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 Waddell Creek, Santa Cruz County to Wyandotte Butte County California

Waddell Creek, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Seaside
Waddell & Company, lumber dealers

Walker, Sacramento County, PO __ miles north of Sacramento City
Roberts John W, postmaster

Walker's Basin, Kern County, PO address, Havilah, 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield
Rankin & Dunlap, flour manufacturers

Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, PO 10 miles south of Martinez
Davis & Johnson, stage line
Dole Eldridge, carpenter, and builder
Huntington Josiah, blacksmith
Kirsh M, blacksmith, and wheelwright
Middleton Thomas E, butcher
Millett P V Mrs, proprietress Oak Centre Hotel
Noon J J, hotel
Rowan A H, physician
Sherbourne A, general merchandise
Sherbourne & Burpee, liquor saloon
Shuey, Brothers & Company, general merchandise and express agents
Slitz J Mrs, millinery, and dress making
Slitz John, postmaster, notary public, justice of the peace, general agent, and varieties

Walnut Grove, Sacramento County, PO 30 miles south of Sacramento City
Fitch E F, general merchandise
Moore James, butcher
Sharp John W, postmaster, hotel and blacksmith

Wambat, Tulare County, PO
Marrell J L, postmaster

Warm Springs Landing, Alameda County, PO address Harrisburg, 30 miles south east of Oakland
Rider, Somers & Company, forwarding and commission

Warner's Ranch, San Diego County, PO 65 miles north east of San Diego
Ayres Charles R, postmaster, and stock raiser
Helm T, general merchandise
Phillips L A, general merchandise

Washington, Nevada County, PO 20 miles north east of Nevada City
Battis F, carpenter and builder
Buisman H, postmaster, and hotel
Ely John, butcher
Grissel Cornelius, hotel
Hays & Hathaway, butchers
Hoops H T, watch maker, and jeweler
Jansen John, shoe maker
Kuhler Henry, general merchandise
Maloney Thomas, shoe maker
Schubener Louis, clothing
White James D, attorney at law

Washington, Yolo County, PO address Sacramento, 20 miles south east of Woodland
Green William M, liquor saloon
Guilford & Perry, hotel, and general merchandise
Hanson Charles O, groceries and liquors
Hauser Julius, butcher
Henley Archibald, brick manufacturer
Rowan William, hotel
Sevey George W, groceries, and liquors
Smith & Conway, mop manufacturers
Stevenson Eliza B Mrs, liquor saloon
Waring Charles A, attorney at law

Washington Comers, Alameda County, PO 25 miles south-east of Oakland. Here is situated the Washington College, a flourishing institution for the co-education of the sexes. The San Jose and Oakland branch of the C P R R, passes through the place. It is remarkable for being an old Mormon settlement, and the only church now in the place is one belonging to that denomination.

One newspaper, the Alameda County Independent, is published weekly.
Beazell & Crowell, blacksmiths, and agricultural implement manufacturers
Brown Samuel, hotel
Covert C, drugs and medicines
Crowell H, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Glaskin Thomas, wheat buyer, and grain warehouse
Harmon S S, principal Washington College
Hirsch Joseph, general merchandise
Leavitt A Mrs, physician
Mack William H, postmaster, drugs, books, stationery, etc
Powell Elijah, butcher
Rix A O, wheelwright, machinist, and undertaker
Simon G, general merchandise
Theobalds William W, attorney at law
Theobalds W W & Company, proprietors Alameda County Independent
Thompson A C, boot and shoe maker
Tyler Andrew, liquor saloon
Washington College, SS Harmon, principal
Zimmerman Charles, liquor saloon and restaurant

Washoe House, Sonoma County, PO address, Stoney Point, 8 miles south west of Santa Rosa
Campbell & Company, blacksmiths
Halley S B & Company, blacksmiths, agricultural implements, and general merchandise
Misner ____, hotel

Waterford, Stanislaus County, PO 12 miles east of Modesto
Davis Jones, hotel
Howell Henry H, postmaster
Howell & Son, general merchandise

Waterloo, San Joaquin County, 8 miles north east of Stockton
Blackwell John, hotel, and wagon maker
Thomas Thomes E, blacksmith
Worley J B.

Watson Gulch, Shasta County, PO address, Horsetown, 20 miles south west of Shasta
Gary & DePray, general merchandise

Watson's Ferry, Fresno County, PO address, Firebaugh, 12 miles north west of Fresno City
White & Augustine, hotel, and general merchandise

Watsonville, Santa Cruz County

Weaverville, Trinity County, PO and County seat is in Weaver Basin, on the east side of the creek of the same name, and about five miles north of its junction with the Trinity River. The town is connected by stage with Shasta, and is the trading center of almost the entire county. The basin in which it is situated was once exceedingly rich in gold, but that most accessible was rapidly extracted and the mining interest greatly declined or for a number of years fell into the hands of the Chinese. Recently, improved methods have been applied and the mining interest is again rising into importance and lasting wealth is developed. Valuable mines of quicksilver have also been found in the county which add to the business of the town. The section, hemmed in by mountains as it is, was explored as early as 1850, and gold being found on Weaver Creek and on the Trinity, in large quantities, population flowed in, and from that date Weaverville has been a prosperous place. Fire-proof buildings adorn the principal streets, and beautiful cottages, with gardens of shade and fruit trees and flowering plants, bespeak the taste and comfort of the people. One newspaper, the Trinity Journal, is published weekly.
Balch James R, clothing
Barnickel J, drugs, books and stationery,
Benton & Armentrout, blacksmiths
Brooks Thomas J, photographer
Chadbourne M, wagon maker
Clifford Richard, attorney at law, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Condon William, proprietor Empire Hotel
Cormick Alexander, liquor saloon
Davis Charles W, liquor saloon
Dimmock ____ Miss, teacher
Dodge W A, dentist
Griffin M F, banker
Hagelman & Harvey, brewery
Hartman Charles, postmaster, and barber
Hausen Detlef, groceries, cigars, tobacco, and fancy goods
Hinckly Henry, butcher
Hocker Henry, groceries, and liquors
Howland D, carpenter
Hudspeth William L, merchant tailor
Hunt James Rev, clergyman (K C)
Irwin John G, attorney at law, and notary public
Junkans Henry, hardware
Karsky & Abrahms, dry goods, and clothing
Kellogg M E Mrs, milliner
Lang Max, groceries, and liquors
Loehenmacher F L, bakery, and liquor saloon
Lord John, physician
Love Alexander N, liquor, and billiard saloon
Lovejoy E P, attorney at law, and real estate agent
Lovejoy & Craig, proprietors Trinity Journal
Lovett William B, attorney at law
Martin John, flour and grain
McCausland E T, watch maker and jeweler
McIntyre T W, dentist
Montague J C, physician
Mooney P P, harness and saddlery, and shoe maker
Morris James, proprietor New York Hotel
Pincus Isaac, dry goods and clothing
Sawyer W H Mrs, teacher
Schall Louis, boots and shoes
Stiller Alexander, liquor saloon
Thomas Charles, furniture dealer, and carpenter and builder
Timmerman Brothers, cabinet makers, and furniture dealers
Trinity Journal, Lovejoy & Craig, proprietors
Vollmer & Paulsen, proprietors Union Hotel
Ware William, lumber manufacturer
Williams C E, attorney at law
Young F W, notary public, and insurance agent

Webber Lake, Sierra County, PO address, Sierra Valley, 30 miles east of Downieville
Webber D C. hotel

Webbs Landing, Contra Costa County, PO 30 miles east of Martinez
Beedy Jeremiah, hay dealer
Bowers J, mail contractor
Byrne James P, physician
Jewell E R, physician
Kimball Albert T, stock dealer
Lupton George, boat builder
McAfee L C, civil engineer
O'Brien Michael, butcher
Pettigrew Charles S, wood dealer
Rhorer M M, civil engineer
Roberts M S, peat manufacturer
Snodgrass Robert V, postmaster and banker, agent
Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Stockton Anna M Miss, teacher
Stump Irwin C, real estate agent, draughtsman and conveyancer
Sturgis John, physician and druggist
Worsham A J, stock dealer

Weitchpec, Humboldt County, PO address, Martin's Ferry, 17 miles west of Orleans 5ar
Brown & Smith, general merchandise

Weldon, Kern County, PO
Brown Andrew, general merchandise
Forsyth Alexander, postmaster
Scody William, groceries (South Fork)

West Butte, Sutter County, PO 17 miles north west of Yuba City
Compton T J, general merchandise
Johnson J D Rev, clergyman
McOpe J, postmaster
Peters W H, wagon maker

West Oakland, Alameda County, PO. (See Oakland)
Baker Henry Y, postmaster

West Point, Calaveras County, PO 30 miles north east of San Andreas
Bairgabressi R, general merchandise
Cavalli G, liquor saloon
Feliz C, liquor saloon
Hadlock J B, hotel and liquor saloon
Harris Allen M, postmaster
Haskins S, hotel
Novella F, general merchandise
Reed Ira B, notary public and conveyancer
Ruffino S & Company, general merchandise
Smith J R, blacksmith
Soulie V, restaurant

Westminster, Los Angeles County, PO 28 miles southeast of Los Angeles. A Presbyterian and temperance colony founded by the late Rev. L. P. Weber in 1870. Its main ground of success, aside from the principles on which it was founded, is the ease with which artesian water is secured, which renders a failure of crops impossible. There are at present over 40 flowing wells here, at an average depth of less than 100 feet.
Davis Jesse, butcher
Flemming J H, harness and saddlery
Howe Converse, teacher, postmaster, and broom maker
Kell William, carpenter
Kiefhaber F H, blacksmith
King S B Rev, clergyman (Presb)
McCoy James, physician
McPherson Wm G, teacher
Poor W F, civil engineer
Spruce A, boot maker
Strong Robert Rev, nursery
Torrey John Jr, commission merchant and sowing machine agent
Westminster Artesian Well Company, well borers
Westminster Co-operative Company, implements and general merchandise
Yates G S, carpenter and wagon maker

Weyand's Comers, Yolo County. (See Prairie)

Wheatland, Yuba County

Whisky Flat, Mono County, PO address, Benton, 60 miles south east of Bridgeport
Moran E Mrs, hotel

Whisky Hill, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Watsonville, 18 miles east of Santa Cruz
Alvarado Felipe, butcher
Gutierrez Catarino, liquor saloon
Helmer Peter, blacksmith
Lund & Smith, general merchandise, and butchers
Mills D, wagon maker
Morris M, general merchandise
Nistetter J M, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Walker John D, liquor saloon

Whisky Slide, Calaveras County, PO address, Mokelumne Hill, 7 miles north of San Andreas
Noce John, general merchandise
Noce Pascal, wine grower

Whiskytown, Shasta County, PO address, Shasta, 5 miles northwest of Shasta
Fleming E F, lumber manufacturer
Kessler William, general merchandise
Williams L, blacksmith
Woodward R H, hotel

White River, Tulare County, PO 56 miles south east of Visalia
Mitchell Levi, postmaster, general merchandise, and hotel

White Sulphur Springs, Napa County. (See Napa White Sulphur Springs)

Whitehall, Mendocino County, PO
Smith James M, postmaster

Whitewash Trees, Butte County, PO address, Oroville, 3 miles east of Oroville
Campman John, liquor saloon
Fin letter Robert, wine grower

Whitley's Ford, Modoc County, PO 45 miles south west of Dorris Bridge
Breeder E, carriage and wagon maker
Calkins M, dairy and cheese manufacturer
Carmichael M, lumber dealer
Ferrington N C, lumber manufacturer
Gordon & Johnson, spokes, and shingles
Lougeor Henry, postmaster
Marcus J W, carpenter and builder
McCoy S Rev, clergyman
Moores S C, general merchandise
Robertson P C, stock raiser
Schooler W R, teacher
Smith T, harness and saddlery
Sonberger M M, photographer
Tebbs A & Company, blacksmith, and wagon] maker
Whitley J W, hotel, and livery stable

Wilbur's Hot Sulphur Springs, Colusa County, PO address, Sulphur Creek, 35 miles south west of Colusa
Wilbur B Mrs, hotel

Wild Yankee, Butte County, PO address. Brush Creek, 21 miles of Oroville
Galen John, hotel, and stock raiser

Willitsville, Mendocino County, PO 23 miles north west of Ukiah
Barnett E, general merchandise
Beachtel & Brother, hotel
Blosser N J, lumber manufacturer
Brown & Tuttle, hotel
Chittenden G E, stock dealer
Coates B Frank, liquor saloon
Duncan Frank L, flour manufacturer
Greenwood Moses, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Hatch H T, lumber manufacturer
Truber C P, flour manufacturer
Vincent D Frank, wagon maker
Willits Hiram, postmaster
Willits & Johnson, general merchandise

Willow Creek, Sonoma County, PO address, Duncan's Mills, 25 miles west of Santa Rosa
Knowles Joseph, miller
Moore Brothers, lumber manufacturer

Willow Ranch, Modoc County, PO 38 miles north west of Dorris Bridge
Hinkle C, liquor saloon
Sieurance J, hotel, and blacksmith
Snider Andrew, postmaster, and general merchandise

Willow Springs, Kern County, PO address, Tihichipa, 70 miles south of Bakersfield
Mathews J. hotel

Wilmington, Los Angeles County, PO 20 miles south of Los Angeles, on an arm of San Pedro Bay navigable at high tide. The usual anchorage for sea going vessels is in the bay or roadstead of San Pedro, which, until recently, was open to the sea and dangerous in southeast storms. In 1872 the United States Government, seeing the great importance of this harbor, and competent engineers reporting on the feasibility of rendering it a safe one, commenced the construction of a breakwater from Rattlesnake Island, covering the mouth of Wilmington Bay, or San Gabriel River, to Deadman's Island, and an enclosed harbor has thus been made. By dredging, a deep channel will be made and the wharves of Wilmington be accessible to sea going vessels. From this latter point a railroad has been constructed to Los Angeles, whence others radiate in different directions, concentrating the trade of an extensive region of country. The population of the town is about 600, with fair prospects of increasing. Here is located Wilson College, under the auspices of the Methodist Church, named in honor of B. D. Wilson, Esq., by whose generosity it was liberally endowed. One newspaper, the Enterprise, is published weekly.
Boag R Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Bradshaw J, tailor
Brial Louis, barber
Crowley Timothy, blacksmith
Deaver George, liquor saloon
Downing P H, liquor saloon, and livery stable
Ernst H, clothing
Fisher L T, proprietor Wilmington Enterprise
Garrett Robert L, carriage, and wagon maker
Henderson, W H, teacher
Hinds George, butcher
Jacoby N, general merchandise
Johnson ____, physician
Johnson J F C, butcher
Keyes George B, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Laubersheimer A, postmaster and druggist
McMillan D, hotel
Millard G A, dentist
Morrison John, general merchandise
Mosher W C Rev, (Presb), clergyman
Moya Firmin, grocery
Salazar Ignacio, liquor saloon
Spurloch W A Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Thompson S Q, hotel
Van Valkenburg H, harness and saddlery
Wildman Perry, hotel
Wilmington Enterprise, L T Fisher, proprietor
Wilson B D, real estate
Wilson College, Rev A M Campbell, president

Windsor, Sonoma County, PO 10 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Clark W S, agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Davis D S, physician
Graham J W, blacksmith
Hopkins T J, hotel
Jerome Thomas, butcher
Kennedy & Wilkinson, liquor saloon
Lafferty H H, shoe maker
Lindsay J J, postmaster
Mackender George, blacksmith
McClellan J H, tinsmith
McDowell & Williams, general merchandise

Winters, Yolo County, PO 25 miles south west of Woodland, has recently risen into prominence with the construction of the Vaca Valley Railroad, which when completed, will connect the beautiful and fertile Berryessa Valley with the California Pacific Railroad at Vaca Station. The surrounding country is very fertile, and the scenery and climate are most attractive. Large quantities of wheat are produced, and orchards and vineyards yield abundantly of every fruit known to a semi-tropical or temperate climate. The region is the foothills of the Coast Range with the broad Sacramento Valley to the eastward, and groves of deciduous and evergreen oaks lend a pleasant charm to the scenery. The new branch railroad from Vaca Junction to its terminus at Winters, is well built and equipped, and will give easy and rapid access to the principal markets.
Abby J A, blacksmith
Blum, Sons Ac Company, general merchandise
Brown & Brother, livery stable
Cradric J & Son, brick makers
Ely & McGrath, liquor saloon
Ferguson W K, butcher
Grangers' Warehouse Association
Gregory L, physician
Marling, Lowry & Company, general merchandise
Hulse Joseph, justice of the peace
Krouse F, harness and saddlery
Lee J, real estate agent
Mansfield & Theodore, general merchandise, and agent Well, Fargo and Company
Moody Lorenzo, postmaster
Morris V, manager Grangers Warehouse
Parker J L, hotel
Ray & Tyrrell, hardware
Rice A, liquor saloon
Roberta L, liquor saloon
Sacket B R, jeweler
Sturgis & Palmer, groceries, and liquor saloon
Taylor A, wagon maker
Taylor I, hotel

Winthrop House, Plumas County, PO address, La Porte, 30 miles south of Quincy
Feeney James, hotel

Witter's Springs, Lake County, PO 18 miles north west of Lakeport
Fox M F, hotel
Gattrell J, general merchandise
Morgan E G, livery stable
Witter Dexter, postmaster, and physician

Woodbridge, San Joaquin County, PO 15 miles north of Stockton
Adlam K H, physician
Babcock Charles, blacksmith
Bentley H & Company, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Cope Richard, harness and saddlery
Dayton Eli, physician
Emerson G W, carpenter
Folger & Thompson, butchers
Green & Wriston, flour manufacturers
House M W, livery stable
Langdon & Clark, physicians
Lyon J A, hotel
Miller F M, wagon maker
Phelps F F, jewelry, and musical instruments
Plummer E H, hotel
Robinet John, liquor saloon
Rutledge E G, postmaster
Rutledge J & Son, general merchandise
Thomas A S, carpenter
Thompson James G, bootmaker
Thompson J H, general merchandise (Taisonville)
Trafton A, physician
Winters ____ Rev, clergyman

Woodford's, Alpine County, PO 19 miles north of Silver Mountain
Brisbine S W, blacksmith
Fenly J, hotel
Fields Z, blacksmith
Merrill Willis P, postmaster, and general merchandise
Richey & Sackelt, coopers
Scott J B, shingle manufacturer
Trimmer E W, hotel

Woodland, Yolo County

Wood's Crossing, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, 6 miles south west of Sonora
Bishop Nelson, groceries and provisions

Woodside, San Mateo County, PO 6 miles south west of Redwood City
Froment E & Company, lumber manufacturers
King Frank, liquor saloon, and restaurant (Summit Springs)
Lawrence John, blacksmith
Pharis S P, shingle manufacturer
Rohrer Frederick, Summit Springs Hotel
Sylvester James W, carpenter
Tripp Robert O, postmaster, and general merchandise
Winkler John, wheelwright

Woodville, Tulare County, PO 21 miles 6 of Visalia
Gilligan Michael, wool grower
Grimsley J H. teacher
Hunsaker Emily Mrs, teacher
Keller H J, blacksmith
Keyser Robert, wool grower
Lewis Thomas, dairyman
Ramey George, carpenter
Ray T J, dairyman
Riggs Hugh M, wool grower
Slover James A, postmaster

Woodville House, Yuba County, PO address, Clipper Mills, Butte County, 32 miles north east of Marysville
Kelly J B, hotel

Woolsey's Plat, Nevada County, PO address, Moore's Flat, 18 miles north east of Nevada City
Spellenberg George, hotel
Sullivan Cornelius, hotel

Wright's Station, Inyo County, PO address, Fish Springs, 14 miles north of Independence
Wright H C, liquor saloon

Wyandotte, Butte County, PO address, Oroville, b miles north east of Oroville
Bliss W G, attorney at law
Thatcher Mrs, hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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