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 Railroad Flat, Calaveras County to Rutherford, Napa County California

Railroad Flat, Calaveras County, PO 20 miles north east of San Andreas
Clark W V, lumber manufacturer
Buyck M Mrs, hotel
Ludy Christian, hotel
McCarty David, lumber manufacturer
Taylor Edwin, postmaster and general merchandise
Turner J B, boot maker
Whittredge E, liquor saloon

Rancho Arroyo de Laguna, Santa Cruz County, PO address, Santa Cruz, 9 miles of Santa Cruz
Hatch T H & County, dairymen

Randolph, Sierra County, PO address, Sierra Valley, 35 miles east of Downieville
Buxton G Q, hotel
Dolly B, liquor saloon
Gates E, general merchandise
Joy A C & Company, flour manufacturers
Northorp H, boots and shoos
Rawdon & Meyers, sash and door manufacturers

Rattlesnake Bar, Placer County, PO address, Newcastle, 6 miles south of Auburn
Hector & Vallison, distillers

Rattlesnake Creek, Tuolumne County, PO address. Big Oak Flat, 17 miles south east of Sonora
Priest William C, hotel

Ravenna City, Los Angeles County, 52 miles north east of Los Angeles
Barnett William, general merchandise
Harper Samuel, hotel
James Walter, blacksmith

Raw Hide Ranch, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, miles south west of Sonora
Frisbee E C, general merchandise

Ray's Ranch, Nevada County, PO address, North San Juan, 11 miles north west of Nevada City
Ray J A J, hotel

Red Bluff, Tehama County

Red Clover Valley, Plumas County, PO address, Taylorsville, 35 miles east of Quincy
Bagley Richard, hotel

Red Dog, Nevada County, PO address, You Bet
Starr Harry, liquor saloon

Redding, Shasta County, PO 7 miles south east of Shasta, and 35 miles north of Red Bluff, is at present the terminus of the Oregon Division of the Central Pacific Railroad. From this point close connection is made by the People's Stage Line, via Shasta to Yreka, a distance of one hundred and twenty-five miles, and by the California and Oregon Stage to Roseburg, Oregon, a distance of two hundred and seventy-five miles.
Bailey Joseph, stock yard
Brackett J W, attorney at law and notary public
Bresslauer D, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes
Bush Chauncey C, postmaster and agent W U Telegraph Company
Carmer & Tiffin, stock yard
Castle & Thompson, restaurant
Conroy Bernard, liquor saloon
Contner James, tailor
Craddock John, livery stable
Drew Frank, stage agent
Dunn R G, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Gray W C, proprietor Redding Hotel
Hall J K, liquor saloon
Hoff Poter, butcher
Johnson & Hearn, forwarding and commission
Knox & McDonald, liquor saloon
Madison John H, barber
Miller Frank, furniture, upholstery, crockery, tin and hardware
Redeker William, bakery and liquor saloon
Reynolds Richard, restaurant
Robinson & Parker, liquor saloon
Rogers & Arents, cigars, tobacco and varieties
Scammon J F, wagon maker and carpenter
Schroder G C, harness and saddlery
Smith W A, blacksmith
Thompson William, hotel
Tiffin & Close, blacksmiths
Wellendorff L, druggist and apothecary
Williams W W & Company, general merchandise

Redwood, Sonoma County, PO address, Guerneville, 15 miles west of Santa Rosa
Walker J K, clergyman (Meth)

Redwood City, San Mateo County

Relief Hill, Nevada County, PO address, North Bloomfield, 18 miles north east of Nevada City
Griffin James, boarding
Penrose R, boarding

Reynold's Ferry, Calaveras County, PO address, Copperopolis, 20 miles south east of San Andreas
Larilla Vincent, general merchandise

Rhoda Valley, Contra Costa County, PO address, Martinez, 8 miles south west of Martinez
Henry John, liquor saloon, blacksmith and wheelwright

Rich Bar, Plumas County, PO address, Spanish Ranch, 18 miles north west of Quincy
Chapelain Charles, general merchandise

Rich Gulch, (Lower), Calaveras County. (See Gwin Mine)

Rich Gulch Flat, Calaveras County, PO address, Mokelumne Hill, 15 miles north of San Andreas
Asbury Henry, freight and commission merchant
Blais Peter, blacksmith and wagon maker
Hoey John L, hotel

Richland, Sacramento County, PO 16½ miles south of Sacramento
Do Gross Daniel, blacksmith
Hazen Willard, blacksmith and fruit grower
Howard B F, carpenter
Pyne J G, civil engineer
Williams Nathaniel, postmaster and physician

Rieber's Station, El Dorado County, PO address, Placerville, 7 miles east of Placerville
Rieber L, hotel

Rio Vista, Solano County, PO 22 miles south east of Fairfield, is a landing on the Sacramento River, and the shipping point of a very productive agricultural region. Here is also the center of an extensive salmon fishery, where, during the season allowed by law, large numbers of this noble fish are caught, many being sent to the various city markets, and many thousands are preserved in cans and other ways, for shipment to distant countries.
Allender Thompson, liquor saloon
Allison & Company, general merchandise
Bruning Joseph, hay, grain, warehousing, and agents (J P Railroad Company, Wharf)
Carter R C, stoves, tinware, fruit and vegetables
Clarridge George A, hotel
Cramer S, general merchandise and justice of the peace
Crowell Jams W, groceries and provisions
Dozier & Pietrzyctie, physicians and druggists
Fallman Brothers, blacksmiths
Ferguson William, blacksmith and wheelwright
Frazer & Rynock, butchers
Gurney J, liquor saloon
Hawley R H, news agent, and varieties
Hitchcock A F Rev. clergyman (Cong)
Johnson & Emigh, general merchandise and warehousing
Johnston S, livery and feed stable
Kalper Frederick, wheelwright
Mitchell M M, general merchandise
Morris Thomas, shoe maker
Pine Charles A, postmaster
Pine & Palmer, general merchandise and warehousing
Rivas William, liquor saloon
Roberts George W, liquor saloon
Runck L C, Mrs. Hotel
Sidwell M, builder
Sidwell R C. architect and builder
Smith W H, barber and baths
Squires W K, hotel
Sorenson S P, cabinet maker
Stoll Charles M, harness and saddlery
Westgate Brothers, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Williams James, general merchandise, agricultural implements, warehousing, etc

Ripon, San Joaquin County, PO
Crook A B, postmaster

Riverdale, Fresno County, PO
Thompson Thomas, postmaster

Riverside, San Bernardino County, PO 12 miles south west of San Bernardino
Atherton J W Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Beale Annie Mrs, dress maker
Bovard M M Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Burr E B Kev, clergyman (Cong)
Davis B J, cabinet maker
Fox Henry, hotel
Greves James P, postmaster
Hakes & Clift, drugs, tinware, paints and stationery,
Hall John Mrs, homoeopathist physician
Loveland J S, shoe maker
Lyon & Rosenthal, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Myers & Voorhies, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Parks Arthur, attorney at law
Petchner Francis, blacksmith
Shugart K D, physician
Smith A K, hotel and restaurant
Southern California Colony Association, J W North, president
Volck Stephen, physician
Waite L C, attorney at law
Wright M V Rev, clergyman (Bap)

Roaring River, Shasta County, PO 25 miles south west of Shasta
Baker George, postmaster
Drew Justin, general merchandise
Drew James, blacksmith
Fitzhenry E, hotel
Lilley M, teacher
Maupin T H, general merchandise

Robinson's Ferry, Calavaras County, PO address, Angel's Camp, 18 miles south east ef San Andreas
Casseretto F, general merchandise

Robinson's Mill, Butte County, PO address, Forbestown, 16 miles east of Oroville
Lassly Ira, hotel

Rock Creek, Butte County, PO address, Nord, 30 miles north west of Oroville
Keefor James L, flour and lumber manufacturer

Rock Ranch, Klamath County, PO address, Orleans Bar, 15 miles north east of Orleans Bar
Stanshaw Edward, general merchandise

Rockland, Del Norte County, PO address. Crescent City, 25 miles north east of Crescent City
Smith J H Mrs, hotel

Rocklin, Placer County, PO 14 miles south west of Auburn
Anderson Mary Mrs, hotel
Bates & Lindsay, general merchandise
Booth John, barber
Boush A R, bakery
Cassidy James, liquor saloon
Clydesdale John, liquor saloon
Emery J S, granite quarry
Fahlo Mrs, liquor saloon
Jones W W, hotel
Knight Jones, livery stable and lumber dealer
Lavenson Mark, dry goods, clothing and general merchandise
Layton Brothers, wood dealers
Levison Isidore, general merchandise
Loeschan Peter, blacksmith and wagon maker
Mend Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Muir John A, agent A & P Telegraph Company, and C P R R Co
Page Nathan S, physician and druggist
Perkins W Dana, liquor saloon
Quinn W Mrs, granite quarry
Ryan Peter D, wood dealer
Schuetze William F, butcher
Smith Lewis G, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and news dealer
Soule George E, general merchandise
Taylor Oliver, granite quarry
Trott Samuel, hotel
Walker David M, liquor saloon
Whitney J P, Sheep raiser

Rockville, Solano County, PO address, Cordelia, 4 miles west of Fairfield
Neitzel Frank, blacksmith

Rodman Hill, Yuba County. (See Natchez)

Rohnerville, Humboldt County, PO 20 miles south of Eureka
Adams S S, blacksmith and wagon maker
Barnum W S, attorney at law
Beazley T Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Beckwith L C, wool grower
Brown Salmon, wool grower
Cawley David S, builder
Coates John P, postmaster
Coates & Van Sickle, general merchandise
Eby David, cabinet maker
Eby J L, pianos and organs
Feigenbaum & Brother, general merchandise
Felt T D, physician, proprietor mineral springs and livery stable
Frank A A, liquor saloon
Gill & Searles, druggists
Gillett C Rev, clergyman (United Brethren)
Gray George W, butcher
Hawley David, carpenter and builder
Hyatt H, liquor saloon
Jessen M, hotel
Johnson C, contractor and builder
Kellogg George, teacher
Leach Frederick, blacksmith
Martin A, general merchandise
Martin & Kellogg, flour and lumber manufacturers
Masson A, contractor and builder
Middleton & Martin, liquor saloon
Miller Jacob, cooper
Morton G S, mason
O'Niel Thomas Rev, clergyman (R C)
Simonds F B, notary public and attorney at law
Simpson George, harness and saddlery
Smith H G Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Steele S G, bakery
Thomas D, builder
Tyrrell A J Rev, clergyman
Weeks Elijah, barber
Wright S, hotel

Rome, Sutter County
Good & Company, general merchandise

Roseville, Placer County, PO 18 miles south west of Auburn
Berry J L, agent W U Telegraph Co
Brewster W T, blacksmith and wagon maker
Bronstetter W J, lumber manufacturer
Egbert Robert, grist mill
Fletcher R J, livery stable
Hill G W, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, A & P Telegraph Company and C P R R Company
Horn T, tinsmith
Kehner & Lewis, blacksmiths
Neff D S, hotel
Pratt J D, postmaster and general merchandise
Taylor B W Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Taylor N C, physician
Thomas &, Son, general merchandise
Watson & Company, liquor saloon and restaurant

Ross Landing, Marin County, PO address, San Rafael, 2 miles south of San Rafael
Biggins Thomas, brick manufacturer
Gardner Edward, butcher
Printy Peter, brick manufacturer
Smith Peter, general merchandise

Rough and Ready, Nevada County, PO 8 miles southwest of Nevada, on the stage road from Marysville to Nevada, is a mountain town depending on both mining and agriculture for its trade.

The locality was settled upon by the overland emigration of 1849, who found gold in great profusion in the ravines and flats of the neighborhood. Fortunes of from ten to fifty thousand dollars were made by single individuals in the first season of the discovery, and such wealth drew a large population, making this for a year or more the most populous town in that region. The diggings being shallow and the miners numerous, the richest portion was soon worked out and the flush times were over. Considerable gold washing is still carried on in the vicinity, and developments are making in quartz mining, auriferous veins being numerous. The climate is very pleasant and healthy.

Although snow sometimes falls, the weather is never so cold as to prevent the profitable cultivation of the orange, lime, pomegranate and other semi-tropical fruit. Much of the soil of the township is very fertile, and is successfully cultivated.
Flint George, shoe maker
Schlotthaur Joseph, groceries and provisions
Schmidt Jacob, saloon and medicines
Schroeder John F, postmaster and hotel
Schwartz B, dry goods and clothing
Single & Tippin, blacksmiths
Slack A S, agent Wells, Fargo & Company

Rough and Ready, Siskiyou County. (See Etna Mills)

Round Mountain, Shasta County. PO 40 miles east of Shasta
Fender W H, chair factory
Hallock R F L Rev, clergyman
Kenyon Frank, postmaster and general merchandise
Myers George, lumber manufacturer
Wolf Samuel, blacksmith

Round Valley, Inyo County, PO 60 miles north of Independence
Hilton Richard, blacksmith
Jones John E, postmaster
Rowan James, lumber manufacturer
Wainwright Charles, teacher

Round Valley, Mendocino County. (See Covelo)

Routier's Station, Sacramento County, PO 12 miles north east of Sacramento
Patterson A D, postmaster

Rowland, El Dorado County, PO 63 miles north east of Placerville
Caldwell A, general merchandise
Jeffers George, boat builder
Parrish Charles, blacksmith
Roup A, cooper
Rowland Thomas B, hotel and postmaster
Spencer A J, teacher

Ruchs, Trinity County, 36 miles of Weaverville
Stafford J A, general merchandise

Rucker's Ranch, Butte County, PO address, Oak Arbor, 15 miles east of Oroville
Rucker Benjamin, general merchandise

Rudsill's Landing, Sonoma County, PO address, Petaluma, 18 miles south of Santa Rosa
Holt F, liquor saloon

Rutherford, Napa County, 15 miles north west of Napa, on the Napa Valley Railroad
Burrage H H, wine grower
Fernbach & Company, general merchandise
Hortop Henry, blacksmith
Lockwood Frank, liquor saloon
Roberts William B, postmaster
Wyatt W H, agent Wells, Fargo & Company and Napa Valley R R Company

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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