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 Ukiah, Mendocino County to Upper Soda, Shasta County California

Ukiah, Mendocino County, PO and county seat, is pleasantly located in a beautiful valley of the same name on Russian River, and on the inland mail route from San Francisco to Humboldt and the north. The place was first settled in 1856, and has prospered with the growth of the surrounding country, of which it is the trading center. The county buildings, public halls, schools and churches, are such as would be a credit to any town, and the private residences are neat and comfortable.

A fine Court House of brick, erected at a cost of $42,000, occupies a conspicuous position, and a large two-story school house of the same material, costing $10,000, is an evidence of the taste and prosperity of the citizens. Two Banks are engaged in a large and profitable business.

In the surrounding region important discoveries of quicksilver-bearing veins have recently been made, and mining will be added to the resources of the place. The soil of Ukiah Valley is very fertile, and farms, orchards, and gardens are cultivated. The climate is most agreeable and healthy, the water pure, and the scenery romantic and picturesque, making it a pleasant and attractive place of residence.

The Mendocino Democrat, and the Democratic Dispatch, are published weekly.

Ackerman Charles H, harness and saddlery
Arnold & Company, livery and feed stable
Bank of Ukiah, Saml Wheeler, cashier
Barber E W, confectionery, and bakery
Barnes T L, physician
Barnes W H, shoe maker
Bond J L, physician
Bond & Kelton, attorneys at law
Briggs M C, liquor saloon
Brunner F., stoves, tinware, gas fixtures, agricultural implements, etc
Burger C H. butcher
Buselmeier H, gunsmith
Carothers Thomas L, attorney at law, and notary public
Carpenter A O, photographer
Carter G W, liquor saloon
Chambers Benjamin, liquor, and billiard saloon
Chambers J K, attorney at law
Charlton & Phelps, blacksmiths
Cleveland Lucy Miss, millinery, and dress making
Coffin J W, glove manufacturer
Donohoe J N, cashier Branch Santa Rosa Bank, and county assessor
Ellis N, merchant
Ford, Heald & Company, general merchandise
Forse W H, proprietor Ukiah and Cloverdale Stage Line
Fowzer James, attorney at law
Gessler Frank, furniture, cabinet maker, and upholsterer
Gibson & Son, general merchandise
Gilmor & Luedke, watch makers and jewelers
Ilagan W M, liquor saloon
Haile Joseph S, attorney at law
Hargis M Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Harrison Richard, attorney at law
Hart J S, books, stationery, tobacco, and fancy goods
Heisel P, shoe maker
Hildreth Robert, butcher
Hoffman C, general merchandise
Holliday W F, contractor and builder
Hughes J U, auctioneer
Isbell & Gibson, proprietors Ukiah Flour Mills
Jamison & Neeco, proprietors Ukiah and Big River Stage Line
Justice & Rutter, millinery
King E W, physician
Lamar G A, grocer
Lamar Joseph B, notary public
Lamar & Donohoe, real estate agents
Lamar & Dozier, attorneys at law
Levy H D, postmaster
Lynch Belle Mrs, proprietor Democratic Dispatch
Marks A & Company, general merchandise
McCowan George, surgeon dentist
McDouall George, drugs, medicines, books, stationery, etc
McGarvey Robert, attorney at law
Montgomery Alex, proprietor Mendocino Democrat
Montgomery & Company, real estate agents
Morgan Z G, proprietor Ukiah and Lakeport Stage Line
Morris J W, butcher
Norris & Hildreth, proprietors Ukiah and Round Valley Stage Line
Nutter J Q & G H, proprietors Plaza Hotel
Odell David, stoves, tinware, and agricultural implements
Page & Miller, barbers
Perkins &, Son, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Pettis & Company, general merchandise
Reeves Tapping, lumber and building material, and agent California Chemical Paint Co
Reed I C, livery stable
Santa Rosa Bank, (branch) J H Donohoe cashier
Savage Hubbard, county and U S deputy mineral surveyor
Schnider C P, furniture, upholstery, and bedding
Smith A, J, watch maker and jeweler
Son C J, liquor saloon
Sullivan L S, proprietor Ukiah House
Thompson Brothers, books, stationery, tobacco, and fancy goods
Townsend F O, stock raiser, and wool buyer
Ukiah Water Company, proprietors Ukiah Water Works
Van Dusen & Hough, architects
Wheeler Samuel, cashier Bank of Ukiah, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agent
White William H, tailor
Whitney & Nestler, harness and saddlery
Wise M, general merchandise
Woodruff & Haskell, carriage and wagon makers
Wurtenberg S, brewery

Uncle Abe's Landing, Mendocino County, PO address, Cuffey's Cove, 50 miles west of Ukiah
Cummings John, liquor saloon
Kimball John, lumber dealer
Reed & Smith hotel

Uncle Sam, Lake County, PO. (See Kelseyville)
Dodson W B H, postmaster

Union, Merced County, PO 18 miles east of Merced
Bassett F, wool grower
Bennett Patrick, postmaster, and wool grower
Lewis Jacob, blacksmith
Potter Thomas, wool grower
Sumner F, wool grower
Welch Arthur, wool grower

Union City, Alameda County, PO address, Alvarado, lii miles south east of Oakland
Barron James, forwarder
Bothsow & Rasmusen, salt manufacturers
Davis C, forwarder
Quigley John, salt manufacturer

Union Hill, Nevada County, PO address, Nevada City
Halpen E, general merchandise
Luke William, general merchandise

Union House, Sacramento, PO 10 miles of Sacramento
Brainard G, postmaster

Uniontown, El Dorado County, PO address, Coloma, 10 miles northwest of Placerville
Ball Stephen, blacksmith
Gray John, hotel
Lohry Adam, general merchandise

Upper Lake, Lake County, PO 10 miles north of Lakeport
Asher M, general merchandise
Doty Jesse, butcher
Graham William, livery stable
Gurnett Louis, blacksmith
Hoyt E, carpenter
Hughes A B, teacher
Keatly Charles, carpenter
Levison A, general merchandise
Philiber & McLean, general merchandise
Reynolds R G, postmaster, physician, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Scudamor, Reynolds & Company, general merchandise and drugs
Siegler Joseph, blacksmith
Taylor D F Rev, clergyman
Taylor Henry, hotel
Thompson D W, notary public
Wilson D P, hotel

Upper Mattole, Humboldt County, PO 69 miles south of Eureka
Rudolph Morgan, postmaster, hotel, and justice of peace
Taylor T J, teacher

Upper Soda, Shasta County, P O address, Portugee, 72 miles north of Shasta
Fry Isaac, hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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