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 Truckee, Nevada County California

Truckee, Nevada County, PO 77 miles east of Nevada, is on the eastern slope of the Sierra, near the boundary line of the State, and is a station on the Central Pacific Railroad. Its population numbers about 2,000 and is increasing. The place was formerly known as Coburn's, a hotel of that name being kept here when the wagon road, via Dutch Flat and Donner Lake, to the silver mines of Nevada, was the one taken by the stages and the great teams engaged in transporting passengers and goods over the mountains. To aid m the construction of the railroad, a large amount of lumber as ties, bridge timber, etc, was required, and this was in part supplied by the forests in the vicinity of the station. The Truckee River furnished power for mills and transportation for logs, and upon this resource a busy town sprung up, taking its name from the river on whose banks it was situated. A large number of mills were constructed, generally using steam power, and the forests of ages are vanishing before the woodman's axe, but with a power of renewal in the soil as the young trees grow with surprising luxuriance. The demand for lumber is large and the mills of Truckle and vicinity supply about 50,000,000 feet annually, the principal portion going to Virginia City and to Salt Lake. The countless hills of Nevada and Utah, so rich in silver and gold, are destitute of forests capable of furnishing a fine quality of lumber, or generally lumber of any class, and the grand forests of the Sierra are called upon. The lumber is not all sent from Truckee in a rough state but much is manufactured into doors, sash, blinds, etc, there being large establishments for the purpose. Facilities for manufacturing are great, and the promise is fair for its excelling in such industries. Putting up ice for summer use and export constitutes an important resource, and 15,000 tons are thus preserved annually from the lakes and rivers of the vicinity. The town is located in the midst of scenery the most romantic and grand to be found in the State. Lake Bigler, one of the most beautiful sheets of water in the world, is fifteen miles south, and Donner Lake, the "Gem of the Sierra," is two miles northwest. Both are visited by many tourists during the summer months in search of health and pleasure, and Truckee is the landing point from the railroad. One newspaper, the Republican, is published tri-weekly.

Adolph & Lewison, dry good, clothing, boots, shoes,
Banner Mill and Lumber Company, lumber manufacturers
Baxter & Son, livery stable
Becker ____ Rev, clergyman (R C)
Berwin Simeon, tailor
Boise J D, tailor
Brickell B, liquor saloon
Brickell & Kruger, manufacturers lumber, doors, blinds, sash, etc
Brierly C B, physician
Burckhalter F, insurance agent
Burckhalter F & Company, groceries, provisions, hardware, and liquors
Campbell W B, proprietor Hot Springs and Taboo Stage Line
Cohen H k Brother, dry goods, clothing, etc
Comer & Frazier, pisciculturists
Corey AV A, butcher
Cruthers R, furniture, upholstery, and undertaker
Curless Brothers, drugs, and medicines
Curless William, physician
Davis Hamlet, fruits, vegetables, and groceries
Dunn Charles, attorney at law
Dunster George, barber
Duvall J B, tailor
Ellen Elle, lumber manufacturer
Fitger John, liquor saloon
Gage H K, photographer
Gallagher John, liquor saloon
Gaylord & McGlashan, attorneys at law
Goss William, physician
Gray D H, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Grazer & Stoll, brewery
Greeley John F, postmaster, books, stationery, newspapers, etc
Harrison George W, books, periodicals, stationery, and varieties
Hayden E W, attorney at law
Heinz L C, restaurant, and bakery
Henry John B, lodgings and intelligence office
Hurd William H, billiard and liquor saloon
Johnson Andrew, liquor saloon
Jones Lee, general merchandise
Kirby A, proprietor Keiser House
Kneeland John, lumber manufacturer
Koch August, shoe maker
Lewis & Young, restaurant
Marzen Joseph, butcher, and pork packer
Maston ____ Rev, clergyman (Meth)
McFarland Samuel, lumber manufacturer
McKay Stewart, proprietor American House
Millott John, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Moody John F. proprietor Truckee Hotel
Newland J S, dentist
Oster Henry, barber
Pago Minerva Mrs, millinery, and dress making
Paschen & Kirby, butchers
Pauson Frank, banker, and stock broker
Payne J N, liquor saloon
Peel J J L, notary public
Pflaum & Company, proprietors Truckee Exchange
Preston & Edwards, proprietors Truckee Republican
Price S, baths
Rabel Frank, liquor saloon
Richardson Brothers, lumber manufacturers
Richardson C A, barber
Ridley Joseph, watch maker, and jeweler
Roberts H W, insurance agent
Schaffer George, lumber manufacturer
Schively A R, agent W U Telegraph Co
Schoch & Berg, lumber manufacturers (Squaw Creek)
Sheridan P, shoe maker, and harness and saddlery
Sherman Frederick, bakery
Shinn W J, drugs, medicines, books, stationery, etc.
Sierra Nevada Lumber Association, W H Kruger superintendent lumber manufacturers
Sisson, Wallace & Company, general merchandise
Smith & Lonkey, lumber manufacturers
Snell C A, painter, and paper hanger
Steinkamp Henry, restaurant, and bakery
Stevens Frank P, stoves and tinware
Thomas Charles, liquor saloon
Tierney E P, physician
Truckee Hotel, John F Moody, proprietor
Truckee Republican, Preston & Edwards, proprietors
Walker A M, attorney at law, notary public, and commissioner deeds
Weller S B, dry goods, clothing, boots, and hats, 10 Front
Wilbert Frederick, boots, shoes, gloves, and sewing machine agent
Young C W, watch maker and jeweler

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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