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Cache Creek, Yolo County to Chili Gulch, Calaveras County, California

Cache Creek, Yolo County, PO 12 miles west of Woodland
Andre Louis, carpenter and justice of the peace
Bonham B B, physician
Costick Abraham, shoemaker
Davis Charles H A Company, butchers
Gill Henry, blacksmith
Haines Abraham, postmaster and gen merchandise
Heinrichs Frederick, butcher
Hilliker & Loranger, hotel
Hoffman Augustus, gen merchandise
Hudson Mark, liquor saloon
Johnson J, wagon maker
Jones J K, well borer
Keller Joseph, shoe maker
Tandy G, harness and saddlery
Whitney Joseph, blacksmith and wagon maker
Wolfe Simon, liquor saloon

Cacheville, Yolo County, P O address, Yolo, 5 miles north west of Woodland
Alpaugh Thomas, flour manufacturer
Bradshaw R M, shoe maker
Cummings Bros, livery stable and stage proprietors
Decheune J M, wheelright
Dutton O, tinsmith
Griffith A, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Hadley &. Wagoner, harness and saddlery
Hall & Pendergast, general merchandise, grain and wool
Hatch Jabez, proprietor Cacheville Mills
Hines & Company, butchers
Hinman J M Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Hutton J A, attorney at law and county judge
Hyman & Sussman, general merchandise
Kier H M, physician
Mering S N. attorney at law
Pettit Asa, blacksmith and wheelwright
Powers J W, liquor saloon
Praster A J, blacksmith and wheelwright
Reynolds W F, wheelwright
Rose Augustus, liquor saloon
Smith William H, barber
Spencer William F, proprietor Cacheville Hotel
Zimmerman G W, physician

Cahto, Mendocino County, PO 45 miles north west of Ukiah
Benton James B, harness and saddlery
Feazel O H P, painter
Layton F B, blacksmith
Purdy H, wagon maker
Simpson & White, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Ward J D, liquor saloon
White Robert, postmaster and hotel

Calaveras County. Organized in 1850

Calaveritas, Calaveras County, PO address, Fourth Crossing
Casta Lewis, general merchandise

Caliente, Kern Company, PO
Coley Henry C, postmaster

California City, Marin County, PO address, Sausalito, 10 miles south east of San Rafael
Beckennan & Company, brick makers
Monckin John, liquor saloon

Calistoga, Napa County, PO 28 miles north west of Napa City.

Callahan's Ranch, Siskiyou County, PO 42 miles south of Yreka
Denny & French, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Farrington Stephen, blacksmith
Hayden Richard M, postmaster
Hayden Bros, hotel and butchers
Masterson Ann Mrs, hotel

Calpella, Mendocino County, PO 6 miles north of Ukiah
Klein Peter R, postmaster
Merriman A, hotel
Quinliven Dennis, blacksmith

Camanche, Calaveras County, PO 18 miles west of San Andreas
Cavagnaro D, general merchandise
Charroux A, blacksmith
Dios Francisco D, liquor saloon
Doherty M, general merchandise
Dooner John, teacher
Duffy M, hotel
Lawson L, shoemaker
Tipko N, liquor saloon
Zimmerman Nicholas, general merchandise, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co

Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, PO 34 miles north west of San Luis Obispo, near El Morro Landing on the coast, occupies a pleasant locality in the Coast Range, fronting the ocean. Its resources have been the rich pasturage of its surroundings, but recent discoveries of quicksilver in the neighboring mountains have given it increased importance. The Oceanic Quicksilver Mine is represented as having abundant ore in a stratum of conglomerate, 60 feet in thickness, giving assays of from 5 to 28 per cent, of metal.
Baker J C, lumber dealer
Campbell J D, livery stable
Colo G M, harness and saddlery
Conway E M, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Cramer S L, tinsmith
Forrester P A, attorney at law
Frankel L, general merchandise
Grant, Lull. & Company, general merchandise
Hackney John, blacksmith
Johnson Jeremiah, liquor saloon
Johnson Joseph, lumber manufacturer
Judson W A. painter
Kaetzel Philip, wagon maker
Leffingwell & Sons, flour and lumber manufacturers
Lingo G W, hotel
Lull George W, postmaster
Mathers Carolan, civil engineer
Menderscheid Brothers, druggists
Palmer OS, carpenter
Pico Benigno, liquor saloon
Proctor & Rader, blacksmiths
Ramage & Conway, general merchandise
Rothschild & Company, general merchandise
Russell C J, attorney at law
Sherman Thadeus, carpenter
Sweet Thomas, wagon maker
Utley Merrit, butcher
Walker G A, physician
Williams Henry, carpenter
Williams J P, teacher
Williams Silas, cheese manufacturer

Camp Bidwell, Modoc County. (See Fort Bidwell)

Camp Grant, Humboldt County, PO 60 miles south of Eureka
Carroll William, general merchandise
Hansell A, justice of the peace and nurseryman
Hurlbert B G, postmaster and hotel
Way William, blacksmith

Camp Independence, Inyo County, PO address, Independence, 2 miles north of Independence
Bell A N, flour manufacturer
Cohn J, general merchandise

Campo, San Diego County, PO 60 miles east of San Diego
Bratton A N, teacher
Cline C, liquor saloon and hotel
Gaskill Brothers, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Gaskill Lyman H, postmaster
Gass Augustus M, general mdse
Moore A M, teacher

Campo Seco, Calaveras County, PO 12 miles north west of San Andreas
Bauman Adam, livery stable
Creighton James, butcher
Curry John, carpenter
Dorset Louis, blacksmith
Hawes Benjamin F, business agent
Metz John, hotel
Nye David B, gen mdse, postmaster and hotel
Peck F C, boot maker
Thompson William, wine manufacturer
Vieusseux Gaspard, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Woolley William, liquor saloon

Campo Seco, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, 4 miles south of Sonora
Eberhardt William, groceries and provisions

Camptonville, Yuba County, PO 45 miles north east of Marysville. A mining town on Oregon Creek, a branch of the Middle Yuba River, on the stage road leading from the Pacific Railroad at Colfax through Nevada and North San Juan to Downieville. It is also connected by stage with Marysville. Extensive gravel ranges are in the vicinity, upon one of which the town is built, and these have been largely mined by the hydraulic process, but a want of sufficient water retards operations. The locality is healthy, the site pleasant, and mineral resources unlimited but without abundant water and other appliances which only well directed capital can command, no mining town can prosper.
Biber C W, physician
Brown J P & Company, bankers and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Brown & Graves, livery stable
Budden James, physician and apothecary
De Cray Augustus, cigars and tobacco
Erwin Joseph, blacksmith
Gassner J M, tanner
Gerwiener C, boot maker
Graham J R, boot maker
Gray Charles, liquor saloon
Hanson John, liquor saloon
Jones Joseph, hotel
Lock wood J L, attorney at law
Mansur C F, drugs, newspapers and stationery
McLellan J G, tinsmith
McMurray V C, liquor saloon
Meek John R, groceries, provisions and hardware
Miller A G, butcher
O'Hara Charles, livery stable
Titus F H, teacher
Variel, Joseph H, postmaster and carpenter

Cana, Butte County, PO 36 miles north west of Oroville
Babcock W H, blacksmith
Dillon J A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hail F W, hotel
Hubbell Jackson, postmaster, agent C P R R, and general merchandise
Levens B W, general merchandise
Bowles Daniel, liquor saloon

Canby, Modoc County, PO 26 miles west of Dorris Bridge
Pope James W, postmaster

Canfield, Kern County, PO address, Bakersfield, 12 miles south west of Bakersfield
Oulton John, general merchandise
Veeder C H, notary public

Canon Creek, Trinity County, PO address, Junction City, 16 miles north west of Weaverville
Flowers & Smith, lumber manufacturers and ditch proprietors
Gilzean James, hotel
Jones T D, liquor saloon
Lang Max, general merchandise

Capay, Yolo County, PO 16 miles west of Woodland, situated on the banks of Cache Creek, at the mouth of Capay Valley, and in the neighborhood of a good agricultural section.
Appleby A, hotel
Barrett & Strobach, liquor saloon
Carroll John H & Company, Orleans Hill, Vinicultural Association
Freeman F S & Company, general merchandise
Gordon D G, blacksmith and wagon maker
Lang John A, liquor saloon
Levy W & Bro, general merchandise
Lewis T J, harness and saddlery
Perkins Edward E, postmaster
Wells A J, blacksmith and wagon maker

Capay City, Yolo County, PO address, Capay, 20 miles west of Woodland
Clark C C, liquor saloon
Nurse M A, surveyor and general merchandise
Vogeli Peter, hotel
Wood Joel, blacksmith

Capell Valley, Napa County, PO 15 miles north of Napa City
Bradshaw John G, postmaster

Capistrano, Los Angeles County, PO. (See San Juan Capistrano)
Mendelson Marks, postmaster

Carneros, Napa County, PO address, Napa City, 5 miles west of Napa City
Weston _____, hotel

Carpinteria, Santa Barbara County, PO 12 miles east of Santa Barbara
Anderson William, groceries
Beach J, wagon maker
Bradford William, blacksmith
Mclntyre & Perry, carpenters and builders
Norris Benjamin, wagon maker
Pettinger Thomas, house carpenter
Smith Benjamin, blacksmith
Thurmond G E, postmaster and general merchandise

Cartago, Inyo County, PO address, Olancha, 50 miles south of Independence
Belshaw & Titsworth, proprietors freight steamer Bessie Brady
Cerro Gordo Freighting Company, freighting
Villagas A, hotel

Town not listed
Doyle John, liquor saloon
Gordon Alexander, butcher
Gregor James, blacksmith
Heldt George, liquor saloon and livery stable
Johnson J G, general merchandise and lumber manufacturer
Kelly Frank, boot maker
King John, liquor saloon
McCallum D, postmaster and mill superintendent
Koss J S Rev, clergyman (Baptist)

Castle Rock, Shasta County PO address, Portuguese, 68 miles north of Shasta
Hanlon K, hotel

Castroville, Monterey County, PO 10 miles north of Salinas

Cave City, Calaveras County, PO address, Mountain Ranch, 12 miles east of San Andreas
Nichols George, general merchandise

Cayuca's Landing, San Luis Obispo County, PO address, Old Creels, 19 miles north west of San Luis Obispo.
Cass James, general merchandise and lumber dealer

Cecilville, Klamath County, PO address, Petersburg, 27 miles south east of Orleans Bar
Lightman George H, general merchandise

Cedar Ranch, Butte County, PO address, Oak Arbor, 16 miles north east of Oroville
Hakes Harry, hotel

Cedar Rock, El Dorado County, PO address, Slippery Ford
Smith J, bee raiser

Town not listed
Cannon & Benton, liquor saloon
Cressler & Bonner, general merchandise
Ewing L Rev, clergyman
Giroux & Company, blacksmiths
Gooch k Company, lumber manufacturers
Hirenymann Jesse, livery stable
Lee Charles W, stoves and tinware
Long A K, hotel
Madison Nelson, wagon maker
Monchamp Julius, hotel
Patterson W H, physician
Russell John M, flour manufacturer

Centerville, Butte County, PO address, 32 miles north of Oroville
Baker Friend, liquor saloon
Brotherton J K, general merchandise
Nicholl John, mountain express

Centerville, Humboldt County. (See Cape)

Centerville, Klamath County. (See Tocun)

Centerville, Mendocino County, PO address Potter Valley, 18 miles north east of Ukiah
Armstrong William, carpenter and cabinet maker
Boyes William R, hotel
Garner A, shoe maker
Carner J M, poultry dealer
Foster J L, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hopper G 15, blacksmith
McDaniel D, teacher
McDaniel W D, attorney at law
McGee P T, general merchandise

Centerville, Modoc County, PO address ____ Springs, 15 miles west of Dorris Bridge
Ballard James L, general merchandise
Black Martin, liquor saloon
Kennedy A H, teacher
Stewart Milo, teacher

Centerville, Shasta County, PO address, 6 miles south of Shasta
De Pray Paul, general merchandise

Centerville. (See Centreville)

Central, Colusa County, PO 10 miles south Colusa
Williams W H, postmaster

Central House, Amador County, PO address Drytown, 11 miles north of Jackson
Grambert & Wells, hotel

Central House, Butte County, PO 12 south of Oroville
Frost S L Kev, clergyman
Hutchins John S, postmaster
Hutchins Kate Miss, teacher
Mattoon E, physician
Westwood David, blacksmith

Central House, Nevada County, PO address, Nevada City, 10 miles north east of Nevada City
Robinson J., hotel

Centreville, Alameda County, PO 21 south east of Oakland. Centreville is the center of a extensive agricultural district. In its vicinity Bay shore, are several salt works. A few west are the lands of the Green Point Company. Fruit is largely grown in the vicinity, and during the past year a fruit pre-factory, on the Alden process, was established in the town.
Alexander W Rev, clergyman (Presby)
Allen C H, physician
Babb C O, liquor saloon
Barry J Mrs, dressmaker
Beck D H, harness and saddlery
Blancow William, wool grower
Bond & Randall, agents Wells, Fargo & general merchandise
Brier W W Rev, clergyman (Presby)
Butteau S A. physician A
Centreville Fruit Preserving Company, Geo W Bond, supt.
Clough B D T, nurseryman
Coleman J W, liquor saloon and livery stable
Faulkner D A, blacksmith and machinist
Green Point Dairy Co
Gregory H C, general merchandise and postmaster
Hagan J S, tinsmith
Hilton F H, shoe maker
Jarvis & Company, storage and forwarding
Lewis J B Mrs, proprietress United States Hotel
Pendergast M, shoe maker
Plummer J A & Company, proprietors Crystal Salt Works
Salt & Company, general merchandise and agents W U Telegraph Co
Shinn James, nurseryman
Silva Manuel, barber
Walton William, blacksmith
Yates L G, dentist, notary public and justice of the peace

Centreville, Fresno County, PO address, Kings River
Anderson A G, liquor saloon
Ayers John, wagon maker
Cudy J, barber
Caldwell P Mrs, hotel
Cuckrill S K, physician
Frankenan S A & Son, general merchandise
Friedman F, liquor saloon
Graves W L, physician
Groover J T, physician
Guion A Dilly, carpenters
Hutchinson & Shafford, livery stable
Hutchinson & Ward, blacksmiths
Jacob K & Company, general merchandise
Silverman U D, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Thomas A B, dentist
Wills & Hull, restaurant and liquor saloon
Winckleman & Noonan, butchers

Ceres, Stanislaus County, PO 4½ miles south east of Modesto
Annear J G, blacksmith
Brouse H W, surveyor
Chapen A Mrs, teacher
Hawkens Samuel, carpenter
Lee Cyrus, physician and general merchandise
Tully George, manufacturer
Whitmore Daniel, postmaster

Cerro Gordo, Inyo County, PO 40 miles south east of Independence, on Buena Vista Mountain, one of the Inyo range which borders Owens Lake and valley on the east, is a prosperous mining town. The section of country in which it is located is desolate and barren, but numerous veins of argentiferous galena redeem the desert, and make it the chosen home of man.

The mines were discovered in 1865 by some Mexicans, who demonstrated in a simple manner that the ores could be smelted with profit. The Union, and the Santa Maria are the principal mines, the former furnishing the ore that is smelted in the furnaces of Cerro Gordo, the latter sending its ore to the furnaces at Swansea, on the shore of Owens lake. These several furnaces produce lead bullion in large quantities, from twenty to forty thousand pounds daily, which is transported by steamer across the lake, then by wagons to San Fernando, about 200 miles, where it is taken on cars via Los Angeles to San Pedro, for shipment to San Francisco for separating and refining. The Los Angeles and Independence Railroad, now proposed, called for by the large business of Cerro Gordo, will greatly facilitate the business of this rich mineral region.
Alexander J, attorney at law
Barrows William, general merchandise
Beardsley John, fruit
Beaudry V, smelting works
Belshaw M W & Company, smelting works
Cohen C & M, general merchandise
Craig James & Company, water works
Crapo William, mineralogist
Freedman A L, proprietor American Hotel
Gould H W, dentist
Grant J O, physician
Hoff V & Company, general merchandise
Hughes & Williams, liquor saloon
Johnson K C, liquor saloon
Kersting & Richards, Liquor Saloon and restaurant
Lasky & Moffat, general merchandise
Leida A, express
Lozano & Monton, blacksmiths
Magrath M, blacksmith
Miller F K, postmaster
Montgomery A, coal dealer
Requad A, restaurant
Romo R, restaurant
Travis Lola, liquor saloon

Chaparal House, Butte County, PO address, Inskip, 52 miles north of Oroville
Noel Peter, hotel

Cherokee, Butte County, PO 12 miles north of Oroville
Bolter F, dentist
Boyer D, liquor saloon
Burt J, blacksmith
Delf H, liquor saloon
Goodday L, general merchandise
Huen F, wagon maker
Jones A F Mrs, postmistress
Lively Joseph, wagon maker
Morrison H P, liquor saloon
Parry George, hotel
Powell David, physician
Rapp A, blacksmith
Wolf & Bro, general merchandise

Cherokee, Nevada County, PO address, Patterson, 17½ miles north of Nevada City
Bray Michael, boot and shoe maker
Bristow & Blasingame, butchers
Fitter John, hotel
Fitzpatrick M, general merchandise
O'Connor & Company, butchers
Sneath James, blacksmith
Turney Catherine Mrs, hotel
Vaughn J C, blacksmith

Cherokee, Plumas County, PO address, Greenville, 22 miles north of Quincy
Bellas George, hotel

Cherokee, Tuolumne County, PO address, Sonora, 6 miles east of Sonora
Marshall Robert, lumber dealer
Perrano G, general merchandise
Smith Sidney & Bro, lumber dealers

Chico, Butte County, PO 25 miles north west of Oroville

Chili, Calaveras County, PO 5 miles north west of San Andreas
Murphy E Mrs, general merchandise and postmistress

Chili Gulch, Calaveras County, PO address, Mokelumne Hill, 6 miles north of San Andreas
Lantanier A, liquor saloon

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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