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 Yuba City, Sutter County California

Yuba City, Sutter County, PO and County seat, 50 miles north of Sacramento, is situated on the west bank of Feather River, opposite the mouth of the

Yuba. In the rush to California following the discovery of gold were many enterprising speculators, who, foreseeing the greatness of the future, sought out the favorable localities for new Boston, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago, and there laid out their cities. Yuba City was one of these, and as the site was supposed to be exempt from overflow, and at the head of navigation on Feather River, it was regarded as the future commercial center of the northern section of the State.

But Marysville, on the east side of the river, being more convenient to the miners, became the trading point of the north. Yuba City subsequently becoming the county seat of Sutter, and surrounded by a good agricultural section, maintained its existence and continues a small but prosperous place.

The California Pacific Railroad passes through the village, and here crosses the Feather River to its termination in Marysville, but from a portion of the road being destroyed by high water operations on it are temporarily suspended.

The Sutter Banner, a weekly newspaper, is among the institutions maintained.

Alsanson J M Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Anson & Wilcoxon, liquor saloon
Bart & Bent, liquor saloon
Bayne Richard, attorney at law
Cannon J G, physician
Chesebro Paul, wagon maker
Clark J H, physician
Clark J U & Company, drugs and medicines
Clark & Wilcoxon, general merchandise, and agents W U Telegraph Co
Craddock J H, attorney at law
Crowley John, restaurant, and lodgings
Dobbins & Furgason, physicians
Drescher P E, surveyor, and civil engineer
Duel John C, attorney at law
Esselstyn James H, real estate agent
Fairman W J, blacksmith
Farmers' Cooperative Union of Sutter County, B F Walter, secretary, warehouse
Fox Thomas, blacksmith
Gelzhaeuser John, butcher
Grover & Apperson, proprietors Sutter Banner
Hamblen D E, justice of the peace, and insurance agent
Hamblen & Coates, liquor saloon
Hamlin Norman S, physician, and postmaster
Harris H M, harness and saddlery
Hays & McGee, liquor saloon
Kellogg Erastus Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Kimball E C, drugs and medicines
Klempp Fred, brewery
Knoblauch Bernard, blacksmith
Kuhn Leopold, cigars, tobacco, and fancy goods
Lee, Califf &, Perdue, livery stable, and express
Loftus Owen, liquor saloon
Lovejoy Charles Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Moncur Ogilvie, stoves, and tinware
Pender & Smith, poultry, and produce
Pennington J T, civil engineer and surveyor
Pierson H L, attorney at law
Power Thomas J, liquor and billiard saloon
Ray J H, attorney at law
Schuessler H H, liquor saloon
Slattery Ac Sullivan, butchers
Smith Dan, insurance agent
Stabler S J, attorney at law
Stafford Si Crocker, boots and shoes
Sutter Banner, Grover & Apperson, proprietors
Teegarden William, auctioneer
Thomas J M, notary public
Thurston N, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Union Lumber Company, lumber dealers
Van Arsdale & Kay, proprietors Stafford House
Weeman Charles, cigars and tobacco
Wilbur J L, attorney at law
Wilbur A & Company, general merchandise
Wilcoxon C E & Company, general merchandise
Willig Philip, tailor

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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