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 Vaca Station, Solano County to Volcanoville El Dorado County California

Vaca Station, Solano County. (See Elmira)

Vacaville, Solano County, PO 9 miles north east of Fairfield, la beautifully situated on the western verge of the Sacramento Valley, in the midst of an exceedingly fertile section. The village is four miles from Vaca Station, on the California Pacific Railroad, from which it is reached by a branch track connecting at Vaca with that road. It is a well built and prosperous place, and is the seat of a college conducted under the auspices of the Baptist Church. The neighboring country is exceedingly productive and the climate unsurpassed in the State. Pleasant Valley, a few miles northwest, is distinguished for its early fruits and vegetables, and for the large quantities sent to the city markets, the amount reaching to 50 and 60 tons per day in the season. A fruit-drying establishment of the Alden patent aids the business of the fruit-grower. Raisins of a superior quality are cured in large quantities.
Beers H M, shoe maker
Blum & Frearkell, general merchandise, agents W U Telegraph Company, and grain dealers
Brown J R, barber
Burton R E, blacksmith, and wagon maker
California College, Rev A S Worrell, principal
Chapin, Finch & Company, Alden Fruit Preserving Company
Corn D K, livery stable
Cunningham J S, physician
Davis I F, proprietor Wilson House
Day E W, physician
Eversole Henry, box maker, and undertaker
Gordon J, painter
Harding W C, dentist
Janes Jeptha, butcher
Lalamond E, wine manufacturer
Losse C H, liquor saloon
Lyon J P, liquor saloon
Mansfield Thomas, notary public
Mansfield & Theodore, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Merchant J B, blacksmith
Moore A, shoe maker
Peoples College, A M Mermon, principal
Perry C Miss & Company, milliners
Reynolds J W B, physician
Saxton J B Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Simpson _____ Mrs, dress maker
Smith Edward S, postmaster, and druggist
Stevenson A M & G B, warehouse
Taylor James I, books and stationery
Tilson J D, drugs, and fancy goods
Ward F P, harness and saddlery
Worrell A S Rev, clergyman (Bap)
Zoanny George, wine manufacturer

Vallecito, Calaveras County, PO 19 miles south east of San Andreas
Arata J, general merchandise
Bocigalupi Francisco, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Thuesan H, brewery

Vallejo, Solano County

Vallejo Mills, Alameda County. (See Niles)
Valley, San Diego County, PO 45 miles north of San Diego
Adams John T, postmaster

Valley Ford, Sonoma County, PO 18 miles south west of Santa Rosa
Fitzgerald James, liquor saloon
Fowler J E, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, harness maker and lumber dealer
Fowler J E & B, general merchandise
Fowler John H, notary public
Hall Thomas, blacksmith
Huntley & Cook, flour manufacturer
Palmer E B. undertaker
Rien Ann Mrs, hotel

Valley Springs, Calaveras County, PO 6 miles north of San Andreas
Dagos Wendell, blacksmith
Eproson Robert, postmaster and hotel

Venado, Colusa County, PO 21 miles west of Colusa
Williams Phineas, postmaster

Ventura County

Viejas, San Diego County, PO, 32 miles east of San Diego
Clendenin William S, postmaster and general merchandise
Rick J B, honey dealer
Tannahill John, blacksmith

Vina, Tehama County, PO 21 miles southeast of Red Bluff, is on the California and Oregon Railroad, on the east side of the Sacramento River, in the midst of a fertile and growing region, and is the shipping point for large quantities of grain.
Bronck A G, hotel, and blacksmith
Dicus Samuel C, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Dicus & McLerran, general merchandise
Hildebrand A, liquor saloon

Vine Hill, Santa Cruz County, on the San Jose Road, 8 miles east from Santa Cruz
Fisk C G, proprietor Magnetic Spring House

Virginia, Placer County, PO address Lincoln, 8 miles west of Auburn
Aldrich George D, general merchandise

Virginia Mills, Butte County, PO address, Bidwell's Bar, 9 miles north east of Oroville
Johnson David, hotel

Virginia Ranch, Yuba County, P O address, Oregon House, 23 miles north east of Marysville
Clark L B. wine manufacturer

Visalia, Tulare County

Visitacion Valley, San Mateo County, PO address, San Francisco
Bujan A, proprietor Visitacion Valley House
Schutt Charles, lessee Visitacion Valley House

Volcano, Amador County, PO 12 miles north east of Jackson, with which it is connected by daily stage. This is one of the oldest mining localities in the State, and retains a good share of its former prosperity. Numerous well-paying quartz veins and their reduction works support considerable trade.
Adams James, livery stable, and stage proprietor
Baroni P Mrs, liquor saloon
Batcock S P, surveyor
Boydston D S, photographer, and druggist
Campi John, shoe maker
Carpenter Thomas, stationery, fancy goods, and cigars
Cassenelli L & Brother, general merchandise
Clute Peter A, postmaster, and general merchandise
Coleman J, general merchandise
Cuneo Joseph, liquor saloon
Davis James, liquor saloon
Frye & Goodrich, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Grillo James, liquor saloon
Grisbach George, brewery
Huey E W, liquor saloon
Jerome A, liquor saloon
Jonas Peter, hotel
Lavezie J B, liquor saloon
Lehy Philip, shoe maker
Leveroni G B, liquor saloon
Lillie J B, teacher
Lucot L, liquor saloon, and boarding
McLaine L, banker, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Noll Joseph, liquor saloon
Norton R C, carpenter
Parker L A, liquor saloon
Rodgers S, physician
Ross Benjamin, surveyor
Rossi Angelo, general merchandise
Schwan A, liquor saloon
Seely A P, butcher
Sible Peter, brewery
Story Jesse, telegraph operator
Story W R, wagon maker
Walker John, barber
Whiting S L, carpenter, and machinist
Zhender Frank, liquor saloon, and bakery

Volcanoville, El Dorado County, PO address, Georgetown, 21 miles northeast of Placerville
Jewett Daniel, general merchandise

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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