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Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County to Hydesville, Humboldt County California

Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, PO 20 miles west of Redwood City
Almeda Philip, groceries and fruit
Amos J P, attorney at law
Bennett J C, carpenter
Boitano J, general merchandise
Borden & Hatch, lumber dealers
Campbell Robert, butcher
Cereghino & Debendetti, general merchandise
Curry William C Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Danglada E, billiard saloon
Davids & Hatch, blacksmiths
Denny J, blacksmith
Dolloff J R, wheelright
Fleming John, liquor saloon
Fleming & Cooper, general merchandise and express
Freitas Joseph B, barber
Garcia Sylvester, liquor saloon
Gaulino & Company, butchers
Griffith William H, shoemaker
Hatch James, miller

Jack Adam, barber
Johnson J, wagon maker
Johnston Thomas, grocer
Kelly C E, attorney at law
Knapp & Yates, blacksmiths
Lea H E, justice of the peace and tinsmith
Levy Brothers, general merchandise, agents Wells, Fargo & Company and W U Telegraph Co
Martinez Francisco, fruits
McCarthy Callaghan, blacksmith
Nichols William, mason
Pitcher Henry S, postmaster, stage, and newspaper agent
Pringle William, saddle and harness maker
Quinlan P P, blacksmith and wagon maker
Rosenblum & Company, general merchandise
Schubert Edward, brewer
Schuyler James, hotel
Sogueira J J, shoe maker
Simmons W A, carpenter and lumber dealer
Stanels Charles H, liquor saloon
Valentine John Rev, clergyman (RC)
Vedal Stephen, baker

Walker & Company, druggists
Whitehead J, liquor saloon
Wilson & Lewis, livery stable
Woods ____, blacksmith

Half-way House, El Dorado County, PO address. Slippery Ford, 33 miles north east of Placerville
Yarnold Richard, hotel

Half-way House, Monterey County, PO address, Salinas, 12 miles west of Salinas
Leary William, hotel

Half-way House, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Watsonville, 20 miles north of Santa Cruz
Post David, hotel
Steigleman Jacob, hotel and liquor saloon

Halfway House, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House, 23 miles north east of Marysville
Lowara A, hotel

Hansonville, Yuba County, PO 28, miles north east of Marysville
Baird James, boot and shoe maker
Hanson James H, postmaster and fruit dealer

Happy Camp, Del Norte County, PO 90 miles north east of Crescent City
Camp James, postmaster and physician
Camp & Company, general merchandise
Clark Joseph, carpenter
Cooper L F, attorney at law
Cuddily Martin, hotel
Doolittle A, butcher
Ferguson M A, carpenter
Gasquet Horace, general merchandise
Lewis J A, liquor saloon
Nelson John, blacksmith
Wood John, blacksmith

Happy Valley, Calaveras County, PO address, Mokelumne Hill, 11 miles north of San Andreas
Baudin L, liquor saloon and wine grower

Harbin's Springs, Lake County, PO address, Middletown, 38 miles south east of Lakeport
Williams Richard, hotel
Williams & Woolley, stage proprietors

Harden's Mills, Tuolumne County, PO address, Groveland, 40 miles south east of Sonora
Harden John, hotel

Harrisburg, Alameda County, PO, 30 miles south east of Oakland, on the San Jose branch of the Central Pacific R R. In the vicinity are the warm springs and landing
Chadbourne Joshua, grain warehouse
Millard T W, notary public and wine grower
Peacock George W, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, hotel and general merchandise
Rider, Somers & Company, landing and warehousing
Stanford Josiah, wine grower

Havilah, Kern County, PO 45 miles north east of Bakersfield, and until recently the county seat, is on Clear Creek, a small stream entering Kern River from the south, and is the center of quite an extensive mining district, Communication is had by daily stage with the railroad at Tipton, Tulare City, near Visalia, and Bakersfield.

Since the removal of the county seat mining is the only resource, and in this its prospects are of the finest character. Being in a deep canon in the mountains, the difficulty of access, and its position, far in the interior, have been great obstacles to its advancement, but this is in a great measure overcome by the construction of the San Joaquin Valley Railroad, and the mines of Havilah are coming into notice.

Some very valuable quartz veins are known to exist, among which are the "Bright Star," owned by H. Bahten & Bros., the "Bella Union," owned by Hamel & Denker, and the "New World," owned by K. Henry and others, which have been worked with good results.
Bachman H, physician
Brady & Bro, blacksmiths
Brown L, physician
Cohn Elias, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & County, and general merchandise
Corlet John, liquor saloon
Ehrich F, brewery
Freeman J W, attorney at law and notary public
Hamel & Denker, livery stable
Helmes Max, hotel
Hauser George, butcher
Macking F, wagon maker
Murphy J J, general merchandise
Wattiez L, hotel

Hawkeye, Calaveras County, PO address, Angel's Camp, 9 miles south of San Andreas
Maloney T, hotel

Hawkinsville, Siskiyou County, PO address, Yreka, 2 miles north of Yreka
Mitchell & Brown, blacksmiths
Riley Frank, general merchandise
Stewart S J, liquor saloon

Hay Fork, Trinity County, PO 28 miles south west of Weaverville
Baylis Adam D, postmaster and general merchandise
Carter John W, hotel and blacksmith
Ewing M Miss, teacher
George B M, attorney at law
Goss A B, physician
Kellogg L J, hotel
Large Benjamin F, blacksmith
Malone W T, teacher

Hayden, Lassen County, PO 56 miles north of Susanville
Ament Albert, postmaster

Haywee Meadows, Inyo County, PO address, Olancha, 60 miles south of Independence
Bellows & Badger, hotel

Haywood (or Hayward's), Alameda County

Hazel Green, Mariposa County, PO address, Coulterville, 40 miles north of Mariposa
Halstead James, hotel

Healdsburg, Sonoma County

Henley, Siskiyou County, PO. (See Cottonwood)
Eubanks John S, postmaster

Henleyville, Tehama County, PO 20 miles south west of Red Bluff
Alexander Charles G. postmaster and general merchandise
Norton P C, blacksmith
Proctor J H, liquor saloon

Hermitage, Mendocino County, PO 24 miles south west of Ukiah
Gould T J, blacksmith
Knowles Stephen W, postmaster
Livingston ____, physician
McDonald, A C, hotel

Hicksville, Sacramento County, PO 20 miles south east of Sacramento
Empie J H, blacksmith
Frothingham George, physician
Johnson S D, postmaster and hotel
Overton J M Rev, clergyman
Packard C O, liquor saloon

Highland Springs, Lake County, PO, 7 miles __ of Lakeport
Shartzer Hiram, postmaster
Shartzer and McCray, hotel and springs proprietors

Hill Top, Sacramento County, PO address, Michigan Bar
Walker F G, hotel

Hill's Ferry, Stanislaus County, PO 22 miles west of Modesto
Barnes A J, liquor saloon
Berry J L, physician and druggist
Blackwell & Harris, livery stable
Faux, C C, boot maker
Gambling John C, postmaster
Gardner P F, liquor saloon
Harris William, hotel
Kahn Charles, general merchandise
Manning Patrick, liquor saloon
Murphy M, wagon maker
Newman Simon, general merchandise, grain warehouse, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Newsom J M, groceries
Oglesby W W, physician
Scott ____, physician
Sorenson k Peterson, liquor saloon and restaurant
Sweeney P, barber
Tallish & Harris, lumber dealers
Waldie John, blacksmith
Widdman & Voight, butchers and hotel
Wilson & Rech, liquor saloon
Worthy William, livery stable

Hite's Cove, Mariposa County, PO Mariposa, 22 miles north east of Mariposa
Grove W G, hotel
Hite J R & Company, general merchandise

Hoboken Flat, (New River) Trinity County, PO address. Burnt Ranch, 50 miles north west of Weaverville
Patterson Moses, general merchandise

Hollister, San Benito County

Honcut, Yuba County, PO 16 miles north of Marysville
Gazley Henry M, postmaster and general merchandise
Maxwell John, blacksmith

Hooktown, Humboldt County, PO address, Table Bluff, 12 miles south west of Eureka
Holt J H, general merchandise

Hoopa Valley, Klamath County, PO 30 miles south of Orleans Bar
Brizard A & Company, general merchandise
Stokes Joshua P, postmaster

Hooperville, Siskiyou County, PO address. Fort Jones, 17 miles west of Yreka
Wicks S, general merchandise

Hopeton, Merced County, PO 18 miles north of Merced
Beckwith H, blacksmith
Eagleson Thomas, hotel
Grade W A, general merchandise
Griffith J, physician
Hamilton W H, wagon maker
Hedgepath Joel Rev, clergyman
Hunt H H, postmaster
Poncabere Y, general merchandise
Summers G M, physician
Tiberghien M, blacksmith

Hornitos, Mariposa County, PO 20 miles west of Mariposa
Adams William, blacksmith
Almeras F, blacksmith
Arthur R, blacksmith
Barcroft R W, liquor saloon
Bates John S, postmaster
Bates S C, insurance agent
Campodonico A, general merchandise
Cavagnaro C, general merchandise
Curalet F, blacksmith
Gagliardo & Company, general merchandise
Kocher A Mrs, fancy goods
Lessman Henry, brewery
McDougall D, hotel
McElroy A, attorney at law
Merck Charles, bakery and liquor saloon
Olcese A, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Reel George, butcher
Rosenthal D, dry goods and groceries
Semorilo G B, general merchandise
Trescott E H, physician
Turner G, carpenter
Turner W T, livery stable
Webber John, shoe maker

Horrs Ranch, Stanislaus County, PO 18 miles south east of Modesto
Roberts G W, blacksmith
Roberts John, W, postmaster and hotel

Horse Shoe Bar, Placer County, PO address, Michigan Bluff, 28 miles north east of Auburn
Barrett Edward, general merchandise

Horsetown, Shasta County, PO 8 miles south of Shasta
Close Robert, blacksmith and wagon maker
Dwyer Edward, fruits and vegetables
Farnum L, blacksmith
Gleason John, hotel
Goodall William, carpenter and cabinet maker
Gutmann A, physician
Loiter Alexander, postmaster
Shean C, liquor saloon
Simpson & Leiter, general merchandise
Wendell Elijah, fruits and vegetables

Hot Sigler Springs, Lake County, PO address. Lower Lake, 23 miles south east of Lakeport
Green Charles O, hotel

Hot Spring Valley, Kern County, PO address, Kernville, 53 miles north of Bakersfield
Cover J W, hotel

Hot Springs, Modoc County. (See Centerville)
Cover J W, hotel

Hot Springs, Mono County, PO address, Benton, 40 miles south east of Bridgeport
Morrison R J, general merchandise

Hot Springs, Nevada County, PO address, Tahoe City
Richardson A C, hotel

Howland Flat, Sierra County, PO address, Table Rock, 18 miles north of Downieville
Barney M T, carpenter
Barrett J S, shoe maker
Becker F, brewery
Briggs A, blacksmith
Brindle H J, liquor saloon
Brown W A, boot and shoe maker
Caskes James, hotel
Chittenden H H, general merchandise
Donaker J, shoe maker
Grass L, blacksmith
Gray A R, livery stable
Hitsman M, butcher
Hughes William, hotel
Marchini G, general merchandise
McFarland T A, general merchandise, and agent
Wells, Fargo & Company
Small J, general merchandise
Stout H C, hardware
Vandament E P, carpenter
White H & Company, liquor saloon

Hudson House, Nevada County, PO address, Anthony House, 11 miles west of Nevada City
Gaby David, hotel

Hueneme, Ventura County, PO 12 miles east south east of San Buenaventura. Point Hueneme, or Conversion, on the northeast, with the island of Anacapa on the southwest, form the southeastern entrance to Santa Barbara channel. At the Point is a singularly located and formed harbor, a deep submarine valley being close to the shore, while the landing is exposed to the winds and waves of the Pacific, which fortunately are ever gentle. Being an important landing and shipping point for the produce of the Santa Clara River Valley, the United States Government has established a lighthouse here, whose latitude is 34 deg. 08 min. north, and longitude 119 deg. 09 min. west. A substantial wharf, extending 1,200 feet into the open ocean, has been constructed, at which steamers and sailing vessels land in safety. The productive soil contributory to Hueneme extends for twenty miles along the shore, and much further into the Interior. Excellent water is obtained by artesian wells, one of which, within 100 yards of the sea, raises a column of water through a seven-inch pipe to the height of eighty feet.
Bacon C W, carpenter
Bard T R, real estate agent
Biggs William & Company, butchers
Buker Alpha, harness and saddlery
Bullfinch J D, liquor and billiard saloon
Cerf Leon, general merchandise
Champlin Henry, blacksmith
Clark James H, postmaster and general merchandise
Covett E, druggist
Flint & Gilbert, general merchandise
Glenn Joseph, blacksmith
Hammond Seth, livery stable and express
Hawkins William H, express
Judkins Rosa, Mrs, restaurant
Lillie James, liquor and billiard saloon
McCoy D D, hotel and wagon maker
Methvin M R & Company, liquor and billiard saloon
Perkins T E, general merchandise
Rodgers J W, liquor and billiard saloon
Rust W E, physician
Salisburg A J & Company, lumber and lime dealers
Tannatt Thomas, attorney at law
Taylor J L, furniture

Humboldt County, organized in 1853

Humbug, Nevada County. (See North Bloomfield)

Humbug, Siskiyou County, PO address, Yreka, 14 miles north of Yreka
McCann Thos. O, general merchandise

Hunerfirth's, Nevada County, PO address, Nevada City, 9 miles north east of Nevada City
Robinson John, hotel

Hunsaker, Tulare County, PO 15 miles south east of Visalia
Hunsaker Henry, trader
Lyhkt Emanuel, carpenter
Shuey Samuel D, postmaster
Stone Fred, dairyman

Hydesville, Humboldt County, PO 25 miles south east of Eureka
Burnell Joel Rev, attorney at law and clergyman
Campton T Jeff, harness and saddlery
Casterlin J B, teacher
Gilligan Lloyd, liquor saloon
Grey George H, butcher
McBeth ____, physician
Newman J H, blacksmith
Porter Robert, general merchandise
Smith Elias O, postmaster, confectioner and shoe maker
Spencer M, general merchandise
Stewart J Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Sweasey T W, hotel and livery stable

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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