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 Pacheco, Contra Costa County to Purissima, San Mateo County California

Pacheco, Contra Costa County, PO 5 miles south east of Martinez, is reached by stage from Martinez and from Oakland. This is a small but thriving village, pleasantly situated in the midst of a rich agricultural section, of which it commands the trade. A large and fertile valley lies between the Contra Costa hills and the Monte Diablo range, flanked by grass-covered hills and arable valleys of lesser area and of this region Pacheco is the entrepot.
Allen J W, liquor saloon
Anderson L, doors, frames and lumber dealer
Bartnett David G, blacksmith and wagon maker
Bennett George J. & Company, general merchandise
Carothers J H, physician
Carothers & Oliver, druggists and apothecaries
Cloud & Robin, blacksmiths
Crichton William, postmaster, groceries, tobacco and fruits
Dalton H N, machinist and manufacturer agricultural implements
Davis E S, hotel
Dell W K, doors, windows and lumber dealer, and insurance agent
Fassett, McCaulley & Company, grain dealers
Fassett William, agent W U Telegraph Company
Gambs John, general merchandise
Hall S J, harness and saddlery
Harris J, clothing
Hoga & Hathaway, butchers
Ireland W J, flour manufacturer
Johnson C O, undertaker
Johnson S W, livery stable
Kalisky M, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Leffler, John, physician
Littlefield & Wiggins, stoves, tin and hardware, and well borers
Loucks G. P, insurance agent
Martin Russell, general merchandise
McKenny L D, carpenter
Morgan Charles, liquor saloon
O'Neal P, real estate agent
Ott John, bakery and liquor saloon
Pahon P, hotel
Pons Peter, groceries and notary public
Rowley H A, watchmaker and jeweler
Sequie George, barber
Stolz J, boot and shoe maker
Stone J, wagon maker
Tiedemann M, liquor saloon
Troy J H, liquor saloon
Wear S M Mrs, dress maker
Williams James, liquor saloon
Woodford Charles, livery stable

Pacific House, El Dorado County, PO address, Placerville, 18 miles east of Placerville
Hunger F, butcher
Jones W k Company, lumber manufacturers
Landecker L, clothing
Poteet J, hotel

Paicines, San Benito County, PO 12 miles south of Hollister
Beckett James, liquor saloon
Deveggio S, general merchandise
Kile E E, postmaster
Kile & Parsons, general merchandise and hotel
Onderkirk Isaac, blacksmith and wagon maker
Ward John, liquor saloon

Pajaro, Monterey County, PO address, Watsonville, 30 miles north east of Monterey
Bentz Jacob, liquor saloon
Payne J S, general merchandise
Pellessier Joseph, liquor saloon
Woody M L, hotel

Pala, San Diego County, PO
Veal William, postmaster

Panama, Kern County, PO 6 miles south of Bakersfield
Allan Maquil, liquor saloon
Carlock G H, dairy
Ellis J S, dairy
Hirshfield L, general merchandise
May Frank P, postmaster
McMillan A, physician

Panamint, Inyo County

Panoche, Fresno County, PO
McMahon T, general merchandise
Poage A M, postmaster

Paradise, Butte County, PO address, Magalia, 20 miles north of Oroville
Cudd James, hotel

Parkville, Shasta County, PO 80 miles south east of Shasta
Smith William W, postmaster

Partzwick, Mono County. (See Benton)

Pasadena, Los Angeles County, PO
Locke Josiah, postmaster

Paskenta, Tehama County, PO 30 miles south west of Red Bluff
Elkins Henry M, postmaster and general merchandise
Gillman & Patten, lumber manufacturers
Harris James Mrs, teacher
Lebring Cicus, physician
Turner John, hotel
Willcox k Millsap, blacksmiths

Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, PO 30 miles north of San Luis Obispo
Aylett W D, physician
Blackburn Brothers & James, proprietors Hot Springs Hotel
Blackburn J H, wool grower
Caley & Remick, livery stable
Currier J C, wool grower
Dart C R, agent W U Telegraph Co
Dore W & M, wool growers
Dunn P H, agent Wells, Fargo k Co
Patterson H G, wool grower
Sanderson George R, postmaster
Sanderson & Dunn, general merchandise

Patchin, Santa Clara County, PO 18 miles south west of San Jose
Brewer W S, lumber dealer, feed stable and liquor saloon
Fowler Josiah, postmaster

Patera Rancho, Santa Barbara County, PO address, Santa Barbara, 9 miles northwest of Santa Barbara
Birabent J M, groceries and hotel
Hill Hiram, blacksmith
Hill Ramon I, attorney at law
Kahn L, general merchandise
McCatlrey James, distiller
Orr J W, wheelwright
Pertica Angel, groceries and liquor saloon
Taylor Alexander F, physician

Patterson, Nevada County, P O. (See Cherokee;
Morgan Henry, postmaster

Paulinville, Yuba County, PO address, Hansonville, 28 miles northeast of Marysville
Ramsey James, carpenter
Rouze Paul, distiller

Paul's Island, Monterey County, PO address, Castroville, 20 miles northeast of Monterey
Moss Charles, commission and shipping merchant
Storer J P, batcher.

Peach Tree, San Benito County, PO 65 miles south west of Hollister
Copley Andrew J, postmaster
Haines B F, general merchandise
Landrum & Haines, liquor saloon

Pearson's Springs, Lake County, 50 miles northwest of Lakeport
Pearson William J, hotel

Peavine, Butte County, PO address. Brush Creek, 30 miles northeast of Oroville
Dahlberg M Mrs, hotel and liquor saloon

Penryn, Placer County, PO 7 miles south west of Auburn
Banrion L, wine and brandy manufacturer
Baster William, blacksmith
Boggs John O, hotel
Brainard W H, fruit dealer
Crompton I, blacksmith
Gregory James, wood dealer
Grinith G, granite quarry
Holder John, postmaster and general merchandise
Holder W F, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and telegraph operator
Lardner W B, fruit dealer

Pentz, Butte County, PO 12 miles north of Oroville
Clark E D, hotel
Horn Frederick, wagon maker
Lauer F, blacksmith
Parish A, lime dealer
Patterson S, carpenter
Paul H V, carpenter
Pence Menoah, postmaster and hotel proprietor

Pescadero, San Mateo County, P O 30 miles west of Redwood City
Cereghino & Debenedetti, general merchandise
Clarke J J, physician
Doherty Richard, proprietor Pescadero House
Knowles Robert, justice of the peace and collector
Koster Frederick, blacksmith
Marston E W, livery stable
Nichols George E, barber
Plath A T, saddle and harness maker
Powell & Lathrop, liquor saloon
Reed J T, butcher
Starr M B Kev, clergyman (Cong)
Stryker B G, postmaster
Stryker & Company, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Company
Swanton C W, proprietor Swanton House
Thompson A, merchant
Van Allen I A, shoe maker
Wonfor James, shoe maker

Pet Hill, Nevada County, PO address, Smartsville, H miles south west of Nevada City
Hyatt C, hotel

Petaluma, Sonoma County

Peters, San Joaquin County, 15 miles east of Stockton
Hadsell D, hotel and liquor saloon

Petersburg, Kern Company, PO address, Havilah
Cailland Eugene, general merchandise

Petersburg, Klamath County, PO 40 miles south east of Orleans Bar
Brown George G, postmaster
Wolvert George, general merchandise

Petrolia, Humboldt County, PO 50 miles south of Eureka
Brown & Cady, liquor saloon
Brown & Johnson, blacksmiths
Dudley J N, lumber manufacturer
Dudley W B, flour manufacturer
Gellett L W, hotel
Konoyer D, blacksmith
Langdon M K, flour manufacturer
Rudolph John, general merchandise
Sanders Martin, postmaster
Sanders Martin & Company, general merchandise
Saunders Wesley, teacher
Schumacher G E, telegraph operator

Petroliopolis, Los Angeles County. (See Lyon Station)

Philip's Station, El Dorado County, PO address. Slippery Ford, 55 miles east of Placerville
Philips J W D, hotel and dairyman

Phoenix Mine, Napa County, PO 36 miles northwest of Napa city
Beck Charles J, carpenter
Cowan Joseph H, postmaster
Komenway Frederick, blacksmith
McGuire Louisa Miss, teacher
Mooney Bernard, liquor saloon
Moore & Adams, liquor saloon
Phoenix Mining Company, general merchandise

Picacho, San Benito County, PO 70 miles south of Hollister
Cody Michael, postmaster

Piedmont White Sulpher Springs, Alameda County, PO address, Oakland, 4 miles northeast of Oakland
Gardner K L, hotel

Piety Hill, Shasta County, PO address, Horsetown, 11 miles south west of Shasta
Durham D, liquor saloon
Engles O, butcher and stock raiser
Hubbard S R, lumber manufacturer
J ones & Petty, lumber manufacturers
Kingsbury C N, carpenter and joiner
Parker John, fruits
Rossle & Jacobson, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Simpson &. Leiter, general merchandise
Terbush Kate Mrs, produce dealer
Weidenbach F, liquor saloon
Willard G K, general merchandise

Pigeon Point, San Mateo County, PO address, Pescadero, 36 miles south west of Redwood City
Ames J P & Company, shipping merchants
Walker R H, liquor saloon

Pike City, Sierra County, PO address, Plum Valley, 16 miles south west of Downieville
Clerkin Phillip, machinist
Harris A P, hotel
Nelson John & James, lumber manufacturers
Ney James, blacksmith

Pilot Hill, El Dorado County, PO 18 miles northwest of Placerville
Bayley A J, general merchandise
Buchan William, postmaster and general merchandise
Clason J C, teacher
Marshall John, carpenter
Mendez J A, general merchandise
Warner M L, boot and shoe maker

Pine Flat, Sonoma County, PO 30 miles north of Santa Rosa
Bell W S, mining recorder
Brown A A, livery stable and stage proprietor
Brown & Ferguson, butchers
Cox G, surveyor
Davis M A, Mrs, hotel
Grabeil ____, liquor saloon
Graves AV C, blacksmith
Greathouse M Mrs, restaurant
Hayes T B, liquor saloon
Hickell ____ Mrs, restaurant
Howe A, liquor saloon
Kenyon Edward, livery stable
Kresteller E, boots and shoes
Leiba Luciano, liquor saloon
Lettac W P & Company, brokers
Mathieson & Pickle, lumber dealers
Phillips A, stationery
Reeve G F, hotel
Scott Charles, barber
Solomon J & Company, agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Terry J L, liquor saloon
Thompson J G, postmaster
Thompson J A & Brother, general merchandise and hotel

Pine Grove, Amador County, PO miles northeast of Jackson
Brickey & Dane, hotel
Wagstaff Lucinda Mrs, hotel
Wheeler J T, postmaster and general merchandise
Williams & Keeney, blacksmiths and wagon makers

Pine Grove, Mendocino County, PO address, Casper, 57 miles northwest of Ukiah
McDonald John K, tannery
McDonald Walter, hotel
O'Brien Michael, liquor saloon
Sass Ferdinand, brewery

Pine Log Crossing, Tuolumne County, PO address, Columbia, south miles north of Sonora
Von Steen William, general merchandise

Pino, Placer County, PO 12 miles south west of Auburn
Loomis James O, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Pinole, Contra Costa County, P O address, San Pablo, 11 miles south east of Martinez
Aston Philip, butcher
Boyd & Frazer, blacksmiths
Fernandez B, warehouse
Lewis James, wheelwright
O'Brien Mary Mrs, liquor saloon
Tennant Samuel, physician

Piper's Ranch, Inyo County. (See Oasis)

Pittsburg Landing, Contra Costa County, PO address, Antioch, 20 miles east of Martinez, and the shipping point of the Somersville Coal Mines, with which it has railroad connection.
Pinkerton J W, superintendent mine, railroad and landing
Robinson Sanford, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and W U Telegraph Company
Stevens, Baker & Company, proprietors coal mine, wharf and railroad

Pittville, Shasta County, PO 100 miles northeast of Shasta
Gordon Samuel, postmaster and general merchandise

Piute, Kern County, PO
Stoutenburgh F A, postmaster
Weir William, liquor saloon

Placer County

Placerville, El Dorado County

Plainfield, Yolo County, 7½ miles south west of Woodland
Kaufmann A, blacksmith
Stow Chauncy, harness and saddlery
Waldorf Joseph W, postmaster and general merchandise

Plainsburg, Merced County, PO 12 miles east of Merced
Abbott W W, hotel and livery stable, and agent Wells Fargo & Company
Abbott & Lambert, liquor and billiard saloon
Albeck A J W, postmaster and general merchandise
Bradford &, Cliff, wheelwrights
Bradford &, Humphreys, blacksmiths
Colman J L, harness and saddlery
Howeth N, liquor saloon
Jacobs &, Platner, restaurant and billiard saloon
Lauder A & W, wheelwrights
McMillen M C, physician
Reynolds & Waller, blacksmiths
Rucker H N. physician
Simon, Jacobs & Company, general merchandise
Sumner & Company, general merchandise
Talley A E, barber and confectioner
Tombs A, harness and saddlery
Turner &, Wilson, butchers

Plano, Tulare County, PO 32 miles south of Visalia, and two miles south of Porterville, is a small village in the midst of an exceedingly fertile section of country, on the line of stage and team travel from Visalia and the railroad to the Kern River and Owens River Valleys. The pleasant site suggested the name, being a broad plain stretching from the Sierra, whose base is three miles eastward, to the Tulare Lake on the west, and is threaded by the Tule River which is here spanned by a fine bridge. A good school and church are attractions that gather many families to Piano.
Johnston F A, physician
Thomson William, postmaster and general merchandise

Plantation House, Sonoma Company, PO address, Fisks' Mill, 45 miles northwest of Santa Rosa
Luttringer Joseph, hotel

Pleasant Grove Creek, Sutter County, PO 25 miles south east of Yuba City
Bayne _____ hotel and livery stable
Bishop Charles, postmaster and general merchandise
Bishop H, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hall J B, physician
Woods W, general merchandise

Pleasant Valley, El Dorado County, PO 12 miles south east of Placerville
Elkin Albert, postmaster
Elkin A & Company, general merchandise
Fink John, butcher
Kirsch John, boot and shoe maker
Long S A, liquor saloon
McLaughlin James, blacksmith
Meyer Joseph, hotel
Norris Robert, hotel
Twitchel A C, fruits
Wilson & Brother, door manufacturers

Pleasant Valley, Nevada County. (See Anthony House)

Pleasant View, Alameda County, PO address, Sunol
Scott Thomas, general merchandise

Pleasanton, Alameda County, PO 31 miles south east of Oakland, is on the eastern side of the Contra Costa Range of mountains, on the line of the C. P. R. K. It is in a fertile agricultural district, and is very pleasantly situated, as its name Implies, and for salubrity of climate is unsurpassed in Alameda county. It has several grain warehouses, good stores and hotels, and is rapidly rising into importance.
Bennett John, liquor saloon
Bilz J A, blacksmith and wagon maker
Bunnell A V, blacksmith and wheelwright
Carr P, liquor saloon and boarding
Day William, boot and shoe maker
Detjens H, hotel
Edmondson T J, grain warehouse
Esdon Alexander, storage and commission
Goldman, Arendt & Company, general merchandise, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and insurance agents
Goldman I W, postmaster
Goyett John, harness and saddlery
Guinnell John, butcher
Jordan W A, hotel
Lander M B & Company, general merchandise
Livingston H, liquor saloon
Ludwig William, butcher
Marks J N, physician and justice of the peace
Meyer, Chadbourne & Company, storage and commission, and lumber dealers
Moore ____, livery stable
Neit N R, boot and shoe maker
Nelson L S Mrs, restaurant
Palmer John P, attorney at law
Schwal John A, liquor saloon
Scott Mattie Mrs, dress maker
Sisson, Wallace & Company, general merchandise and insurance agents
Stewart Joseph, agent C P R R Company

Pleito, Monterey County, P O, __ miles __ of Salinas
Gough & McLean, hotel
McLean Allan, postmaster

Plum Valley, Sierra County, PO 16 miles south west of Downieville
Porter Stillman M, postmaster
Robinson John, blacksmith

Plumas County

Plymouth, Amador County, PO 20 miles north of Jackson
Bishoff V, barber
Blower J, boot and shoe maker
Brace M S, liquor saloon and billiards
Burns W H, druggist and chemist
Dixon William, blacksmith
Dorr William, wheelwright
Duncan R H, general merchandise
Easton & Norris, proprietors Forest House
Edmondson & Lewis, general merchandise
Ekel J J, proprietor Plymouth Hotel
Forest House, Easton & Norris, proprietors
Hooper William H, superintendent Phoenix Gold Mining Company
Lewis S G, postmaster
Poundstone L R, superintendent Alpine Mill and Mining Company
Schneider F, proprietor Alpine House
Silva Thomas, butcher
Stewart S P, liquor saloon
Taylor William, barber
Waddell Joseph, livery stable
Wheeler B F, liquor saloon
Willard & Falk, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Williams J C, general merchandise

Point of Timber, Contra Costa County, PO 34 miles east of Martinez
McCabe Joseph P, postmaster

Poker Flat, Sierra County, PO address, Table Rock, 12 miles north of Downieville
Bettinger F, liquor saloon
Boland D, general merchandise
Merian D, butcher

Pokerville, Amador County, PO address, Drytown, 12 miles north of Jackson
Esty M Mrs, hotel

Poland, San Joaquin County, PO address, Lockeford, 20 miles northeast of Stockton
Gallis & Dougherty, hotel

Pomo, Mendocino County, PO 16 miles northeast of Ukiah
Bransford Jay, postmaster and general merchandise
Cooley T J, blacksmith
Daum Charles, carpenter
Guirler J C, wagon maker
Huntly T, glove maker
Jones H M, shoe maker
McClanahan Charles, physician
Nutting H C, hotel
Partin ____ Mrs, hotel
Smith W T, general merchandise
Street C V, feed stable
Wattenburger Joseph, carpenter
Wattenburger S M, furniture
Wilson William, varieties
Woodrum D L, carpenter

Pope Valley, Napa County, PO 30 miles north of Napa City
Harvey James, blacksmith
Hill G P, postmaster and general merchandise
Mooney B, liquor saloon
Moore Charles, butcher and liquor saloon
Van Arsdale & Company, general merchandise, blacksmiths and butcher

Port Wine, Sierra County, PO 16 miles northwest of Downieville
Caine John M, butcher
Caya Mitchell, hotel and livery stable
Duval Frank, carpenter
Gillan Eliza Mrs, liquor saloon
Kleckner & Brother, general merchandise
Lewis James P, hotel
Lewis Thomas Rev, clergyman
Mason Henry, postmaster and general merchandise
Phalin A M, teacher
Washington B, confectionery and fruits
Wolff Michael, brewery

Porterville, Tulare County, PO 30 miles south of Visalia
Baker Robert, general merchandise
Billingsley J D, livery stable
Brown Thomas W & Brother, liquor saloon
Chapman ____, physician
Connor J E, liquor saloon and restaurant
George S G, physician
Hakes & Fay, blacksmiths
Hammond D O, harness and saddlery
Hanrahan W S, physician
Hodges & Nelson, blacksmiths
Hurd H H & Company, flour manufacturer
Keener Henry, livery stable
Mann John, Mowery
Mayfield Ac Carroll, carpenters
McCaslin C H, painter
McGahey James O, carpenter
Merrill R P, druggist
Olivier, Remi & Company, general merchandise, agents Wells, Fargo & Co. and W U Telegraph Co
Peters John, liquor saloon and restaurant
Plummer Elijah, postmaster and varieties
Pulman K P, general merchandise
Sigler W L, wagon maker
Simmons John, blacksmith
Steveson Thomas, liquor saloon
Stoneman F E. hotel
Tyler James, butcher
Ward N W, physician

Portugee, Shasta County, PO 45 miles north of Shasta
Gibson R P, blacksmith
Pitt Robert, postmaster and general merchandise

Posey Creek, Kern County, PO address, Bakersfield, IS miles north of Bakersfield
Borgwordt Henry, wool grower
Gardette Peter, wool grower

Potter Valley, Mendocino County. (See Centerville)
McGee P T, postmaster

Potter's Ravine, Butte County, PO address, Cherokee, 10 miles north of Oreville
Fang Kee, (Chinese) general merchandise

Poway, San Diego County, PO 25 miles north of San Diego
Baker J M, liquor saloon
French E D, physician
Gilbert Harlow, bee raiser
Jones J M, bee raiser
Manasse Moses, general merchandise
Mitchell A, bee raiser
Ober J, blacksmith
Paine Castanos, postmaster and hotel
Washburn Colin, general merchandise

Powellton, Butte County, PO 34 miles north of Oroville
Chico Lumber Company, lumber manufacturers
Ferson H D, butcher
Powell Richard P, general merchandise

Prairie, Yolo County, PO 12 miles northwest of Woodland
Anderson _____, physician
Burger Henry, postmaster
Burger & Hunneman, general merchandise
Dill Henry, wagon maker
Golinski D. liquor saloon
Jacobs J W, attorney at law
Long T, carpenter
Parker G H, carpenter
Rollins James, carpenter
Smart C H, blacksmith and wagon maker
Weyand Theodore, distiller

Prattville, Plumas County, PO 40 miles northwest of Quincy
Abbott H B, general merchandise
Benner T H, general merchandise
Pratt W, postmaster and hotel

Preston, Marin County, PO address, Tomales, 86 miles northwest of San Rafael
Brush C H, general merchandise

Princeton, Colusa County, PO 14 miles north of Colusa
Banks J M, physician
Bayler W C, physician
Bontley David, postmaster
Carothers K W, liquor saloon
Carroll & Carothers, hotel
Eastman & Johnston, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Flint & Calden, livery stable
Fore Edward, butcher
Freeman & Klemmer, stoves and tinware
Geoffert A, harness and saddlery
Giles & Bristol, lumber dealers
Hatch John, attorney at law and notary public
Hope J H P, physician
Hunter D D, hotel and physician
Hutton & Hart, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Kimball A, liquor and billiard saloon
Neely & Winne, boot and shoe makers
Reynolds J W, liquor saloon
Robinson J C, news dealer
Robison S H, lumber
Russell B H Rev, clergyman (M E)
Scott Thomas, barber
Smith & Mendleson, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Stoll G M, harness and saddlery
Wall J S & Company, general merchandise

Princeton, Mariposa County, PO address, Mount Bullion, 5 miles west of Mariposa
Bleed Charles, blacksmith and hotel
Marie Carlo, general merchandise
Foran James, (Half Way House) hotel

Punta Arenas, Mendocino County, PO 55 miles south west of Ukiah
Bowman A, tinsmith
Butler W I, tailor
Chalfant A & Company, general merchandise
Darr Robert, liquor saloon
Fowler W, harness and saddlery
Griffith J H, fruits and candies
Handy & Reynolds, tonners
Iverson N. hotel
Iverson Samuel, blacksmith
Lancaster K, boots and shoes
Linderoos G, justice of the peace and notary public
Lyman Charles, hotel
Mathews E F, blacksmith
McMullin S W, liquor saloon
Morse J G, physician
Morse Le Grand, postmaster, attorney at law and druggist
Newsfeld M & Brothers, general merchandise
Nickerson B & Company, lumber manufacturers
Peters William, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Ross J W, lumber manufacturer
Saunders A, lumber manufacturer
Schlagter John, brewery
Smith & Graham, butchers
Spaulding G S, attorney at law
Stevens S S, carpenter
Tomlinson W T, livery stable
Trout D H, teacher
Underbill James, wagon maker
Willets R H, fruits and candies

Purissima, San Mateo County, PO 18 miles south west of Redwood City
Dobbel Henry, farmer
Doherty Richard, postmaster and proprietor Purissima House
Husing H & Company, merchandise and liquor saloon
Lamle & Company, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Theilen Henry, saddle and harness maker

California Gazetteer | AHGP California

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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