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 Nahuijui, Santa Barbara County to Noyo, Mendocino County California

Nahuijui, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Las Cruces
Berebent Juan, general merchandise

Napa City, Napa County

Napa County

Napa Soda Springs, Napa County, PO address, Napa City
Gross J A, superintendent springs and hotel
Jackson John P, proprietor springs

Napa White Sulphur Springs, Napa County, PO address, St Helena, 20 miles north west of Napa City
Alstrom S, proprietor springs and hotel, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Greer John, livery stable

Nashville, El Dorado County, PO 12 miles south west of Placerville
Coslin David, general merchandise
Ensey John C, postmaster and general merchandise
Galvest Gabriel, shoe maker
Hart P, hotel
McGinnis James, carpenter
Murray John, butcher
Rankins John, liquor saloon
Snoider John, blacksmith

Natchez, Yuba County, PO address, Hansonville, 29 miles north east of Marysville
Rodman B D, general merchandise

National City, San Diego County, PO 5 miles south east of San Diego
Blackmer E T, teacher music
Copeland Frederick, contractor and builder
Diamond Levi W, postmaster
Evans E P, harness and saddlery
Hawkes k Diamond, general merchandise
Hayden Z, blacksmith
Kimball Brothers, real estate
Lemon A D, attorney at law
Walker Thomas, blacksmith

Natividad, Monterey County, PO 6 miles north east of Salinas City and 25 miles from Monterey, is pleasantly situated near the base of the Gabilan Mountains, in the midst of a fertile agricultural and grazing country
Alpite M, liquor saloon and blacksmith
Cahen H, general merchandise
Johnson William S, postmaster
Patton John W, hotel
Schwall M, butcher

Navarro Ridge, Mendocino County, PO 51 miles west of Ukiah
Fletcher Charles, liquor saloon
Furlong Thomas P, harness and saddlery
Nolan James (North Fork), hotel
Ray Thomas (Halfway House), hotel
Severance Haskett, hotel
Stewart D K, blacksmith
Tichenor H B & Company, lumber manufacturers
Wintzer Charles, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Wintzer Charles & Company, general merchandise and contractors for railroad ties, posts, wood and tan bark

Negro Hill, El Dorado County, PO address, Mormon Island, Sacramento County 20 miles west of Placerville
Lloyd Elizabeth Mrs, general merchandise

Nelson, Butte County, PO 10 miles west of Oroville
Dockery Robert F, postmaster, railroad agent and general merchandise
Worley S J, blacksmith

Nelson Point, Plumas County, PO 10 miles south east of Quincy
Myers Sylvester, postmaster and general merchandise

Nevada City, Nevada County

Nevada County. Organized in 1851

New Almaden, Santa Clara County, PO 15 miles southwest of San Jose, is distinguished as the seat of one of the most productive quicksilver mines in the world. These mines are situated in the ridge of mountains dividing the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz valleys, and was known to the aborigines who resorted to the locality for vermillion paint prior to the occupation of the country by the Spaniards or Americans. Since 1846 they have been worked continuously, with the exception of a period of about three years, from 1858 to 1861, when closed by litigation. Previous to 1850 no record was kept of the product, but from that date to the beginning of 1874 there were Extracted 583,721 flasks of quicksilver, of 76½ pounds each. The ores were formerly very rich, giving as high as 36.74 per cent, in 1850, diminishing every year until in 1873, 4.87 was the percentage of metal in the ore. In 1867 the mine was worked most energetically, producing then 47,194 flasks from ore of 11.30 percentage. Work is still vigorously prosecuted, and in 1873, 11,042 flasks were produced. The diminished production in this standard mine, while the demand continues to increase, has caused a great rise in the price of quicksilver, which has given an impetus to prospecting for that metal, and makes remunerative ores that would otherwise not pay for working. New Almaden is a busy town, in which the Spanish element forms a marked feature of the population.
Feidler Ferdinand, postmaster
Garrett C, butcher
Lethiee D, hotel
New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Company, general merchandise
Randol A R, physician
Randol J B, manager New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Co
Vincent Bertrand, baker

New England Mills, Placer County, Cal, PO address, Colfax, 13 miles north east of Auburn Geissendorfer George, lumber manufacturer

New Idria, Fresno County, PO 40 miles west of Fresno City, is on the eastern slope of the Monte Diablo Range, and is distinguished as an important quicksilver mining locality. These mines were discovered in 1855, by a party of prospectors in search of silver, who, finding large masses of chromic iron ore, undertook to work it for the precious metal. Finding their mistake, after expending several thousand dollars, they, turned their attention to developing the deposits of cinnabar observed in the vicinity and thus were the great quicksilver mines of New Idria opened. The name, following the example of New Almaden, was given in honor of Idria, the great quicksilver mining town of Idria, one of the southwestern provinces of Austria. The chief mines of this place and region are the New Idria, Aurora, San Carlos, Cerro Benito and Picacho, extending over a section of the Monte Diablo range, of fifteen or twenty miles in extent, and embracing San Carlos peak, which has an elevation of 4,977 feet, being, with the exception of its neighbor, Panoche Grande, the highest of that range of mountains. The region is attractive from its mineralogical features, as, besides its quicksilver mines, it contains some of the most extensive and purest deposits of chromic iron known, and also traces of coal. Other interests, however, are undeveloped, and the town is sustained by the single enterprise of the New Idria Quicksilver Mining Company. This Company employee's from 350 to 400 men and boys, who maintain a population of about 1,000. The product of the mines is about 6,000 flasks, of 76½ pounds each, per annum. The place is reached by stage, 50 miles, via the Panoche Pass, from Tres Pinos, the terminus of the San Benito Valley branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad, being about 150 miles southeast of San Francisco.
Berryman A, postmaster
Greenleaf E T, physician and teacher
New Idria Quicksilver Mining Company

New Republic, Monterey County. (See Santa Rita)

New River, Trinity County, PO address. Burnt Ranch, 50 miles north west of Weaverville
Patterson Moses, general merchandise

New York Flat, Sierra County, PO address, Downieville, 2½ miles east of Downieville
Bernhardt Louis, hotel

New York Landing, Contra Costa County. (See Black Diamond)

Newark, Alameda County, 20 miles south of Oakland, is a recently located town upon an estuary of San Francisco Bay, and four miles from Niles Station on the Central Pacific Railroad. The town site possesses many advantages for suburban residences, a trading center, or manufactures. The ground is sufficiently elevated, securing drainage and affording an extensive view. Light draught vessels approach the town, and at Green Point, two miles distant, the largest ships that enter the Bay can land at the shore. The surrounding country is extremely fertile, producing grains, vegetables and fruits of every species and variety, and in great abundance.

Newark, Sierra County, PO address, Gibsonville, 26 miles north of Downieville
Bona F, liquor saloon
Corbett David, liquor saloon
Koch Anton, hotel

Newcastle, Placer County, PO 4 miles south west of Auburn, is a station on the Central Pacific Railroad, and depot for several small mining localities in the vicinity. It is near the base of the Sierra Nevada; and the surrounding country is of rolling hills rather than mountainous. Gold is found in the ravines, flats, and hillsides, many places, formerly, producing large quantities, and washing as well as mining in quartz, for the precious dust is still continued. The soil and climate are favorable for the production of fruit, which business promises to restore to these foothill towns the prosperity they enjoyed in the palmy days of mining. Several granite quarries are opened in the vicinity, where very fine building material is obtained.
Clow S C, blacksmith
Culver E W, books, stationery, etc
Culver M L Mrs, postmistress
Davenport Horace, carpenter and builder
Frey J M, physician
Goodrich E, groceries and liquors
Mitchell Berry, liquor saloon
Page Asa N, hotel
Rice D A, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and C P R R
Shipman C G, dry goods, clothing, etc
Smith H H, general merchandise
Turpin William, shoe maker

Newport, Los Angeles, PO address, Santa Ana
McFadden Brothers, lumber dealers

Newton Copper Mine, Amador County, PO address, Ione Valley, 7 miles west of Jackson
Johnson E, copper smelter

Newtown, El Dorado County, PO 9 miles south east of Placerville
Raffetto Louis, general merchandise
Raymond Joseph, postmaster

Newtown, Nevada County, PO address, Rough and Ready, 5 miles south west of Nevada City.
Schardin Henry, liquor saloon

Newville, Colusa County, PO 55 miles north west of Colusa
Attwood B, blacksmith
Godgel George, carpenter
Hogan William, postmaster
James John, liquor saloon
Knothy A, carpenter
Newman L, general merchandise
Scribner B M, postmaster
Scribner & Haberland, general merchandise
Siebring C, physician

Nicasio, Marin County, PO 16 miles north west of San Rafael
Bull E W, butcher
Jackman E, attorney at law
Neilson John, stage proprietor and mail contractor
Noble J W, hotel
O'Sullivan James, blacksmith
Taft Hiram, postmaster
Winslow A J, general merchandise

Nicolaus, Sutter County, PO 17 miles south of Yuba City
Andrews L C, hotel
Arens A Mrs, postmistress
Arens & Barber, general merchandise
Comstock E B, wagon maker
Cramer G, boot and shoe maker
Ferguson W D, harness and saddlery
Hallieker John, carpenter
Holmes J H, wagon maker
James T G H, carpenter
Johnson & Jones, blacksmiths
Lawless k Ferguson, physicians and druggists
Newman A, general merchandise
Nicholson k Brother, blacksmiths
Redfuld S H, liquor saloon
Wagner & Engosser, liquor saloon
Zimmermann J, liquor saloon

Niles, Alameda County, PO 22 miles south east of Oakland, formerly known as Vallejo's Mills. It is the junction of the San José and Western Pacific branches of the C. P. R. R. A portion of the land in this neighborhood is irrigated by the waters of Alameda Creek.
Alameda Flour Mills, Alameda Water Company, proprietors
Hinckley L M, blacksmith
King W B, liquor saloon and restaurant
McDole Louis, glove maker
Mortimer William, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Nuttman V A, gunsmith
Scott A F, grain warehouse
Severance & Rote, importers merino sheep
Snyder William, postmaster and general merchandise
Virgil John, hotel

Nimshew, Butte County, PO address, Magalia, 30 miles north of Oroville
Dufore Frank, lumber manufacturer
McLellan Samuel, hotel

Nord, Butte County, P O 32 miles north west of Oroville
Barnard A M, livery stable
Barnard & Wilks, blacksmiths
Bullard & Nourse, grain warehouse
Burke D J, hotel
Colby Gilbert W, postmaster
Colby, Pond & Haughton, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Deifendorf S C, physician and druggist
Helfenstine John, butcher
McDonald A L, liquor saloon
Thompson J D, liquor and hairdressing saloon

Nordhoff, Ventura County, PO 12 miles north of Sail Buenaventura, and 30 miles east of Santa Barbara, is pleasantly located in the Ojai Valley, surrounded by a fertile soil and romantic scenery. The Ojai hot springs are five miles from the town, which are a resort much sought for health and pleasure.
Ayres & Conner, butchers
Blumberg A W, hotel
Charles J M, dairyman and cheese manufacturer
Gilbert Thomas, real estate agent and poultry dealer
Grangers Association, lumber dealers
Herberts R L, postmaster and general merchandise
McKee W S, carpenters
Roberts L D, blacksmith and wagon maker
Sinner Charles, druggist
Stapleton T B, carpenter
Surdam R G, real estate agent
Vanewein R O, express
Waters George L, painter

Normanville, Yolo County, PO address, Woodland, 10 miles south west of Woodland
Baird & McClellan, hotel and livery stable

North American, Calaveras County, PO address, Jenny Lind, 15 miles south west of San Andreas
Stroud Tracy, hotel

North Bloomfield, Nevada County, PO 15 miles northeast of Nevada City, is on Humbug Creek, on the high ridge between the Middle and South Yubas, and it is distinguished as the seat of operations of the North Bloomfield Water and Mining Co., which is here conducting one of the grandest mining enterprises ever undertaken in the State, already mentioned in the description of Nevada Co.
Behrens Charles, restaurant and lodgings
Crandall T P, postmaster and agent Eureka Express Co
Crandall T P & Company, general merchandise
Cummings Edward, liquor saloon
Drake James, blacksmith
Farley Georges, physician
Frederick W, boot and shoe maker
Hazeltine Martin M, photographer
Kallenberg George, barber
McCluskey Colin, livery stable
Montgomery William G, liquor saloon
Murphy T, liquor saloon
Picot Julie Madame, proprietress California House and billiard saloon
Rohr John, liquor saloon
Ross A J, hotel
Simon Meyer, dry and fancy goods, clothing, etc
Skidmore R D, liquor and billiard saloon
Smith Adrian A, drugs, varieties and justice of the peace
Stone J & Company, butchers
Taubert Theodore F, bakery and confectionery
Vance O, boot and shoe maker
Weiss Valentine, brewery

North Columbia, Nevada County, PO. (See Columbia Hill)
Woodruff A L, postmaster

North Fork, Trinity County. (See Trinity)

North San Diego, San Diego County, PO 4 miles north of San Diego
Burr Edward, physician
Christman Jacob, blacksmith
Clarke D P, liquor saloon
Dodson N U, attorney at law
Estudillo Jose M, livery stable
Gillis George W, liquor saloon
Griffin H, carpenter
Hayes Benjamin, attorney at law and real estate
Hayes Chauncey, attorney at law
Leamey J W, liquor saloon
Lush Thomas, liquor saloon
Lyons George, carpenter
McKinstry George, physician
McNamee ____ Rev, clergyman (R C)
Morrow Richard, carpenter
Murray George J, dairyman
O'Neill Patrick, postmaster and hotel
Rose Luis, real estate agent
Schillinger J D, groceries and provisions
Seeley A L, hotel and livery stable
Slucia V, general merchandise
Smith Albert, butcher
Stewart Jack, carpenter
Ubach Antonio Rev, clergyman (RC)
Weatherby S, banker
Windle W A, physician

North San Juan, Nevada County

North Star, Yuba County, PO address, Strawberry Valley, 4.5 miles north east of Marysville
Farren William D, hotel

Nortonville, Contra Costa County, PO 16 miles southeast of Martinez, is a flourishing coal mining town on the northern slope of Mount Diablo, and is connected by railroad with tide water at New York Landing, some six miles distant, and in point of population is the second town in the county, but is anything but a desirable place of residence, being built on a steep hill side, with nothing but high hills in view. The houses are all of an inferior order, and only suitable for temporary residence. Here is situated the Black Diamond coal mine, which employs about 500 men.
Black Diamond Coal Mining Company, Morgan Morgans, superintendent
Engler John, boot and shoe maker
Gagan John, livery stable
Gordon & Thomas, hotel
Gwynn & Tyler, hotel
Gwynn Charles, postmaster
Harris & Quigley, liquor saloon
Hunt Frederick, barber
Lenderman A, general merchandise
Moore & Company, butchers
Morgans, Duncan & Company, general merchandise
Morgans Morgan, superintendent Black Diamond Coal Mine
Noakes & Company, butchers
Ott A, stoves and tinware
Rogers T M, boarding and liquor saloon
Schwartz George H, liquor saloon
Sharp Wesley, liquor saloon
Wemple E L, physician
Williams John D, liquor saloon
Tingman W J, agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Nottingham, Alameda County. (See Livermore)

Novato, Marin County, PO address, Black Point, 11 miles north of San Rafael
Anderson Andrew, liquor saloon
Foggiano J B & Company, general merchandise
Henricksdorff ____, shoe maker
Hodge John, agent
Johnson A, general merchandise
Pacheco J R, butcher
Tann Charles, blacksmith

Noyo, Mendocino County, PO 65 miles north west of Ukiah
Burns John, hotel
Gallagher Thomas, blacksmith
Macpherson A W, postmaster
Macpherson & Wetherbee, lumber manufacturers
Mortier Frank, hotel
Townsend James, general merchandise
Whippie Henry E, teacher

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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