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 Yreka, Siskiyou County California

Yreka, Siskiyou County, PO, County seat and incorporated town, 350 miles north of Sacramento, is situated on the west bank of Yreka Creek, in the western portion of Shasta Valley, and is the most northern town of importance in California. The main traveled road between California and Oregon passes through it, and it is an important trading center for the section around. The early travelers from Oregon in search of gold in California found the precious dust in large quantities in the gulches and streams of Shasta Valley and the tributaries of the Klamath, and in 1851 the town of Yreka sprang into existence. For a number of years it was a busy and prosperous locality, trading with a large extent of country and surrounding mining camps; but the placers at the present date are less productive than formerly, and as a consequence the central business has declined.

A large extent of rich farming and grazing country Is found in the county, and when railroads are constructed, furnishing a market for the various products, a healthy and lasting, though not so exuberant a prosperity as in early times, will be established. The altitude of Yreka is about 2,450 feet above the sea, but the climate is mild, without extremes of heat or cold, and is remarkably invigorating and healthy. All fruits of the temperate zone grow to perfection, and the masses of roses and vines which hide the pleasant residences in bowers of leaves and bright colored flowers give assurance of the capacity of soil and climate to furnish the industrious with happy homes.

The future wealth of Yreka depends upon the development of the extensive agricultural area surrounding it, and the numerous quartz veins, from whence came the vast amounts of gold which so enriched the soil. Much gold will of course continue to be taken from the placers, and aid in the development of other resources. The city has a good fire department, consisting of two engine companies, and a hook and ladder company, and the usual benevolent, social and educational institutions are maintained.

Two newspapers, the Journal, and Union, are published weekly.

Adams & Davidson, marble works
Allen Calvin, hair dressing saloon, and baths. Miner
Alvanly ___, house and sign painter
Autenreith, E H, attorney at law. Fourth
Baker Isaac L, billiard and liquor saloon, Miner
Barlow, Sanderson &. Company, proprietors Overland Mail Company, Miner
Bell J, blacksmith, and stage proprietor
Berry J, attorney at law, Miner
Bird John W, proprietor Yreka Union, Miner
Breton Charles, general merchandise. Miner
Brown Edward V, carriage and wagon maker, Second
Brown Joseph, general merchandise. Miner
Buck F Mrs, groceries, liquors, and grain, Miner
Burrows Alfred, general agent California and Oregon Stage Co
Callan Rev, clergyman (R C)
Carrick Elijah, blacksmith. Second
Churchill, drugs, medicines, and stationery, Minor
Clarkson J, blacksmith. Main
Cleland & Walbridge, general merchandise. Miner
Cooley William, auctioneer, and general trader, Miner
Duenkel H, liquor saloon. Miner
Edgerton C, attorney at law. Miner
Ehret C Mrs, millinery, and fancy goods. Miner
Full John, butcher. Miner
Flitner & Dumas, feed stable. Second
Fovle & Lord, harness and saddlery, sewing machines, and cabinet organs, Minor
Franco American Hotel, Rohrer J B & Company, proprietors. Miner
Franklin Benjamin, feed stable. Miner
Fesh & Richards, billiard, and liquor saloon, Miner
Foul & Radford, butchers. City Market
Gillis H B, attorney at law. Fourth
Greer G W, physician
Guilbert B, soda water manufacturer. Third
Hansen Jacob, photographer. Miner
Hoarn F G, dentist, Miner
Hedger Jacob, shoe maker. Miner
Hovey William A, wagon maker. Main
Huseman L, hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, and wagon materials. Miner
Iunker Charles, billiard and liquor saloon. Miner
Jeaskel William, proprietor Pacific Brewery, Oregon
Jones A M, U S deputy mineral land surveyor
Kelly D C, feed stable. Main
Kessler & Son, general merchandise, drugs, stationery, and proprietor Kessler's Theatre, Minor
King F J, general merchandise. Miner
Klinge A, merchant tailor and clothing, Miner
Lung Joseph, bakery, and liquor saloon. Miner
Lawton & Company, proprietors Siskiyou iron Works, and planing mill, Second
Malzer George, shoe maker. Miner
Martin & Company, livery stable
McCunaughy William, attorney at law. Court House
McConnell & McManus, general merchandise. Miner
McKay Alexander, land surveyor
Merrick D Mrs, sewing machines
Meyer M, tailor, Miner
Miller Charles Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Nixon Robert, proprietor Yreka Journal, Miner
Nordheim George A, gunsmith. Miner
Overland Mail Company, Barlow, Sanderson & Company, proprietors. Miner,
Owens James, shoe maker, Miner
Paine A E, watch maker and jeweler. Miner
Pashburg John, cigars, tobacco, groceries, and varieties. Miner
Peters Charles, brewery. Miner
Poland Peter, watch maker and jeweler. Miner
Rammer John, furniture manufacturer, Miner
Raynes Alonzo E, postmaster. Minor
Raynes & Pyle, clothing, books, stationery, and fancy goods. Miner
Ream Daniel, physician. Miner
Reins John W, physician. Miner
Renner Maurice, liquor saloon, Miner
Renous E, carpenter, and builder. Miner
Repp Henry, blacksmith. Main
Richards A D, restaurant, Miner
Riddle James W, proprietor Yreka Hotel, and carpenter and builder, corner Gold and Centre
Rieth L Auten, insurance agent
Ringe Fred, harness, saddlery, and carriage trimmer. Miner
Rogler Fernando, druggist. Miner
Rohrer J B & Company, proprietors Franco-American Motel, Miner
Rosborough A M, attorney at law
Sharp William, U S Deputy Mineral Land Surveyor
Shearer E, attorney at law. Court House
Skidmore J H Rev, principal Ashland Academy
St Joseph's Academy for Young Ladies, Sisters of Mercy
Steele Elijah, attorney at law. Miner
Stimmel Hermann E, stoves, tinware, hardware, and agricultural implements
Swan L, agricultural implements. Second
Trincano F Mrs, millinery, Third
Vance ii, Nehrbass, blacksmiths. Second
Wadsworth E & H, bankers, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agents
Warren H B, attorney at law. Court House
Watson William E, watch maker and jeweler. Miner
Wetzel Alvis, hair dressing saloon, and baths. Minor
Wheeler James, billiard and liquor saloon. Miner
Winkler Adolph, general merchandise. Miner
Young Theobald, liquors, and confectionery. Miner
Yreka Gas Company, William Bisbee, president, Main
Yreka Hotel, James W Riddle, proprietor, corner Gold and Centre
Yreka Journal, Robert Nixon, proprietor. Miner
Yreka Union, John W Bird, proprietor. Miner

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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