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 Vallejo Solano County California

Vallejo, Solano County, PO 20 miles south west of Fairfield, at the terminus of the California Pacific and Napa Valley Railroad, fronting one of the best harbors on San Francisco Bay and waters, is a place of rising importance.

The town was laid out in 1851, when the proprietor of the soil, General M. G. Vallejo, proposed a munificent donation of land and money to the State, on condition that the capital should be located on the site. The capital was removed thither, only, however, to remain a short time, when it found another resting place. Half a mile distant, across the harbor, is Mare Island, where is established the U. S. Navy Yard, and the Naval Depot of the Pacific. A large number of men are usually employed at the yard, and the trade therewith constitutes an important resource of the place.

Since the construction of the California Pacific Railroad and its branches, Vallejo has become the shipping point of most of the grain produced west of the Sacramento River, and some from the San Joaquin Valley. Large warehouses and wharves have been constructed, at which the largest sea-going vessels lie, and the facilities for loading are very good.

Among its public institutions is an Orphan Asylum established by the Order of Good Templars, and is a worthy monument of benevolence and enterprise.

Two newspapers are published: The Chronicle daily and weekly, and the Independent dally.

Officers: William Aspenall (president), Henry Connolly, J. E. Williston, E. H. Sawyer, C. B. Denio, E. T. Starr, D. W. Harrier, Trustees; J. E. Abbott, Clerk and Attorney; S. J. Wright, Marshal and Tax Collector; J. R. English, Treasurer; William Tormey, Assessor; J. E. Williston, Auditor.

Albright M, cabinet maker, Sacramento
Anderson Guiseppe, restaurant, 255 Sacramento
Anderson W D, physician, 173 Georgia
Aspenall William A, groceries and provisions, corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Atchison J A, liquor saloon. 124 Georgia
Barnes D G & Company, proprietors Pioneer Planing Mills, South Vallejo
Batcheller J W, proprietor Linder House, insurance agent, contractor, and builder, Georgia
Beardsley W M, painter, 310 Marion
Benas B & Company, clothing, dry goods, etc, 107 Georgia
Beresford James H, shoe maker, 90 Georgia
Bergwall L Mrs, dry and fancy goods, and wine dealer, corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Blank G A, confectionery, 183 Georgia
Bliven H & Company, fruit, vegetables, and poultry, 113 Georgia
Bostwick E R, proprietor Frisbee House, South Vallejo
Bowker C C, liquor saloon, corner Virginia and Branceforte
Brennan D J. shoe maker, 115 Georgia
Brown D T Jr. bakery, 237 Virginia
Brown J M, physician. Mare Island
Brown Samuel, butcher, 227 Virginia
Brownlie John, livery and feed stable, Virginia
Burton & Nagle, liquor saloon, 192 Georgia
Callender John, livery stable, and undertaker, 257 Virginia
Carberry H, oyster saloon, 162 Georgia
Carrills Felipe, barber, 208 Santa Clara
Casey Robert, liquor saloon
Casserly Michael, liquor saloon, 81 Georgia
Cassidey H, nursery, 65 Main
Clark S P, barber, 133 Georgia
Cohen R, dry and fancy goods, 272 Sacramento
Cokely Timothy, liquor saloon, 80 Georgia
Coleman John, liquor saloon, corner Virginia and Marin
Connolly H, livery stable, Santa Clara near Georgia
Cook C Mrs, dress maker, 140 Georgia
Cook James, laundry, Georgia
Coombs J, attorney at law, Georgia
Crellin James, painter and glazier, 75 Pennsylvania
Cromore Thomas, liquor saloon, 43 Georgia
Crow Robert, shoe maker, 248 Georgia
Cryan Thomas, shoe maker, 210 Santa Clara
Daily Independent, Independent Publishing Company, proprietors, 177 Georgia
Daniel Louis Rev, clergyman (R C), Florida
Dannenbaum S, dry goods, clothing, etc, 107 Georgia
Davis Joshua, groceries and provisions, corner Virginia and Marin
Dawson John, tailor, Santa Clara
Deininger F, brewery, Marin near Georgia
Derwin M S, groceries and liquors, 75 Georgia
Doan Brothers, oyster saloon, 192 Georgia
Dolan James, livery stable, 213 Georgia
Dolan M B, boots and shoes, 168 Georgia
Doyle James, proprietor Pioneer Marble Works, corner Florida and Sonoma
Dyer H F Mrs, proprietress Solano House, South Vallejo
Eaton E A, dentist, 142 Georgia
Elder T B, stoves, tinware, hardware, and crockery, 109 Georgia
English J R, cashier Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank, 159 Georgia
Ericsson P E, liquor saloon, corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Farnham & Company, clothing and furnishing goods, 169 Georgia
Faust John, bakery, 224 Santa Clara
Fee L W, butcher. South Vallejo
Fischer Jacob, beer saloon, 272 Main
Fitzmorris E, butcher, 224 Santa Clara
Frey John, watch maker, jeweler and fancy goods, 179 Georgia
Frisbie John B, president Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank, 159 Georgia
Frisbie L C, physician, York
Frost James, drugs and medicines, 173 Georgia
Gaffney B, liquor saloon, 67 Georgia
Gallagher F D, liquor saloon. Main and Marin
Gannon M Mrs, proprietress Vallejo House, corner Sacramento and Virginia
George S B, carpenter and builder, Sacramento
Gookin Thomas J, liquor saloon. South Vallejo
Gordes F, shoe maker, 131 Georgia
Greene E L Rev, clergyman (Episc), Georgia
Grimes P, blacksmith, corner Main and Marin
Griswell William, confectioner, Georgia
Grove C, butcher, 79 Georgia
Groves Thomas M, restaurant, 63 Georgia
Gunning A H, architect, 176 Georgia
Haas Brothers, books, stationery and fancy goods, 142 Georgia
Halsey I S, dentist, 1363 Georgia
Hamell & Connelly, undertakers, 209 Santa Clara
Handforth John, hairdressing and bathing saloon, 145 Georgia
Hatch E B Rev, clergyman (Bap), Sutter
Heald J L, proprietor Vallejo Foundry and
Machine Shop, corner Sixth and Mice
Henderson L, carriage maker, and blacksmith, 316 Marin
Henderson & Harris, boots and shoes, Sacramento, near Georgia
Honninger John, restaurant, 108 Georgia
Higson F D & Company, butchers, 195 Georgia
Hilborn S G, attorney at law, and notary public, 170 Georgia
Hilliard E M, fruits, corner Georgia and Sacramento
Hirshfeld S, varieties, 190 Georgia
Hodgkins E A, painter, 212 Santa Clara
Howard A, proprietor Sherman House, corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Hubbs Charles H, agent W U Telegraph Company, and insurance agent, 187 Georgia
Hubner William, barber, 203 Santa Clara
Independent Publishing Company, Sands W Forman, manager, proprietors Daily Independent, 177 Georgia
Irizar A X, proprietor Bernard House, Georgia
Ivory B H, shirt manufacturer, corner Sacramento and Georgia
Jenkins John, boots and shoes, 261 Sacramento
Judge James, liquor saloon, and boarding, 216 Georgia
Kelly M L & Company, groceries, 122 Georgia
Kennedy J E, dry goods, clothing, etc, and insurance agent, 223 Georgia
Kennedy P J, boots and shoes, 125 Georgia
Kerble Fred, liquor and billiard saloon, corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Klink N B Rev, clergyman (Presb). Carolina
Lamb M A Mrs, dress maker, 306 Marin
Landeway John R, barber, 160 Georgia
Lawton J G Jr, attorney at law, Sacramento
Leach Frank A & Company, proprietors Vallejo Chronicle, 129 Georgia
Lemott E, groceries and provisions. South Vallejo
Lynch P B, groceries, corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Lynch P C, groceries and provisions, 239 Sacramento
Maloney David, shoe maker. South Vallejo
Mason M E, stationery, fancy goods, and sewing machines, 208 Georgia
Massey S M Mrs, millinery, and dress maker, 258 Sacramento
McAuliffo John F, proprietor Mechanics Hotel
McCudden James, wood and coal, Georgia
McElroy P, stationery, and news dealer, 140 Georgia
McEnerney John Mrs, dry and fancy goods, 185 Georgia
McEnerney Katy Miss, millinery, and dress making, 212 Georgia
McGottigan E, wholesale wines and liquors, 161 Georgia
McGettigan S M, liquor saloon, R R Depot
McGill J F, batcher, 242 Georgia
McGinnis J, tailor, 147 Georgia
Morrill J H Rev, clergyman (Cong), South Vallejo
Michaelis F, hotel, 106 Virginia
Mitchell E Mrs, dry goods, and millinery, 175 Georgia
Morton Edwin, cigars and tobacco, 158 Georgia
Mudgett E S, attorney at law, 177 Georgia
Mann A, attorney at law, 177 Georgia
Murphy John, hotel, 118 Georgia
Murray Anthony, groceries and provisions, corner Branceforte and Capital
Nelson W C, wind-mill manufacturer
Newcomb A E, cigars and tobacco, 192 Georgia
Nicholson W T, cigars and tobacco, 164 Georgia
North John, groceries, 244 Georgia
O'Brien Thomas E & Company, furniture, and bedding, corner Virginia and Sacramento
O'Grady Frank & Charles, proprietors Empire Soda Works, corner Sonoma and Florida
O'Neill M Mrs, dress maker and milliner, 171 Georgia
O'Neill Owen, liquor saloon, 246 Georgia
Pelham Alexr, shoe maker, 304 Marin
Pettis W H, dry goods, and boys' clothing, 165 Georgia
Peyser N, tailor, Sacramento
Pincombe J, boat builder, and carpenter, 335 Virginia
Plaisted G P, auctioneer, and furniture dealer, 193 Georgia
Plummer & Robinson, clothing, boots, hats, etc, 151 Georgia
Pope & Talbot, lumber dealers, South Vallejo
Porterkin Thomas, blacksmith, Main
Poulson ____, homeopathic physician, Bernard House
Powell A, lumber, and building material, Virginia St wharf
Radke Robert, groceries and provisions. South Vallejo
Raiomondo Carlo, restaurant, Sacramento
Raines Thomas, house and sign painter, 317 Marin
Read T Y, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, 179 Georgia
Reinquin P L, merchant tailor, 217 Santa Clara
Reynolds Charles, liquor saloon. South Vallejo
Reynolds Georgie, candies, confectionery, etc, Georgia
Richert G B, harness, and saddlery, 172 Georgia
Riley C W, liquor saloon, justice of the peace, and notary public, corner Georgia and Sacramento
Roache John, shoe maker, 82 Georgia
Robinson, Fowler & Company, manufacturer brooms, and dealers wood and willow ware. South Vallejo
Rodgers Jacinto, barber, 210 Georgia
Rodgers Thomas, liquor saloon, corner Santa Clara and Georgia
Rolph J Mrs, dress maker, 174 Georgia
Ross J L, restaurant, Sacramento
Royall & Congdon, commercial school, 177 Georgia
Sancts J N, wood, coal, lime, and sand, Virginia st wharf
Sanders F, tobacco, and candy, corner Georgia and Sacramento
Sawyer E H, notary public, real estate, and insurance agent, 105 Georgia
Seamans M W, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Sheehy Robert, grain buyer. South Vallejo
Sherman House, A Howard, proprietor, corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Simons H A Mrs, dross maker, 320 Georgia
Smith Brothers, boots, shoes, hats and caps, 178 Georgia
Smith C F, barber, 192 Georgia
Smith J G, photographer, 164 Georgia
Smith John, junk dealer, 266 Marin
Smith & Barr, groceries and provisions, 116 Georgia
Snow H H, insurance agent, 140 Georgia
Snow H K, boots, shoes, and clothing, corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Spero M, fruits, 123 Georgia
Springer William C & Company, proprietors Golden Eagle House, corner Virginia and Sacramento
Starr Brothers & Campbell, proprietors Starr Flouring Mills, South Vallejo
Starr E T, groceries and provisions, and insurance agent, 192 Georgia
Steel William H, insurance agent, 176 Georgia
Stevens C M, liquor saloon, corner Georgia and Marin
Thomas & Hunt, warehouse, South Vallejo
Tobin J F, butcher, 73 Georgia
Topley James, drugs and medicines, 166 Georgia
Tormey William, groceries, wines, and liquors, 268 Sacramento
Trapp Frank J, watch maker and jeweler, 164 Georgia
Urmy W S Rev, clergyman (Moth), Virginia
Vallejo A A, teacher music and Spanish, 274 Sacramento
Vallejo Bank, A Powell, president, John Brownlie, cashier, 140 Georgia
Vallejo Boot and Shoe Factory, B F Jackson, president. South Vallejo
Vallejo Chronicle, Frank A Leach & Company, proprietors, 129 Georgia
Vallejo Gas Light Company, J K Dunkin, secretary, 150 Georgia
Vallejo Land and Improvement Company, J K Dunkin, secretary, 159 Georgia
Vallejo P, physician, Carolina
Vallejo Savings And Commercial Bank, J B Frisbie, president, J B English, cashier, 159 Georgia
Vanderlip N, jeweler, 140 Georgia
Vincent & Company, drugs and medicines, 126 Georgia
Voorhees A P, clothing, and gents' furnishing goods, 136 Georgia
Walker William, coal agent. Main Street Wharf
Walsh J J, liquor saloon, 135 Georgia
Walsh M C, liquor saloon, 83 Georgia
Walsh P R, stoves, hard and tinware, paints, oils, etc, 180 Georgia
Ward & Britton, blacksmiths, 225 Virginia
Weill Joseph, fancy goods, 304 Marin
Widenmann & Rothenbusch, brewery, 264 Marin
Williams A L, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, South Vallejo
Williston J E, groceries and provisions, 130 Georgia
Wilson Harry, liquor saloon, 106 Georgia
Witting C G, liquor saloon, 155 Georgia
Wolfe James, liquor saloon, 149 Georgia
Wood George, saw filer, and locksmith, 276 Sacramento
Woodall John, lock and gunsmith, 205 Santa Clara
Wright M J, postmaster, hardware, stoves, tinware, and agricultural implements, 186 Georgia
York William, billiard and oyster saloon, 158 Georgia

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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