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  Fair Play, El Dorado County to Fulton, Sonoma County California

Fair Play, El Dorado County, PO 18 miles south east of Placerville
Carr J G, postmaster and general merchandise
McKee George, hotel and liquor saloon
Ohrden Millen, blacksmith
Ubaldine William, butcher

Fairfield, Solano County, PO address Suisun, county seat of Solano County, on the California Pacific Railroad, 20 miles north west of Vallejo
Anderson John, painter
Curry James, shoemaker
Dodge Edward E Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Donaldson J W, agricultural implements
Ferguson E F, hotel
Ferguson E F Jr, beer and soda water
Giddings M H, proprietor Brooklyn Hotel
Goodwin Benjamin H, blacksmith
Gregory John M Jr, county judge and attorney at law
Griffiths E A & Company, general merchandise
Hall George, grain
Kagee & Bock, liquor saloon
Lamont George A, attorney at law
McKenna Joseph, attorney at law
Miller HA, agent C P K R and telegraph operator
Philes John, painter
Wells & Coghlan, attorneys at law
White, A L, undertaker
Yost E K, livery and feed stable

Fairview, Butte County, PO address, Chico, 28 miles north west of Oroville
Clark L, hotel

Fall Creek, Nevada County, PO address. Emigrant Gap, Placer County, 29 miles east of Nevada City
Culbertson James, lumber manufacture

Fall River Mills, Shasta County, PO 70 miles north east of Shasta
Curtis Benjamin W, postmaster
Eiler D, hotel
Eiler & Brothers, general merchandise
Emmett W J, blacksmith
Hines W H, blacksmith
Roehen F, liquor saloon
Winter W H, lumber and flour manufacturer

False Cape, Humboldt County, PO 25 miles south of Eureka
Hickman E M, cooper
Potter ____, livery stable
Sweet Alonzo, postmaster, hotel, livery stable and general merchandise

Farmersville, Tulare County, PO 7 miles south east of Visalia
Balaam E S, hotel
Brundage Thomas J, postmaster and general merchandise
Darling O, flour manufacturer
Pickette L L, physician
Pinnel Peter, blacksmith and wagon maker
Powell J S, liquor saloon
Woodson M C, physician

Farmington, San Joaquin County, PO 16 miles east of Stockton
Descalso J P, wheelwright
Dyke D, postmaster
Gardner & Beardsley, butchers
McCulloch J W, blacksmith
Patten R S, hotel, blacksmith and J P
Smith & Cotter, liquor saloon
Stieger S, general merchandise
Vanvlear K S, harness and saddlery
West & Dyke, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Witham Otis, blacksmith

Felton, Santa Cruz County, PO 7 miles north east of Santa Cruz
Ashley Otis, lumber manufacturer
Bennet E, lime manufacturer
Bull Thomas, lime manufacturer
Chace & Company, butchers
Cottle Nettie Miss, teacher
Cunningham & Kent, merchandise
Dunstone Thomas, fuse manufacturer
Excelsior Lime Works, lime manufacturers
Eraser A, blacksmith
Hagar J E, liquor saloon
Hicks A S & Brother, lumber manufacturers
Hicks N B, blacksmith
Hubbard Thomas B, liquor saloon
Madison Peter, hotel
McKoy H W, postmaster
McKoy & Hubbard, general merchandise

Ferguson's Cove, Mendocino County, PO address, Gualala, 66 miles south west of Ukiah
Sanders ____, lumber manufacturer and shipping

Ferndale, Humboldt County, PO 20 miles south of Eureka
Alford A, physician
Allen H W, hotel
Berding A, general merchandise
Brien G, tinsmith
Brown Brothers, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Burgher C H, tinsmith
Cheeney E Mrs, milliner
Dodge Edward J, postmaster
Dodge Russ & Company, general merchandise
Dorrethy R, coach maker
Dungan R M, painter
Gillham Charles, cooper
Grinsell W P, blacksmith
Jarrett Thomas, hotel
Kemp John, butcher
McConnell J T, druggist
Payne B, physician
Roberts D R, livery stable

Fiddletown, Amador County, PO 18 miles north of Jackson
Coolidge S, druggist
Coblentz S & Company, general merchandise
Davis J, liquor saloon
Erauw Peter, clothing, boots and shoos
Gombert A, liquor saloon and groceries
Gray John, dentist
Head J H, general merchandise
Kirkup V S, liquor saloon and billiards
Loomis Samuel, proprietor Flag Hotel
McClary J, blacksmith and wagon maker
Nichols George, butcher
Pidgeon F, blacksmith
Purinton C A, proprietor Fiddletown ditch
Schallhorn C, blacksmith and wagon maker
Seessle George, watch maker
Sloat E A, shoe maker
Votaw Margaret Mrs, proprietress United States Hotel
Wight K B, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and varieties
Wollsen Henry, brewery

Finn's Ranch, Amador County, PO address, Fiddletown, 16 miles north west of Jackson
Finn Stephen, hotel

Fir Cap, Sierra County, PO. (See Eureka North)
Julian Thomas J, postmaster

Firebaugh, Fresno County, PO
Hoffman George L, general merchandise, postmaster, and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
San Joaquin and Kings River Canal and Irrigation Company

Fish Ranch, Contra Costa County, PO address, Lafayette. A stage, station, and fishing ground between Walnut Creek and Oakland
Winslow ____, hotel

Fish Rock, Mendocino County, PO address, Gualala, 66 miles south west of Ukiah
Ferguson W S, general merchandise and shipping

Fish Springs, Inyo County, PO 18 miles north of Independence
Bonds James G, postmaster
Bonds & Crough, general merchandise and hotel
Murray J W, general merchandise
Wright H C, station and saloon

Fisherman's Bay, Sonoma County, PO 50 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Bihler & Dingley, lumber manufacturers
Fisk, Bros & Company general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Fisk J C, postmaster
Knipp & Stingle, butchers
Piatt's Mill Company, lumber manufacturers

Fisher's Ridge, San Joaquin County, (See Belota)

Fisk's Mills, Sonoma County, PO 44 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Black M E, harness and saddlery
Foster Howard, hotel
Helmke Frederick, postmaster, general merchandise, lumber, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Luttringer Joseph, hotel and liquor saloon
Strode M A Mrs, teacher
Varney Otis, physician

Five Mile House, Santa Clara County, PO address, San Jose, 5 miles south west from San Jose
Kelly J, blacksmith
Smith Thomas, proprietor Five Mile House

Flea Valley, Butte County, PO address, Yankee Hill, 16 miles north of Oroville
Sugar Pine Flume and Lumber Company, lumber manufactures

Florin, Sacramento County, PO 11 miles south east of Sacramento
Duden G E, blacksmith, (Stockton Road)
Page S P, hotel, (Stockton Road)
Simons E W, blacksmith
Yellot S H, postmaster

Flume House, Calaveras County, P O address, Mokelumne Hill, 8 miles north west of San Andreas
Pillon A, liquor saloon and wine grower

Folsom, Sacramento County

Forbestown, Butte County, PO 22 miles east of Oroville
Bosworth H F, physician
Cartland William, hotel
Deuel Joseph, tinsmith and justice of the peace
Gaskill D W C, postmaster and general merchandise
Gildmacher M & Company, general merchandise
Hamilton H J, blacksmith
Kingdon William, boot and shoe maker
Livisy John, carpenter
Norman L F, teacher
Plum N D, druggist and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Strauss Charles, butcher
Vail J W, gunsmith
Wilson H, painter

Forest City, Sierra County, PO 7 miles south of Downieville, is reached by stage from the Central Pacific Railroad, at Colfax, via Nevada, North San Juan and Camptonville.

In the flush times of placer mining, Forest City was one of the richest and most prominent towns, some of the claims, as the Live Yankee, producing fully a million dollars each to their owners, but the capital extracted, as usual, in mining camps, sought the valleys, the cities, or the East for investment, and every interest in the mountains was left to decay. By great toil and privation further developments were made, and recently capital has been attracted to the deep gravel ridges, the most prolific, and under good management the surest sources of wealth in the world. The late opening of the Bald Mountain claim, in the Forest City district, has greatly revived business, and the lively times of former days may be expected to return. This mine was opened by a party of working miners, at a cost of about $20,000, and several years toil, and in the year 1874 produced $328,000, of which about half was disbursed in dividends. The pay stratum is three feet in thickness of blue gravel on the bedrock, containing about $25 per cubic yard, the superincumbent mass of over four hundred feet in depth being composed of strata of gravel, pipe clay, volcanic lava, and alluvium, the pay stratum only being drifted out. From the amount worked and explorations made, the amount remaining in the claim is calculated at $7,000,000. About 100 men are employed in and about the mine. Other mines are also worked.
Diedell F H, liquor saloon
Ellery Henry, hotel
Grant P, dry goods
Haskins William, carpenter
Heintzen Charles, banker, grocer, and agent
Wells, Fargo & Company
Loveland George B, livery stable
Low M, cigars, tobacco and notions
Miller A U, dry goods
Phillips John, blacksmith
Powell &. Bradbury, butchers
Riley William E, liquor saloon
West it Knowles, liquor saloon
Weston R S, postmaster, druggist and J P

Forest Hill, Placer County, PO 22 miles north east of Auburn
Albrecht Charles, general merchandise and tinsmith
Andres Joseph, brewery
Beck Philip, liquor saloon
Benfeldt Henry, restaurant
Blumenthal L, dry goods and clothing
Campbell Thomas, lumber manufacturer
Cowden Ambrose H, banker, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and druggist
Dilts & Huffner, blacksmiths
Garrison J G, general merchandise
Hunt Z E, teacher
Hyland Dennis, hotel
Jacobs J M, photographer
Kelly R T, jeweler and justice of the peace
Larkin George Rev, clergyman
Lockhart Jefferson, livery stable and liquor saloon
Marks k Corcoran, carpenters
Miller Henry, carpenter
Morehead & Rains, butchers
Mouron Julius, physician
Murrels W N, barber
Romler L, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
Schwalenburg Julius, boot maker
Scott J C, cigars and tobacco
Seavey I F, teacher
Smith J F, dentist
Smith W C, wagon maker
Stetson J, carpenter
Viot August, liquor saloon
Wasson Charles, hotel

Forest Home, Amador County, PO 18 miles north west of Jackson
Cosumnes Copper Mining Company, smelters and refiners
Fisher Byward, wine manufacturer
Gilbert J W, hotel and flour manufacturer
Lamb Albert L, postmaster
True A B, general merchandise
Wentzel Frederick, blacksmith

Forest Springs, Nevada County, PO address, Grass Valley
Little George, liquor saloon
Wallace John, dry goods

Forestville, Sonoma County, PO 12 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Bump H J. general merchandise
Hamlet John, chair manufacturer
Kennedy H C, liquor saloon
Oliver & Lytle, blacksmiths
Phinney R, lumber manufacturer
Selling John, postmaster

Forks of Salmon, Klamath County, PO 24 miles east of Orleans Bar
Bennett William P, hotel
Bennett & Miller, general merchandise
Boyd William R, postmaster
Morrison John A, blacksmith
Shumway Brothers, lumber dealers

Fort Bar, Klamath County, PO address. Forks of Salmon, 20 miles north east of Orleans Bar
Boyd W R, physician

Fort Bidwell, Modoc County, PO 38 miles north east of Dorris Bridge
Adams John P, liquor saloon
Ayres Irvin J, postmaster, general merchandise and hotel
Borrett William, blacksmith
Conlan Hugh, blacksmith
Ewing L Rev, clergyman
Fee James, butcher
Jopp & Whittemore, lumber dealers
Kensel William, liquor saloon
Orr S L, physician
Saunders J M, blacksmith
Sporgue H L, attorney at law
Stine & Jefferson, carpenters
Toningson N, butcher

Fort Gaston, Klamath County. (See Hoopa Valley)

Fort Gough, Siskiyou County. (See Seiad Valley)

Fort Independence, Inyo County. (See Camp Independence)

Fort Jones, Siskiyou County, PO 18 miles south west of Yreka
Bar Aaron, general merchandise
Bills Jacob, liquor saloon
Carlock Adam, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Carlock H M, news agent
Christie E A Mrs, millinery and dry goods
Cooley C E, shoe maker
Diggles Henry J, general merchandise
Downey J H, shoe maker
Eley William, gunsmith
Goodnoe A J Mrs, millinery and dry goods
Green R S, attorney at law
Horn David, livery stable
Hughes A M Mrs, hotel
Humphrey Richard, mail and express carrier
Luttrell Brothers, butchers
Marsters S S, physician
Mitchell J W, harness and saddlery
Newton Joel, physician
Owens Alexander, postmaster, general merchandise, and agent W U Telegraph Company
Pool J J, carpenter
Reichman E, flour manufacture, blacksmith and wheelwright
Reynolds J A, attorney at law
Sterling E Mrs, hotel
Wilkinson William R, stoves and tinware
Woods John W, liquor saloon and restaurant
Wortser John B, liquor saloon

Fort Miller, Fresno County, PO. (See Millerton)
Hart Charles A, postmaster

Fort Ross, Sonoma County, PO address, Timber Cove, 4-5 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Dixon James, lumber and shingle manufacturer

Fort Tejon, Kern County, PO address, Bakersfield, 50 miles south east of Bakersfield
Ewing J N, agent W U Telegraph Company

Fort Yuma, San Diego County, PO address, Yuma, Arizona Territory, 195 miles east of San Diego, in the extreme southeastern corner of the State. The fort, or a camp of soldiers, was established here in 1849, while the country on the opposite side of the river was Mexican Territory. The post is on the right bank of the Colorado, 180 miles from its mouth, directly opposite the mouth of the Gila, and on the great thoroughfare overland bi' the southern route and from the northern States of Mexico. The river is crossed by ferry, and the travel is large. From its position the fort is an important one, though generally occupied by only a few soldiers. Yuma, formerly Arizona City, is on the opposite bank of the river and is a large and growing town. This section, distinguished for having the warmest climate of the United States, is subject to very slight rains, which fall in July and August, but nevertheless is remarkably healthy. The surrounding country is a sandy desert, though when subject to overflow is exceedingly fertile.
Jaeger L J F, general merchandise

Fosters, Solano County, PO address, Davisville, Yolo Co
Foster George, warehouse

Foster's Bar, Yuba County, PO address, Camptonville, 35 miles north east of Marysville
Long Samuel, hotel

Foster's Ranch, Shasta County. (See Cottonwood)

Fountain House, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House, 23 miles north east of Marysville
Young I K, hotel

Fountain Springs, Tulare County, PO 30 miles south east of Visalia
Davis Moses, postmaster
Fraters Isaac, hotel

Fourth Crossing, Calaveras County, PO 5 miles south of San Andreas
Reddick William, postmaster and hotel
Wells J H, teacher

Foxens, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Santa Maria, 60 miles north west of Santa Barbara
Wickenden Frederick, general merchandise

Franklin, Sacramento County, PO 14 miles south of Sacramento City
Beckley Pyram C K, postmaster and general merchandise
Dye Troy, butcher
Flower William G. blacksmith
George M E Mrs, hotel
Hodge D C, shoe maker
Kork J C & Company, general merchandise
Moore J W, wagon maker
Redfern J, blacksmith
Vincet Freeman, wagon maker

Freeport, Sacramento County, PO 8 miles south of Sacramento
Greer A, shoe maker
Lee & Kirkland, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Webber Daniel G, postmaster and general merchandise

Freestone, Sonoma County, PO 13 miles south west of Santa Rosa
Blume Frederick S, postmaster
Fuller C E, lumber manufacturer
Kiernan Mary Mrs, general merchandise
Meeker Brothers, wagon makers
Meeker Brothers & Fuller, lumber manufacture
Morris J C, hotel
Zillhard W W, blacksmith

French Camp, San Joaquin County, P O address, Stockton, 5½ miles south of Stockton
Belden William J, postmaster
Pier R D, butcher
Samson G W, hotel
Sperry & McCleary, blacksmiths
Umlauff Mrs, liquor saloon

French Corral, Nevada County, PO 18 miles north west of Nevada City
Bell V G, agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Darnoal & Davis, general merchandise (Empire Flat)
Eddy Stanley, liquor saloon
Kuhlman John, hotel
Mouchugue Jane Mrs, bakery (Empire Flat)
Williams Mary H Mrs, postmistress

French Creek, Butte County, PO address, Brush Creek, 27 miles north east of Oroville
Borel Florentine, general merchandise

French Flat, Siskiyou County, PO address, Yreka, 35 miles west of Yreka
Witzel F, general merchandise

French Gulch, Shasta County, PO 15 miles north west of Shasta
Frank E & Brother, general merchandise
Mosher F, hotel and general merchandise
Plumb Thompson, postmaster and general merchandise
Watson & Brown, butchers
Whitney W A, blacksmith

Frenchtown, Butte County, PO address, Yankee Hill, 19 miles north of Oroville
Miller & Bro, butchers

Frenchtown, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House, 24 miles north east of Marysville
Navasseur Paul, general merchandise

Freshwater, Colusa County, PO 18 miles west of Colusa
Abill John, carpenter
Bapp Charles, blacksmith
Canterbery Lawrence, wagon maker
Canterbery Dr ____, physician
Durham J H, postmaster and justice of the peace
Goodman H, liquor saloon
Green G W. liquor saloon
Lambath William, blacksmith
Manar A, general merchandise
Stovall J, general merchandise
Watson John, carpenter
Wiley James, blacksmith
Wiley Richard, wagon maker and carpenter

Fresno City, Fresno County

Fresno County

Fresno Flats, Fresno County, PO
Allen T J, postmaster and general merchandise
Burford R T, attorney at law
DeLong & Dodds, general merchandise
Hoskins William, blacksmith
Marshall T E & Company, general merchandise
Thurman & Dickinson, lumber manufacturers

Frontier House, Sonoma County, PO address, Petaluma, 15 miles south of Santa Rosa
Gossage Z, liquor saloon

Fruit Vale, Alameda County, PO address, Brooklyn, 2½ miles east of Oakland
Rhoda F, fruit grower
Webster J V, fruit grower

Fulton, Sonoma County, PO address, 6 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Brown William B, blacksmith
Butler Thomas, general merchandise
Butts David C, carpenter and joiner
Cook Herbert, carpenter and joiner
Faught Willis, agent San Francisco and North Pacific R R Co
Foster & Woodley, butchers
Fulton Thomas, blacksmith
Griffin George W, forwarding
Hoffer Charles, trader
Howe E A, hotel
Martin Edward, Jr, civil engineer and assayer
Pauli Brothers, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Stevens J W. postmaster and liquor saloon
Williams Wilburn, physician

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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