

The town is situated on the north bank of Susan River, about twenty miles from where it empties into Honey Lake. The surrounding country is quite fertile, but the land generally needs irrigation to insure crops. The section belongs to the Great Basin of Nevada and Utah, and is at an elevation of between 4,000 and 5,000 feet above the sea, Susanville having an elevation of 4,181 feet. The valley in which it is situated lies at the base of the Sierra, where the trend is nearly east and west, the main ridge dividing it from Indian Valley on the south. Westward the mountain is much less precipitous, and an easy pass leads into Mountain Meadows, thence to Big Meadows, through which a fine road crosses it to the Sacramento Valley, entering at Chico, in Butte County.

The usual route of communication with California is by the Central Pacific Railroad, connecting at Reno, in Nevada, about 85 miles southeast. The town possesses considerable trade with the neighboring farming, grazing, and mining region, also with the towns and valleys of Modoc County.

 The climate of the valley is never severe; as its high altitude would indicate, is exceedingly healthy, but through the pass in the Sierra heavy winds at times prevail that are more bracing than agreeable.

Two newspapers, the Advocate, and Journal, are published weekly.

Abell L G, carpenter
Arnold A F, fruit grower
Barley & Abell, furniture
Bartlett B L, general merchandise
Bextol A G. butcher
Branham J, surveyor and civil engineer
Brinkman H, photographer,
Chapman John S, attorney at law
Dempster J, dentist
Duncan A C Rev, clergyman
Du Vail ____, tailor
Fox R R, cabinet maker, and upholsterer
Gamble William A, watch maker
Green & Asher, general merchandise
Hammond & Wilson, proprietors Susanville and Reno stage line
Heap Charles W, stationery, tobacco, fruits, etc,
Heap & Hale, liquor saloon, and restaurant
Hendrick J W, attorney at law
Higgins C A, proprietor Susanville and Aiden stage line
Knoch D, general merchandise
Lassen Advocate, Partridge & Slater, proprietors
Lassen County Journal, George M Pierce proprietor
Long T N, proprietor Susanville and Surprise Valley stage line
Lovell J, blacksmith
Marks L, butcher
McClasky C, attorney at law, and agent Home Mutual Insurance Company
Merrill, C A & Company, lumber manufacturers
Moody R F, physician, druggist and dentist
Nathan M, books, stationery, tobacco, etc
Neal A C & Company, wood dealers
Norris W E, teacher
Partridge John C, postmaster, U S mineral surveyor, and books, stationery, etc
Partridge & Slater, proprietors Lassen Advocate
Peachy G W, saddler
Peyser Samuel, hotel and general merchandise
Pierce George M, proprietor Lassen County Journal
Rinehart M, physician
Sanders S, & Brother, general merchandise
Sawyer J J, physician
Sears Benjamin, glove manufacturer
Sherman Charles, Proprietor Susanville and Oroville stage line
Sloss F A, livery and feed stable
Smith A A, surveyor, land agent, and conveyancer
Smith John, carpenter
Smith J W, hotel, and brewery
Soule, E P & Company, planing mill, and manufacturer furniture
Spaulding Z N, physician, and druggist
Spencer B V, attorney at law
Stockton H C, lumber manufacturer
Tucker D H, carpenter, and cabinet maker
Van Buren ____, blacksmith
Ward T H, surveyor
Warm A W, shoe maker
Wonthrough William, undertaker

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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