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 Woodland, Yolo County California

Woodland, Yolo County, PO and County seat, 16 miles northwest of Sacramento, has a population of 3,000, and occupies a pleasant site in a grove of ancient oaks, surrounded by a large extent of exceedingly fertile and productive country. The California Pacific Railroad passes through the place, being the Marysville branch, joining the main, or Sacramento branch at Davisville, 9½ miles southwest. This branch formerly crossed the Sacramento River and continued to Marysville, but the destruction of a section of road by Hood, caused the disuse of the portion north of the river, and at present Knight's Landing, nine miles from Woodland, is the terminus. At Woodland are wine manufactories, breweries, many mercantile establishments, warehouses for the storage of wheat, an extensive flouring mill, church, social and benevolent organizations, a well-established college, the Hesperian, one of the finest public school buildings in the interior of the State, and two newspapers, the Democrat, and Mail, are published weekly.

Alexander Abraham, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes. Main
Allison J G, proprietor Plainfield, Buckeye and Cottonwood Stage Line, Sixth
Arnold R, homeopathic physician. First
Asbey James, butcher. Main
Baker Francis E, attorney at law. Court House
Ball J C, attorney at law, corner Main and First
Banfield J A Rev, clergyman (Cong), Main
Bank of Woodland, J D Stephens, president, C W Bush, cashier, corner Main and First
Barker Alfred, house, sign, and carriage painter, Main
Barney Carey, Sheriff Court House
Barr C, liquor, and billiard saloon. Craft Hotel
Beach Charles L, wagon maker, Main
Beamer Richard L, livery stable. Main
Bentley George W, liquor saloon, corner Main and Second
Berg Emanuel, news agent. Main
Bidwell C T, insurance agent
Brown Thomas H, agent W U Telegraph Company, Main
Brownell Abner, liquor and billiard saloon. Main
Burns James Rev, clergyman (Meth), Court
Burson John, liquor saloon. Main
Bynum E & Company, drugs and medicines, books, stationery, etc, corner Main and Railroad
Callen W E, architect and builder, Cross
Capital Hotel, Alfred S House, proprietor, corner Main and First.
Carpenter William R, liquor saloon
Clark Edmund L, livery stable. Main
Clark J Q A, wholesale wine dealer. Main
Cootos & Lanktree, proprietors American Exchange Hotel, Main
Curtiss W C, carriages and wagons
Davidson E Mrs, dealer human hair
Davidson M, restaurant, corner Main and First
Davidson Robert P, attorney at law, and notary public, corner Main and First
Davis Charles H & Company, butchers, Main
Davis & Frazer, lumber, and building materials
Dehler Anton, liquor saloon. Main
Doxter Homer, postmaster. Main
Dietz Louis, harness, saddlery, and carriage trimmings, corner Main and Second
Dinzler Adam, boarding, and lodging, Main
Dinzler Emil, barber, Main
Dryfus Leopold, wholesale liquors, and cigars, Main
Dunphey &, Knox, blacksmiths, Main
Eaton J U & Son, groceries, crockery, and fruit. Main
Eaton J I, groceries, and provisions, corner Main and Third
Edmunds & Benham, blacksmiths, and wagon makers. Main
Finsterer & Labusier, groceries, vegetables, and tobacco, Main
Fiske George D, real estate, and insurance agent, and money broker. Main
Fiske George D Mrs, ladies' bazaar. Main
Fitzgerald Peter, horseshoer, Main
Freeman F S, brick manufacturer
Freeman F S & Company, general merchandise, corner Main and First, and hardware, and agricultural implements, Main
Friel Legrand, surveyor. Court House
Friggens J F, fancy poultry dealer. Main
Frost & Bush, attorneys at law, and real estate agents, Main
Gagnon Godfrey, ice dealer Main
Gettier C P, homeopathic physician. Main
Giles E, hotel, and insurance agent, Main
Gosliner & Company, dry goods, clothing, boots, and hats. Main
Greene George W, watch maker, and jeweler, stationery, and fancy goods. Main
Hafky Isaac, varieties, Main
Hall Francis M, hardware, stoves, and tinware,
Harper Sterling G, attorney at law, Main
Hart Edward, liquor saloon, corner Main and Second
Henry Wilson A, auctioneer. Court House
Hesperian College, H B Smith, president
Hornlein E, house, sign, and carriage painter. First
House Alfred S, proprietor Capital Hotel, corner Main and First)
Howell Marcus W, watch maker, and jeweler. Main
Hudson John G, shoe maker. Main
Jackson Byron, flouring mills, corner Oak avenue and Railroad
Jackson George H, physician. Main
Jackson J S, physician, Capital Hotel
Jacobs, Meyerson & Company, dry goods, clothing, etc, Main
Johnson James, attorney at law. Main
Jones James B, liquor saloon Lincoln avenue
Kaminsky L & Co. boots and shoes. Main
Kean Frederick, merchant tailor. Main
Keiser Joseph Rev, clergyman (R C)
Kiefer Frederick & Company, shoe makers. Main
Kierski Adolph, varieties. Main
Knox William, hair dressing saloon, and baths. Main
Krellenberg P, furniture, and bedding, and undertaker. Main
Lambert & Dewitt, attorneys at law, corner Main and First
Lasky Marks, liquor saloon, Main
Laugenour & Brownell, grain dealers, Main
Levy & Haines, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Lewald George, general merchandise. Main
Machefert Leon, watch maker, and jeweler, and sewing machine agent. Main
McCanna Thomas, rag carpet manufacturer
McHenry James, proprietor Woodland and Langville Express, and Stage Line, Capital Hotel
Mehring A B, physician, corner Main and Railroad
Moore John, liquor saloon, Main
Morin Charles D, hardware, stoves and tinware, Main
Moses W F, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, Main
Newton R H & Company, lumber, lime and cement. North
Nickelsburg A & Brother, dry goods, clothing, etc. Main
Ogburn H U Mrs, millinery, and dress making, and sewing machine agent. Main
Parramore E L, physician. Main
Peirson B H, physician, Main
Pendegast H B, boots and shoes. Main
Pendegast J N Rev, clergyman (Christ), Railroad
Perry Henry, blacksmith and machinist, First
Plummer John, carriage manufacturer, Main
Pockman & Brother, livery stable, Main
Porter A D, groceries and provisions. Main
Porter Thomas R, livery stable, Main
Porter W W Mrs & Company, dress making, and millinery, Main
Prather W J, fancy poultry dealer
Prather & Bro, dentists, corner Main and First
Price William, liquor saloon
Prior Thomas M, harness and saddlery. Main
Rawson William, proprietor Craft Hotel, Main
Read A Q, auctioneer. Main
Ready Benjamin F, blacksmith and wagon maker. Main
Reindollar Theodore B, drugs and medicines, books stationery, etc, Main
Rhodes J M, proprietor Woodland Flour Mills, corner Court and First
Ricker Henry, restaurant, and liquor saloon. Main
Rosenkranz C & Company stoves and tinware. Main
Ross Thomas, physician. Main
Ruddock Calvin, physician, Lincoln avenue
Rue Louis M, photographer. Main
Ruland Samuel, attorney at law
Rupley Jacob, liquor saloon, Main
Rupley John H, liquor saloon. Main
Saunders William, proprietor Yolo Democrat, corner Main and First
Schluer Otto, bakery, and liquor saloon. First
Schneider Richard, musical instruments, and music teacher. Main
Schuerley &. Miller, brewery, Main
Schwalm John G, groceries and liquors, Main
Scott Jacob, barber. Capital Hotel
Sieber Chris, liquor saloon. Main
Sill Giles E, insurance agent
Simmons H, liquor, and billiard saloon, Capital Hotel
Simpson John L, drugs, paints, stationery, etc, and insurance agent, Main
Smith J K, furniture, and bedding, and undertaker. Main
Sovereign Joseph, wagon maker. First
Sprague Corydon P, attorney at law, Main
Stampehl August, shoe maker, Main
Stegall Hensley, liquor saloon. Main
Tackney John, hotel, Main
Thomas M W, collector, and insurance agent, Main
Thomas & Hunt, grain dealers. Main
Tilley John W, contractor
Treadwell W B, searcher records, and conveyancer. Court House
Tully Catharine Miss, fruits, and confectionery. Main
Wagstaff & Sharp, proprietors Yolo Mail, corner Main and First
Weaver & Johnson, blacksmiths, and wagon makers, Main
Webber John Mrs, dress maker, corner Court and Third
Wirth Brothers, brewery, Lincoln avenue
Wood Henry B, hardware, and agricultural implements. Main
Woodland Gas Company, J W Peek, superintendent, corner Main and Fourth
Woodland Water Works, J W Peek, proprietor, corner Main and Fourth
Yolo Democrat, William Saunders, proprietor, corner Main and First
Yolo Grangers' Warehouse, L D Stephens, manager
Yolo Mail, Wagstaff & Sharp, proprietors, corner Main and First
Zirker Louis, merchant tailor. Main

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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