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 Table Bluff, Humboldt County to Two Rocks, Sonoma County California

Table Bluff, Humboldt County, PO 15 miles south of Eureka
Bugett L, blacksmith
Dorrin J, hotel
Foss S C, attorney at law
Garrett T, hotel
Niles ____, physician
Patrick Albert B, general merchandise
Patrick Frank G, postmaster
Quill J, hotel
Vance E, blacksmith

Table Rock, Sierra County, PO. (See Howland Flat)
McFarland Thomas A, postmaster

Tahoe City, Lake Bigler, Placer County

Taisonville, San Joaquin County, PO address,
Woodbridge, 15 miles north of Stockton
Thompson J H, general merchandise

Tallac, El Dorado County, PO 60 miles north east of Placerville
Clement B, postmaster, and hotel
Gilmore N, proprietor Soda Springs, (Fallen Leaf Lake)

Taylor's Flat, Trinity County, PO 40 miles west of Weaverville
Martin R B, blacksmith
Polltreau A, postmaster

Taylorville, Plumas County, PO 21 miles north east of Quincy via wagon road, and 15 miles via trail, is the principal town in Indian Valley, one of the large and lovely mountain parks that occupy the great northern plateau of the Sierra. The valley has numerous arms, the principal of which is Genessee Valley, aggregating an area of about 30 square miles, and is generally fertile and arable, producing grasses, grains, and vegetables. The surrounding mountains are high and precipitous, but good roads have been made over them in various directions, particularly the stage road via Red Clover Valley, Sierra Valley and Beckwourth Pass to Reno on the Central Pacific Railroad 75 miles distant. At Taylorville is a flour mill and a saw mill, and in the vicinity are quartz mills, and valuable mines of gold and copper. The place is reached via the Central Pacific Railroad and stage from Reno, also via Oroville and Quincy, and from Chico via Big Meadows, but the deep snows on the high mountains surrounding the valley make access very difficult in winter.
Blow William, miller
Boyden G W, blacksmith
Bransford & Smith, general merchandise
Brown J B, blacksmith, and machinist
Brown ____, Mrs, dress maker
Chapman D, stage proprietor
Church W S, teacher
Cotingham William, carpenter
Coyners S & N, lime manufacturers
Eaton Thomas, cooper
Eaves Ambrose, physician
Fox A E Mrs, teacher music
Green E E, miller
Hall Joseph, butcher
Hardgrave John, hotel, and livery stable
Harris & Son, general merchandise
Heibun Peter, blacksmith
Hinkle G B Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Hodgkins George W, postmaster, and notary public
Hunsinger B F, contractor and builder
Huntington Henry, harness and saddlery
Jee William, gunsmith
Knoll Matthias, brewery
Madden G W & Son, brick manufacturer
McGee Woolsey, wagon maker
Morell R, boot and shoe maker
Notson William, butcher
Piatt N, watch maker
Price W S, liquor saloon, and confectionery
Prince E M, physician
Rosenburg, Brothers & Company, general merchandise
Taylor J T, hotel, flour, and lumber manufacturer
Underwood James, blacksmith
Varner li, carpenter
Willis Wlliam Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Young W G, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise

Tehama County

Tehama, Tehama County

Tehichipa, Kern County, PO 50 miles south east of Bakersfield
Boden F, blacksmith
Brink W B, physician
Brite John, lumber manufacturer
Butts A H, warehouse
Calhoun E E, civil engineer
Cameron G W, proprietor Tehichipa Sinks
Cummings J, carpenter
Eastwood W S, hotel
Glenn Newton, blacksmith
Green Edward, postmaster
Green & Hirshfield, general merchandise
Greene L D, hotel
Higgins Jackson, shoe maker
Hirshfeld H, general merchandise
Leonard John, carpenter
Lindsay Calvin, teacher
Murphy J J, general merchandise
Prewett James, teacher
Rison R A, hotel
Spencer H, liquor saloon
Stout F A Rev, clergyman (Meth)
Thomas J A, carpenter
Valpey Calvin, painter
West William, livery stable
Whittock H Mrs, teacher
Wiggins John, hotel
Williams G W, proprietor Star Hotel
Williams J E, hotel, and stage line
Wilson B, hotel (Locke's Station)
Yates Thomas M, teacher

Tejon, Kern County, PO
Rose William B, postmaster

Telegraph City, Calaveras County, PO 25 miles south west of San Andreas
Lawson & Barker, general merchandise
Parks Edward, postmaster, hotel, and general merchandise

Temecula, San Diego County, PO 60 miles north east of San Diego
Anieck D B, physician
Christie John, blacksmith
Levi Simon, postmaster, hotel, and general merchandise
Wolf L, cattle and horse dealer

Temescal, Alameda County, PO address Oakland, 2 miles north of Oakland
Babcock H C, proprietor Humboldt Park Hotel
Babcock & Kneale, blacksmiths
Cattaneo Gaiota, restaurant, and liquor saloon
Curley P C, liquor saloon
Freeborn W H, butcher
Jurgons Charles, groceries
Kearny T, boot and shoe maker
Lawless P, blacksmith
Montandon A F, nurseryman
Morris J W, groceries and liquors
Words P S, butcher

Temescal, San Bernardino County, PO
Lathrop A A, postmaster

Tennant's Station, Santa Clara County, PO 21 miles south east of San Jose
Grotorant Squire, blacksmith
Tennant William, postmaster, and proprietor Twenty-one Mile House

Texas Hill, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House
Loward A, hotel

Texas Springs, Shasta County, PO address, Horsetown, 6 miles south of Shasta
Wright & Bedford, general merchandise

Thompson's Flat, Butte County, PO address, Oroville, 2½ miles north of Oroville
Bottjer John, hotel, and general merchandise

Three Mile House, Solana County, PO address, Vallejo, 17 miles south west of Fairfield
Mathews Thomas, hotel
Williston John E, hotel, and race track

Tiger Lily, El Dorado County, PO address. Diamond Springs, 4 miles south of Placerville
Freck & Stutenegger, hotel, and wine growers
Hogan P B, lumber manufacturer

Timber Cove, Sonoma County, PO 45 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Henry James, hotel
Lentringer James, hotel
Liebig F, general merchandise
Miller K, postmaster
Miller AV K, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturer
Muller William, hotel
O'Brien P, blacksmith
Roasman T J, blacksmith

Timbuctoo, Yuba County, PO 18 miles north east of Marysville
Booth Thomas, fruits
Chadwick Benjamin, livery stable
Cosgrove John, general merchandise
Landrigan William, hotel
Merrill Marshall, boot and shoe maker
Thorp Archibald W, liquor saloon, and postmaster
Wessels S C, books, stationery, and druggist
Worthington Frederick, justice of the peace, and physician

Tipton, Tulare County, PO 20 miles west of Visalia
Rice William M, groceries, hotel, and postmaster

Todds Valley, Placer County, PO 18 miles north east of Auburn is a pleasantly located mining town in a slight depression on the ridge between the North and Middle Forks of the American River. The shallow placers were here worked early in 1850, and from that day the stream of gold has never ceased, at times being large and then declining, but is again increasing. Operations are now carried on against the deep beds of glacial drift by means of blasting the heavy banks with powder and washing by the hydraulic process. The want of water throughout the year retards prosperity in this section of the State, the supply, as gathered by the present system of ditches lasting only from six to eight months of each year. The principal mines of Todds Valley are owned by A. A. Pond & Company, who also own a ditch of about 1,000 inches capacity, which takes its water from Volcano Canon, and with it during the season about 75,000 is washed out. The place is in the vicinity of Forest Hill, Michigan Bluff, Bath and other once famous mining localities and where the interest is reviving under improved methods of mining and the judicious use of capital
Constable Charles, postmaster
Downs George, boarding
Guirlo Nicholas, groceries
Henley Philip, liquor saloon
Pond A A & Company, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Powell Peyton, stage line
Sheridan Thomas, hotel
Story Mathew, boarding
White John & S, lumber manufacturers

Toll House, Nevada County, PO address. North Columbia
Marks & Company, lumber manufacturers

Tomales, Marin County, PO 35 miles north west of San Rafael
Avery R H Rev, clergyman (Presb)
Brady Edward, hotel
Burnam T, barber
Button G W, physician
Dutton W, postmaster, warehouse, and livery stable
Ellinger P, shoe maker
Hagerty Michael, hotel
Julian J, hotel
Keys George, warehouse
King Daniel, liquor saloon
Kowalsky & Company, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
McCullough John, tailor
McGinty John, tinsmith
McMullin John, shoe maker
Montague & Thompson, butchers, and drovers
Morrisey P, house mover, and contractor
O'Farrell & Goldgon, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Slattery W J Rev, clergyman (B C)
Thrasher David, blacksmith, and wagon maker
Vanderbilt William, notary public, and attorney at law

Tower House, Shasta County, PO address, French Gulch, 12 miles northwest of Shasta
Cusick Andrew, hotel

Tres Pinos, San Benito County, PO 6 miles of Hollister on Tres Pinos Creek, and terminus of the Hollister branch of the S. P. R. R. This new town is brought into existence by being made a railroad station and present terminus. There is a great deal of teaming with the southern country over the mountains, as here may the valley land, continuous from Oakland through Santa Clara and San Benito, be said to terminate. To some extent it cuts off the trade of the New Idria, Panoche and Picacho quicksilver mines from Hollister. The ranch on which the town is started, belongs to Arques Brothers, who recently bought 1,500 acres for $24,000 that four years ago was offered for $8,000.
Bonnel B T, tinsmith
Cornicious C, wagon maker
Denis N, hotel
Hayhoe John, general merchandise, and agent
New Idria quicksilver Company
Herrero Victoriano, liquor saloon
Hogan M, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and S P R R Co
Killey R T, blacksmith
Libby & Carlisle, butchers
Marchetti Joseph, hotel, and livery stable
Owens J A, postmaster
Quellien G, liquor saloon

Trinidad, Klamath County, PO 60 miles southwest of Orleans Bar, is on the ocean coast 25 miles north of the entrance to Humboldt Bay, and possesses the best harbor between that point and the mouth of the Columbia River. The interior of the northern section of the State is difficult to penetrate, owing to the precipitous mountains and dense forest; but the construction of roads will eventually overcome the difficulty, and the abundant resources the section possesses will be developed. With this development, and its great natural advantages, Trinidad will become a large and important place. The surrounding forests are of the grandest character and this is the shipping point of the lumber manufactured. In the interior, and contributory to it, is a large area of rolling hills and prairie land, covered with a luxuriant growth of wild clover and bunch grass, most inviting to the stock raiser and dairyman, and which would yield abundantly if cultivated. Copper, coal, and cinnabar have also been found in the vicinity, showing the locality and by their diversity most favorable to the lasting prosperity of the place.
Childs William, postmaster, and gen mdse
Du Berhand E, attorney at law
Fitch Thomas, blacksmith
Fletcher E P, attorney at law
Hooper Brothers, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturers
King C F, attorney at law
Kirk by W H & Company, livery stable
Lambert A P, physician
Miller & Flaherty, liquor saloon
Nichols C R, hotel
Rector T H, hotel
Sandidge John, butcher
Shelton William F, liquor saloon
Smith & Dougherty, general merchandise, and lumber manufacturers

Trinity, (North Fork) Trinity County, PO 16 miles west of Weaverville
Hayes Hiram, postmaster
Meckel John & Brother, general merchandise, and brewery
Schlomer Herman, blacksmith
Yohe George, hotel

Trinity Centre, Trinity County, PO 30 miles north of Weaverville
Fader & Maxwell, lumber manufacturers
Hall Davis, hotel
Larsen John, blacksmith
Loring Frederick H, postmaster
Rumfelt & Loring, general merchandise, and agents Wells, Fargo & Company.
Sharrott J B Rev, clergyman

Trinity County

Trinity River, Trinity County, PO address, Burnt Ranch, 45 miles northwest of Weaverville
Campbell T G, flour manufacturer
Thomas R L, general merchandise

Truckee, Nevada County

Tulare, Tulare County, PO 10 miles south west of Visalia
Carnochan & Krogh, proprietors Lake House
Cotton A T, stoves, and tinware
Creighton & Johnson, butchers
Edwards E J, civil engineer and surveyor
Ellis Charles, postmaster
Gauchius Benno, liquor saloon
Green W H, liquor saloon
Grover M, restaurant
Ham & Egbert, flour manufacturers
Hammond and Pletts, livery stable
Harris J W, harness and saddlery
Holcomb S F, groceries
Jones A J, photographer
Kirkland B S, agent S P R R Co
Lane C F, physician
Lovejoy J O, proprietor Lovejoy's Hotel
Maltby C F, drugs and medicines
McClure J H, liquor saloon
McNally Martin, blacksmith
Murphy L D, physician
Perkins H D & Sons, livery stables
Porter A E, butcher
Pratt L A, carpenter
Reed & Carpenter, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Schoenfeld, Goldman & Company, general merchandise
Silver George W, attorney at law
Simpson &, Ham, flour manufacturer
Sisson, Wallace & Company, agents Wells, Fargo & Company and general merchandise
Sohn P, shoe maker
Stewart Charles G, barber
Taylor F E, liquor saloon

Tulare County

Tuolumne County

Turlock, Stanislaus County, PO 13 miles south east of Modesto
Allen James M, proprietor Turlock Hotel
Bailey George, butcher
Fulkerth & Scott, blacksmiths
Giddings & Ward, agents Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Ingle T M, general merchandise
Jeffers & Davis, blacksmiths, and wagon makers
Jordan W M, barber
Lander P C, postmaster, and varieties
Lander K K, tinsmith
Mitchell J W, grain warehouse
Purdy & Anderson, liquor saloon
Robinson & Penter, liquor saloon
Russell H O, proprietor Farmers' Hotel
Simon, Jacobs & Company, general merchandise

Tuscan Springs, Tehama County, PO address, Red Bluff, 7 miles east of Red Bluff
Bradley J C, hotel

Tustin City, Los Angeles County, PO 42 miles south east of Los Angeles
Dickerman H H, general merchandise
Freeman G W, blacksmith
Freeman Royal, teacher
Jacobs Thomas, architect and builder
Leihye J M Rev, clergyman
Nettleton ____, broom factory
Nichols E R, surveyor
Robinson L S, painter
Tustin Columbus, postmaster
Utt L, hotel

Tuttletown, Tuolumne County, PO address, Columbia, miles northwest of Sonora
Byhout E, restaurant
Leach Thomas, liquor saloon
Swerer S W, general merchandise wagon

Twelve Mile Bar, Plumas County, PO address, Spanish Ranch, 14 miles northwest of Quincy
Hyde C W, hotel

Twelve Mile House, Sacramento County, PO
Coy Z T, postmaster

Twenty-Six Mile House, Stanislaus County, PO 25 miles north of Modesto
Dowde G W, liquor saloon
Smith Austin, postmaster, and blacksmith

Two Rocks, Sonoma County, PO 16 miles south west of Santa Rosa
Schoobeda J B, postmaster
Wiegand Charles, hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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