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 Kanaka Ravine, Sierra County to Knoxville, Napa County County California

Kanaka Ravine, Sierra County, PO address, Downieville, 8 miles east of Downieville
Beaver Frank, liquor saloon

Kanawha, Colusa County, PO 34 miles north west of Colusa
Anderson John, postmaster and attorney at law
Anderson Henry, blacksmith
Beasley J L, hotel
Beasley Lewis, liquor saloon
Bishop S M, general merchandise
Krauso Henry, physician

Kanawha Ranch, Kern County, PO address, Bakersfield, 40 miles south east of Bakersfield
Rose William B, station agent

Kellogg, Sonoma County, PO 16 miles north east of Santa Rosa, and 6 miles northwest of Calistoga. Knight's Valley, one of the most lovely and fertile sections of California, lies along the western base of Mount St. Helena, and has a length of about three miles, by one in breadth, with bordering hills, gently sloping and rounded, that add greatly to its area. On its eastern verge is the new town of Kellogg, occupying a pleasant site, and in a position to command a large trade. The Napa Valley Railroad is but six miles distant, at Calistoga, and is reached by a good road over a low line of hills that separate the two valleys.

Other roads center at the place, from Santa Rosa westward, the Geysers and Healdsburg on the north, and to the quicksilver mines of Sonoma and Lake Counties in the neighboring mountains. A beautiful and never failing stream of pure cold water flows from St. Helena, giving an abundance of the precious element for domestic use or irrigation, and offering great power for manufacturing purposes.
Foss Clark, proprietor Geysers stage line
Kerr Frank, blacksmith
Knight's Valley Land and Contract Company, farming, mining and contracting
Lewis John M, liquor saloon
Litten J U, telegraph operator
Litten W P, manager Alhambra Hotel
Piper George C, livery stable
Sensibaugh George, blacksmith
Van Namee Charles T, postmaster

Kelly Creek, El Dorado County, PO address, Green Valley, 10 miles west of Placerville
Heriott William, general merchandise

Kelsey, El Dorado County, PO 7 miles north of Placerville
Allen Thomas, liquor saloon
Knosel Louis, blacksmith
Seisnop August, postmaster and liquor saloon

Kelseyville, Lake County, PO address, Uncle Sam, 8 miles south east of Lakeport
Akers A, chair maker
Arrington & Mendenhall, planing mill
Boggs H C, lumber manufacturer
Boone J T, physician
Burtnett Peter, flour manufacturer
Charmak H, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Dodson W B H, physician and druggist
Jacobus J F, wagon maker
Kelting J A, liquor saloon
Nobles S K, blacksmith
Ormiston T, carpenter
Smith Josiah, general merchandise
Thompson K L, liquor saloon
Towle T F, hotel
Woods J L Rev, clergyman

Kennebec Hill, Nevada County, PO address, North Columbia
Pridgen R & Company, lumber manufacturers

Kennedy Flat, Amador County, PO address, Jackson, 1 mile north west of Jackson
Welch E Mrs, general merchandise

Kentucky House, Calaveras County, PO address, San Andreas, 3 miles south of San Andreas
Peranno G B Mrs, general merchandise

Kern County. Organized in 1866.

Kern Island, Kern County, PO address, Bakersfield
Harlan B F, wool grower
Landis William, stock raiser
Stark Jesse, stock raiser
Tracey & Canfield, stock raisers
Troy Jerome, wool grower

Kernville, Kern County, PO 60 miles north east of Bakersfield
Bennett J L Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Brady & Brother, blacksmiths
Brady & Harkins, livery stable
Brown Andrew, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
DeWitt & Carleton, liquor saloon
Frietsch Joseph, hotel
George W H, physician
Greene ADA Company, general merchandise
Harmon M, lumber dealer
Hoover M, physician
Lewis C B, shoe maker
Lightner k Company, butchers
Menzel William, butcher
Mitchell Thomas, blacksmith
Murphy J J, general merchandise
Peterson N, wagon maker
Peterson & Nelson, hotel
Rheinhart & Company, carpenters and builders
Stouten burg, T A, liquor saloon
Wroesch & Neff, brewery

Kibesillah, Mendocino County, PO 90 miles north west of Ukiah
Chadbourne H, blacksmith
Claxton Q W, notary public
Hatch S B, blacksmith
Lowell A J, attorney at law
Smith Mrs, hotel
Stewart Cal & Company, chute proprietors
Stilwell E, hotel
Vann J S Rev, clergyman
Whipple Frank A, postmaster
Whipple H E, teacher
Whipple H E it Son, general merchandise
Williams Eugene, teacher

King's River, Fresno County. (See Centreville)
Silverman Hermann D, postmaster

Kingston, Fresno County, PO
Davidson J A, physician
Furnish G N, hotel
Gilroy Launcelot, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Hand & Flood, liquor saloon
Jacob, Einstein & Company, general merchandise
Potts John, hotel
Reichart Louis, hotel
Sanderson W G, stock dealer and mail contractor
St John & Abbott, cattle dealers and dairymen
Sweet Simon, general merchandise

Kingsville House, El Dorado County, PO address. El Dorado, 8 miles south west of Placerville
Marks Daniel, liquor saloon
Wentz George & Jerry, hotel

Kirksville, Sutter County, PO 18½ miles south west of Yuba City
McPhetridge & Goode, general merchandise
Rackerby John, physician
Saunders Brothers, blacksmiths
Tharp R W, hotel
Wiseman Lewis H, postmaster

Klamath Bluffs, Klamath County, PO address, Martin's Ferry, 35 miles west of Orleans Bar
McGarvey William, general merchandise

Klamath County

Klamath Mill, Klamath County, PO 40 miles east of Orleans Bar
Daggett John, postmaster

Knickerbocker Flat, Tuolumne County, PO address, Columbia, 5 miles north east of Sonora
Ingolotti F, general merchandise

Knight's Perry, Stanislaus County

Knight's Landing, Yolo County, PO address, Grafton, 12 miles northeast of Woodland, is a place of growing importance on the west, or right bank of the Sacramento river where it is crossed by the California Pacific Railroad from Davisville to Marysville. This crossing, however, is not at present made, the road beyond the river having been destroyed by flood in 1872. Knight's Landing remains the terminus. Steamboats ply upon the river, and a passenger packet connects the railroad with Colusa.
Adams & Brother, livery and feed stable
Backus G, agent California Pacific R R Co
Bailey Samuel, blacksmith
Black John A, harness and saddlery
Coleman Thomas E, varieties
Crane Donald, blacksmith and wagon maker
Curtiss E H Rev, clergyman, (United Brethren)
Dempsey John, liquor saloon
Dinwiddie James, liquor and billiard saloon
Eastham E H, proprietor Eagle Flour Mills
Fryett Solomon J, grocer and varieties
Fryett William E, well borer
Gordon Edward A, physician W
Gruell Jacob Rev, clergyman, (Moth)
Gwinn Olney M, butcher
Hoyt Henry M, hotel
Huston Brothers, general merchandise
Johnson John, barber
Kness & Briggs, livery stable
Mills Alexander, tinsmith
Plumer John, blacksmith and wagon maker
Provost Henry, restaurant, bakery and liquor saloon
Provost Louis, liquor and billiard saloon
Raveley S W, general merchandise
Reed Charles F, notary public
Shannon M P, boot and shoe maker
Smith John C, lumber dealer
Smith Samuel R, planing mill and builder
Snowball John W, attorney at law and collector
Snowball & Martin, general merchandise
Snowball & Yardley, grain dealers and warehouse
Sublett William B, druggist, stationer, agent Wells,
Fargo & Company, and insurance
Turner & Sias, general merchandise
Wall William, liquor saloon
Watkins Josephine Miss, music teacher
Whitmore Leroy, liquor and billiard saloon

Knightsville, Sonoma County, PO address, Calistoga, 18 miles north east of Santa Rosa
Sensibaugh G A, blacksmith

Knoxville, Napa County, PO 50 miles north east of Napa City, is situated in one of the richest quicksilver producing sections of the world. The Redington, Manhattan and California Mines are located within a radius of three miles, each giving employment to a large number of men. Everything in the immediate vicinity of these three mines is owned and conducted by them respectively. A good school, meeting hall, and store has been established for the accommodation of the employees and their families.
Beane E H Miss, teacher
California Quicksilver Mine, Thos. J Hall, superintendent
Howard Charles, general merchandise
Manhattan Quicksilver Mine, Knox & Osborn, proprietors
Marrin James, hotel
Redington Quicksilver Mine, C E Livermore, superintendent
Rice C R, blacksmith
Schwatka William F, postmaster and varieties
Scribner T S, stage proprietor
Wilson James, hotel
Wilson William P. agent Wells, Fargo & Company

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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