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 Tahoe City, Lake Bigler, Placer County California

Tahoe City, Lake Bigler, Placer County, PO ninety miles east of Auburn. Lake Bigler, inappropriately and improperly called Lake Tahoe, is one of the most pleasant of California's summer resorts. The Lake is situated between two of the summit ridges of the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of 6,000 feet above the sea, and lies in the counties of Placer and El Dorado, in California, and Douglas and Washoe in the State of Nevada, having a length of 35 miles by 15 in breadth, and an unfathomed depth. High mountains border it on the east and west, and fertile valleys extend from the northern and southern extremities. Lofty pines and firs of perpetual green surround it and clothe the mountain sides. The water is pure and cold, and the whole, when viewed from the neighboring heights, presents a picture of enchanting loveliness, even to grandeur. The sparkling water glistens like a brilliant jewel in a setting of emerald, and when the dark green of the forest is relieved by the bright snow covering the ground in winter, the perfection of the fascinating scene is reached. It is one of nature's gems of purest ray, of diamond, and silver, and emerald, crowning the lofty Sierra, a fitting coronet on California's fair brow, or a welcoming beauty at her eastern portals. Not only as an entirety is the scene attractive, but about the lake are many points and bays of peculiar loveliness.

Emerald Bay, with its quiet cove its verdant surroundings. Its romantic waterfalls and the trout filled brooks that sparkle as they flow. Is much sought and greatly admired by the tourist. Cornelian Bay is distinguished for its pebbly beach, where agates and other stones fitted for the lapidary's art are found. Sugar Pine Point, Observatory Point, Promontory, Glenbrook, and many other places or interest abound.

By the enlightened benevolence of James Lick, Esq., a wealthy pioneer of California, who gave $700,000 for the purpose, a grand astronomical observatory will be erected on Observatory Point, to be fitted with the best and largest telescope it is possible at the present age to construct. The atmosphere being of exceeding purity and the sky unobscured by clouds the greater portion of the year, render the locality a favorable one for the purpose selected. Hotels have been established for the reception of tourists, and steamboats make excursions to various points of interest.

Fish of different kinds are plentiful, and Lake Bigler trout, a distinctive species, are noted for their size, and as a table delicacy. These are caught by the many devices of the angler, and fishing with the line, or spearing by torchlight, constitute an exciting sport much indulged in by visitors.

Tourists in visiting this grand mountain lake usually take the Central Pacific Railroad to Truckee; thence by stage 14 miles to Tahoe City, following up the pleasant valley of the Truckee, or from the summit, whence stages also run. Other routes are via Carson by the Carson and Lake Bigler (narrow guage) Railroad, and by the Placerville road across the Sierra, where one of the grandest views can he obtained, taking a large extent of lake and the wild surrounding country.

Snow falls to a considerable depth in winter, but the cold is not so severe as in the snowy regions of the East. From April to December is the season of visiting, when people from all parts of the country are gathered about the pleasant scenes.

Bingham Patrick, liquor saloon
Cardwell James, hotel
Chesrown J C, carpenter
Davis & Freeman, general merchandise
Forbes J Jr, postmaster
Forbes & Campbell, general merchandise, and liquor saloon
Huntington Brothers, livery stable
Pingel & Hurley, pisciculturists
Ponnen William, restaurant
Richardson C A & Son, hotel (Hot Springs)
Sexton K H, lumber manufacturer

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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