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China Flat, Sierra County to Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino County California

China Flat, Sierra County, PO address, Downieville, 5 miles east of Downieville
Junot Frederick, general merchandise

Chinese Camp, Tuolumne County, PO 11 miles south of Sonora, is a small town on the west bank of Wood's Creek, connected by sage with Sonora and Jacksonville. Formerly it was a busy mining town, but that interest, in this locality, is now mostly abandoned to the Chinese, while the white population have turned their attention to fruit growing, farming, and stock-raising. Being on several routes of travel, it shows some business life. Stages from Milton and Oakdale, the termini of the Stockton and Copperopolis, and Stockton and Visalia Railroads, 27 miles distant, pass Chinese Camp enroute to the Big Trees of Calaveras, and to Yosemite Valley. These, with the mines of the surrounding country, gives the place considerable trade.
Bacon Martin, banker and general merchandise
Cutting Charles B, harness and saddlery, postmaster and telegraph operator
Egling L, blacksmith and wheelwright
Gross A, liquor saloon
Hanna George, livery stable
Kempson John, boot and shoe maker
Lampson R M, physician and druggist
Mann J C, liquor saloon
Manzo P, harness and saddlery
Mayer Leonard, butcher
McAdams T, general merchandise
Morris A, dry goods and clothing
Palmer E T, barber
Pratt S J, attorney at law
Solinsky C W H, proprietor Garrett House, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Weyer F, liquor saloon
Wheelock S C, liquor and billiard saloon

Chino, San Bernardino County, PO 25 miles east of San Bernardino
Goldsmith Simon, postmaster
Grant ____, physician
Kallman & Goldsmith, general merchandise
Yount David, blacksmith

Cholame, San Luis Obispo County, PO 50 miles north east of San Luis Obispo
Acunio A, general merchandise
Butchart & Russell, general merchandise
Russell David, postmaster

Christine, Mendocino County, PO 32 miles west of Ukiah
Estlick Alexander, blacksmith
Gantly Andrew, postmaster, general merchandise and brewery
Gsehwind John, flour and lumber manufacturer
Nolan James, hotel and livery stable (North Fork Navarro River]

Chualao, Monterey County, PO 10 miles east of Salinas
Droege & Company, general merchandise
Hubbard William, blacksmith and liquor saloon
Killogg, G P, dairyman
Kinkade William, hotel
Laird Charles, dairyman
McIntosh William, painter
O'Donald Martin, liquor saloon
O'Hern D. hotel
Peterson M, carpenter
Kay John, boot and shoe maker
Smith & Mosier, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Snyder Thomas, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, general mdse and market
Tuttle S E. restaurant

Churntown, Shasta County, PO address Shasta, 10 miles of Shasta
Berge Henry, general merchandise
Hyatt Isaac, saloon and blacksmith

Cinnabar, San Benito County, PO
Chick George W, postmaster

Cinnabar, Santa Clara County, PO address, San Jose, 6 miles south west of San Jose
Downer H H, hotel
Wall John, blacksmith
Wetzel Hermann, hotel

Cinnabar, Trinity County, PO address, Trinity Centre, 50 miles north east of Weaverville
Foley D H, liquor saloon

Cisco, Placer County, PO 56 miles north east of Auburn, on the Central Pacific Railroad. Located near the summit of the Sierra Nevada, at an elevation of 5,911 feet. During the period required for cutting the railroad tunnel through the dividing ridge of the mountain, Cisco was the railroad terminus, and was then a place of active business, being also the depot of supplies for the mining district of Meadow Lake. At present it is an eating station on the railroad, and its business is confined to the mining localities in the vicinity of Meadow Lake.
Campbell R A, postmaster, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company.
Hamilton J H, agent C P R R
McHugh John, hotel

Clairville, Sonoma County, PO. (See Geyserville)
Critchfield George W, postmaster

Claraville, Kern County, PO address, Havilah
Weir William, liquor saloon

Clark's Station, Mariposa County, PO address, Mariposa, 25 miles east of Mariposa
Clark Galen, hotel

Clarksville, El Dorado County, PO 16 miles west of Placerville
Cram S K, liquor saloon
Karewell & Company, general merchandise
McCarty D, lime manufacturer
Swallin Frank, lime manufacturer
Tong Gilbert S, postmaster and carpenter
Tong M Mrs, hotel

Clayton, Contra Costa County, PO 13 miles south east of Martinez
Bauer & Kapp, brewery
Bentley Robert, liquor saloon
Chapman & Killer, butchers
Curry James, livery stable
Ingram Henry, general merchandise
Merritt Rev, clergyman, (Cong)
Rhine Charles, postmaster and general merchandise
Rhine Jacob, hotel
Wall George, hotel
Williamson John, liquor saloon

Clayton's Ranch, Yuba County, PO address, Brownsville, 85 miles north of Marysville
Shattuck T F, general merchandise

Clear Creek, Butte County, PO address, Pentz, 12 miles north of Oroville
Clark E D, hotel

Clear Creek Station, Shasta County. (See Bell's Bridge)

Clinton, Alameda County. (See Oakland)

Clinton, Amador County, PO address, Pine Grove, 5 miles south of Jackson
Spagnoli D B, attorney at law and notary public
Spagnoli D B & Bro, general merchandise

Clipper Gap, Placer County, PO 7 miles north east of Auburn
Hoagland Joseph A, port master and general merchandise
Holmes H T & Company, lime manufacturers
Honn George W, hotel
Judkins Samuel, liquor saloon
McEnerney ____ Mrs, hotel

Clipper Mills, Butte County, PO 32 miles east of Oroville
Bean & Bro, stock raisers
Binet E, manufacturer saddle trees
Bliss W Y, teacher
Cornell P M, hotel
Kelley J B, hotel
Leach A M, lumber
Pratt, Alley & Company, general merchandise
Pratt Enoch H, postmaster and agent Wells Fargo & Company

Cloverdale, Sonoma County, PO 32 miles north of Santa Rosa

Clyde, Stanislaus County, PO address, Oakdale
Herald & Harrison, warehouse

Coast Range, Colusa County, PO 50 miles 8 west of Colusa
Brownell J W, sheep raiser
Carpenter W H, blacksmith
Simpson Noah, postmaster and stock raiser

Coleville, Mono County, PO 30 miles north west of Bridgeport
Dick Morris, postmaster and blacksmith
Goodenow Lloyd, physician
Hartshorn B G Airs, general merchandise
Hatch N W, lumber manufacturer
Hikendale J S, notary public
Turner & Olds, liquor saloon
Watkins R G, attorney at law

Colfax, Placer County, PO 17 miles north east of Auburn

Colfax Springs, Tuolumne County, PO address, Garrote, 40 miles south of Sonora
Elwell Charles H, hotel

College City, Colusa County, PO 18 miles south of Colusa
Bashore Bros, livery and food stable
Cain J H, insurance agent
Carpenter W J Rev, clergyman and president Pierce Christian College
Davis Simon, physician and druggist
Diefendorff, P J & G E, general merchandise
Duffield J H, insurance agent
Hamlin & Hewett, blacksmiths
Johns James W, butcher
Kirtby L W, hotel
Limineux Paul, shoe maker
McAtee F X, harness and saddlery
Patterson James M, butcher
Rathburn E, postmaster and plasterer
Scott James, wagon maker
Walker H P, carpenter and contractor
West John, carpenter and contractor
Worsley Bros, blacksmiths

Collegeville, San Joaquin County, PO 8 miles south east of Stockton
Chalmers L K, physician
Crawford S P, physician
Lawson Andrew, postmaster and general merchandise
McCabe A, carpenter and builder
McIntosh James, insurance agent
Snow William H, contractor
Woodard ____, teacher
Yeager C Rev, clergyman

Collinsville, Solano County, PO 20 miles south east of Fairfield
Bird John, grain and hay dealer
Hooper Thomas P, agent C P R R steamers, hotel and liquor saloon
Hosking William, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Kahn Paul, general merchandise
Krause E E, blacksmith
Upham Emory J, postmaster, real estate and stock dealer
Walton E W, blacksmith
Warren F P, wagon maker

Coloma, El Dorado County, PO 10 miles north west of Placerville. It is distinguished in the history of California as the place where gold was first discovered, by Marshall, in 1848, inaugurating a new era in the business of the world. This was for a number of years an exceedingly prosperous mining locality, but subsequently, as the rich placers became exhausted, every available spot of ground was planted with trees and vines. The fruit and wines produced have obtained a world-wide celebrity, and the inhabitants enjoy a very comfortable prosperity. Coloma is pleasantly situated on the south side of the American River, on the stage-road from Auburn, on the railroad to Placerville. It is also reached from Sacramento via the Sacramento Valley Railroad and stage from Shingle Springs. Coloma is a quiet rural village, showing little of the life and bustle of early days, but it is regarded as a favorite place of residence to those located there.
Allhoff Martin, agent W U Telegraph Co
Barnes J L & Bro, wine manufacturers
Borland Alexander, boot and shoe maker
Burgess K, blacksmith
Chalmers Robert, insurance agent and wine manufacturer and distiller
Childs F S, druggist
Claussen Peter, boot and shoe maker
Hooper William, fruit cultivator
Ingham George, notary public and attorney at law
Mahler & Crocker, wholesale fruits
McBride Bernard, liquor saloon
Meyers Henry, hotel
Othick W D, wine manufacturer and distiller
Price John, postmaster and general merchandise
Smith E M, wine manufacturer
Tenscher John, cooper
Weller Elias, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Colorado, Mariposa County, PO address, Mariposa, 7 miles north of Mariposa
Duborg William, general merchandise
Garibaldi G, general merchandise

Columbia, Tuolumne County, PO 4 miles north north west of Sonora

Columbia Hill, Nevada County, PO address, North Columbia, 11 miles north east of Nevada City
Ayers Levi, postmaster, and justice of the peace
Patten James, blacksmith
Pingree J O. hotel
Woodruff A L, general merchandise
Woods Jeremiah, hotel

Columbus House, Tuba County. (See Strawberry Valley)

Colusa, Colusa County, PO and county seat.

Colusa County. Organized 1850.

Compton, Los Angeles County, PO 12 miles south of Los Angeles
Bland A Rev, clergyman
Finley J Mrs, teacher
Fisher Charles S, postmaster
Grand S & Company, general merchandise
Proctor A A, blacksmith
Tarr C W Rev, clergyman
Warren R B, teacher
Wright C B, hotel

Concord, Contra Costa County, PO 6 miles south east of Martinez
Bacon Samuel, postmaster, notary public and justice of the peace
Bacon & Company, general merchandise
Bonte & Bauman, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Bevert W L, liquor saloon
Blecher Chris, shoe maker
Downing Theodore, livery stable
Gebringer A, manager Leal Bluff Warehouse Company
Goodale & Newstadter, general merchandise
Hamelin L A, physician
Hermandez Joaquin, groceries
Klein Philip, hotel
Loring Henry, hotel
Moreno L F, harness and saddlery
Parker Samuel, candies
Perez Francis, liquor saloon
Reif Charles, liquor saloon
Ruies P, barber
Venegas M, groceries and liquors

Confidence, Tuolumne County, PO address, Sonora, 12 miles east of Sonora
Barron William H, general merchandise
Baxter D F, hotel
Davely Theodore, general merchandise
Duvelling L T, general merchandise
Miller James L, hotel
Richards John, engineer
Thomas James, blacksmith

Congress Springs, Santa Clara Co. (See Saratoga)

Contra Costa County. Organized 1850.

Conway's Landing, Mendocino County, PO address, Punta Arenas, 70 miles south west of Ukiah
Hargraves Zip, liquor saloon
McDonald John, liquor saloon
McMillan Angus, general merchandise

Copperopolis, Calaveras County, PO 18 miles south of San Andreas. Here were formerly some very rich copper mines, which for a few years poured forth their wealth in great profusion. At that time Copperopolis exhibited great prosperity, but declined as the interest in copper mining went down. The Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad was projected in the hope that by facilitating transportation copper mining would be revived, but the railroad was only built to Milton, 30 miles from Stockton, and status quo describes the situation.
Baker J M. notary public
Braids Charles, blacksmith
Crawford George O, liquor saloon
Fontania A, groceries, wines and liquors
Ford John L, liquor saloon
Hodges G Z, hotel
Honey Calvin, postmaster and patent medicines
Honey Milton, agent W U Telegraph Co
Kelly Peter, livery stable
Marsan P C, butcher
Marsters E G, gunsmith
Mead G A, lumber dealer
Turner William, wagon maker
Zaiss G B, brewery

Coppervale, Lassen County, PO 15 miles west of Susanville
Goodrich Carlton C, postmaster, hotel, and land agt
Williams M & W, hotel

Cordelia, Solano County, PO. (See Bridgeport)
Ramsey Charles, postmaster

Corrallitos, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Watsonville, 15 miles east of Santa Cruz
Ford & Sanborn, manufacturers of flour and lumber
Porter G K & B F, tanners

Cosumes, Sacramento County, PO. (See Baylor's Ranch)
Tubbs John C, postmaster

Cottage Grove, Klamath County, PO
Elliott William, postmaster

Cottonwood, Merced County, PO address Hill's Ferry, Stanislaus County.
Badt & Lowenburg, general merchandise

Cottonwood, Shasta County, PO 20 miles south east of Shasta
Dreiling Joseph, carpenter
Foster Jacob, postmaster and hotel
Forster John H, agent California & Oregon Railroad
Gilbert L Miss, teacher
Gray T, blacksmith
Jones Mrs, dressmaker
Mertz Valentine, liquor saloon
Nichols E, flour manufacturer
Patterson J N Rev, clergyman
Price William F, general merchandise
Richardson P S Miss, teacher
Rowley L H, blacksmith
Smith J O, physician

Cottonwood, Siskiyou County, PO address Henley, 22 miles north of Yreka
Brady John, hotel
Brown J V, liquor saloon
Eubanks J S, blacksmith
Eubanks Miss, manager W U Telegraph Co
Mickalwaitt William, liquor saloon
Smith & Miller, general merchandise

Cottonwood, Yolo County. (See Cache Creek)

Cottonwood Grove, Los Angeles County, PO address Lyons Station, 40 miles north west of Los Angeles
Moore Charles, hotel and feed stable

Coulterville, Mariposa County, PO 25 miles north west of Mariposa
Austin H G, physician
Bruschi Francis Company, general merchandise
Canova G, general merchandise
Cassaccio Andrew, liquor saloon
Capurro Francisco, boot maker
Cody Nelson T, druggist, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Debolt John, restaurant
Hobron G W, lumber manufacturer
Jones Ralph, watchmaker and jeweler,
Longhurst Peter, liquor saloon
Mentzer John, livery stable
Pendola G, general merchandise
Rihn J C, butcher
Shimer James, blacksmith
Sinning Adolph, cabinetmaker
Smith J AV, liquor saloon
Tiscornia Antonio, general merchandise
Wagner Daniel, proprietor City Hotel and Wagner House

Courtland, Sacramento County, PO, 19 miles north east of Sacramento
Bump Nathan, blacksmith
Kahn Paul, general merchandise, tule covers manufactory, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Morse Stephen, blacksmith
Sims James V, Postmaster

Covelo, Mendocino County, PO 60 miles north of Ukiah
Aldrich E W, physician
Bateman J D, physician
Bransford W L, drugs, stationery, and varieties
Burchard J L Rev, clergyman
Coshard O, harness and saddlery
Cunningham J P, hotel
Day & Scott, livery stable
Dunlap L, painter
Eberle C H, butcher
Ellis J & Company, general merchandise, and agents Wells Fargo & Co
Fairbanks H J, general merchandise
Hastings Thomas, liquor saloon
Hornbrook Sanders, postmaster
Montague & Henry, liquor saloon
Murphy A J, barber
Potts G H, physician
Prezing G J, shoemaker
Scott E W, livery stable
Williams S G, blacksmith

Coyote Station, Santa Clara County, PO address, Burnett, 15 miles of San Jose
Perry Jane Mrs, proprietress Fifteen Mile House

Coyoteville, Amador County, PO address, Fiddletown, 25 miles north east of Jackson
Taylor James, general merchandise

Cox's Bar, Trinity County. (See Big Bar)

Crescent City, Del Norte County, PO, an incorporated city and County seat

Crescent Mills, Plumas County, PO 16 miles north of Quincy
Haugh R H, liquor saloon
Bransford M B, postmaster
Carter J S, physician
Carter & Doyle, hotel and general merchandise
Cressey, Merced Co. (See Livingston)

Crimea House, Tuolumne County, PO address Chinese Camp, 15 miles south of Sonora
Stockel J B Mrs, hotel

Cross Creek, Tulare County, PO 15 miles south west of Visalia
Jacobs, Simon & Company, general merchandise
Robinson Charles H, postmaster

Crow's Landing, Stanislaus County, PO 15 miles south west of Modesto
Armstrong J L, general merchandise
Boggs George, commission and warehouse
Byers John Q, carpenter
Crow J B, stock dealer
Crow J P, commission and grain warehouse
George & Webber, blacksmiths
Tucker John F, postmaster

Cucamonga, San Bernardino County, 22 miles west of San Bernardino
Cucamonga Vineyard Company, wine and brandy manufactures
Garcia T S, wool grower
Medau Bertrand, bakery
Riche F Louis, postmaster and general merchandise

Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino County, PO 55 miles west of Ukiah
Conway John, postmaster
Lynch & Kinney, liquor saloon
McDonald A, blacksmith
McManus S Mrs, hotel
Welle & Conway, general merchandise

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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