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Acampo, San Joaquin County to Azusa, Los Angeles County California

The names of the different counties, cities and towns on the Pacific Coast, and the local officers governing the same, with the address of each Merchant, Manufacturer and Professional residing therein. When the Post office address differs from the name of the locality, it is given immediately after the name and preceding the locality to which it refers.

Acampo, San Joaquin County, PO 13 miles east of Stockton
Denham W S, wagon maker
Kirkland William, general merchandise
Sagu George, blacksmith
Welsh Daniel, liquor saloon
Woods John N, postmaster

Adams Ferry, Shasta County, PO address, American Planch, 24 miles south east of Shasta
Adams W J, hotel proprietor and general merchant
Darrh S. lumber

Adinville, Modoc County, PO 42 miles south west of Dorris Bridge, is in the southern portion of Big Valley, 80 miles, by road, north of Susanville, and 140 north east of Redding, on the California and Oregon Railroad. The town was named in honor of Mr. Adin McDowell, its first settler, and was a strong candidate for the county seat, but being only one mile from the county line of Lassen, the selection of Dorris Bridge was made.
Arentz E, liquor saloon
Auble M, livery stable
Bautz T A, attorney at law
Benham & Ingram, blacksmiths
Blaske A, druggist
Bucher &. Briscoe, general merchandise
Frank A J, blacksmith
Grubbs E P, general merchandise
Hall H P, physician
Harris L W, livery stable
Lauer E & County, general merchandise
Lauer Emanuel, postmaster
Mann 11, liquor saloon
McMath C, hotel
Traugh L G, attorney at law
Willow Creek Lumbering Company lumber dealers

Adobe Creek, Santa Clara County, PO address, Mayfield, its 16 miles north west of San Jose
Finger August, nursery
Monahan Charles, liquor saloon

Adobe Meadows, Mono County, PO address, Benton, 4 miles south east of Bridgeport
Shaw Frank, hotel

Aetna Mills, Siskiyou County. (See Etna Mills)

Agua Caliente, San Diego County, PO address, Warner's Ranch, 10 miles north east of San Diego, a small agricultural settlement, and a place of resort at the hot springs for invalids
Wilson Henry, general merchandise

Agua Frio, Mariposa County, PO address, Mount Bullion, 5 miles west of Mariposa
Sanguinetti A, general merchandise

Ajuanga, San Diego County, PO address, Temecula, 85 miles north east of San Diego
Bergman Jacob, stock raiser
Kenniston M A, stock raiser
Thoman Charles, stock raiser

Alabama House, Amador County, PO address, Ione Valley, 20 miles north west of Jackson
Stacy Varnum, hotel

Alameda, Alameda County, PO 2 miles south of Oakland

Alameda County. Organized in 1853

Alamo, Contra Costa County, P O 14 miles south east of Martinez
Foster James, postmaster and attorney at law
Hamburg L, harness and saddlery
Henry J B, hotel
Khron Henry, agent Whitney & Company express and shoe maker
Seely Daniel, blacksmith
Sohn Peter, general merchandise
Tubbs W W Rev, clergyman (Presb)

Albany Flat, Calaveras County, PO address, Angels Camp, 15 miles south of San Andreas
Lee Andrew, general merchandise

Albion, Mendocino County, PO 48 miles west of Ukiah
Handley William, hotel and dealer railroad ties, posts, etc
Macpherson & Wetherbee, lumber manufacturers
White C E, postmaster
White L E & Company general merchandise, hotel and agents Wells, Fargo & Co

Alcatraz, San Francisco County, PO 2 miles north east of San Francisco
Thomas Charles E, postmaster

Algerine, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, 7 miles south of Sonora
Nau E, butcher
Rocco John, general merchandise

Alleghany, Sierra County, P O 9 miles south of Downieville
Bradbury & Powell, butchers
Brainard Charles, livery stable and stage office
Crafts S S, postmaster
Crafts & Company general merchandise and agents Wells Fargo & Company
Deyo William A, liquor saloon
Lefevre Josiah, physician
Miller Ernst, saloon and restaurant
Thompson David, hotel
West & Clute, liquor saloon

Allen Springs, Lake County, PO 29 miles north east of Lakeport
Allen Bros, hotel and market
Allen George, postmaster
Allen Vail, general merchandise
Douglas John, carpenter
Johnson Al, livery and feed stable
Mitchell J E, blacksmith

Allison Ranch, Nevada County, PO address, Grass Valley, 7 miles south of Nevada City
Ahern James, liquor saloon and boarding
Hennessy Patrick, general merchandise Sullivan Thomas, liquor saloon

Alma, Santa Clara County, PO 15 miles south west of San Jose
Chase S H, lumber
Collins Lysander, postmaster and hotel
Collumlet Peter, distillery
Millard Lewis, contractor
Meiseenheimer M, surveyor
Sanderson &, Company lumber manufacturers

Alpine County. Organized in 1864. Bounded northeast by the State of Nevada, east by Mono, south by Tuolumne, and west by Calaveras, Amador and El Dorado. Area, 850 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $850,000. County seat, Silver Mountain. Principal towns: Monitor and Markleeville.

Resources, lumber and minerals. its topography, as its name implies, is of Alpine character, being mountainous and broken. It lies on the summit and eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, and contains the sources of two branches of the Carson River, which flow northeastwardly through deep canons into the State of Nevada. Their rapid fall as they descend from the lofty, snow-capped peaks of the mountains, affords abundant water power for the manufacture of lumber or for the reduction of ore. Alpine enjoys a considerable trade in lumber and firewood which it furnishes to Nevada, and its mines of gold, silver and copper are worked with some success.

Agriculture is carried on in the small valleys to a limited extent.

Officers: Silas W. Griffith, County Judge; Leon M. Buel, Clerk, Recorder and Auditor; Thomas J Orgon, District Attorney; John B. Scott, Sheriff and Tax Collector; Thomas W. Legget, Treasurer; Charles B. Gregory, Assessor; James Champion, Surveyor; D. N. McBeth, Coroner and Public Administrator; A. C. Pratt, Superintendent Public Schools.
Alpine Mill, Kern County, PO address, Glenville

Collar Eugene, general merchandise

Alta, Placer County, PO 33 miles __ Auburn
Banvard B M, postmaster and hotel
Banvard L II, agt C P R R and A & P Telegraph Co
Betts J, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Damsguard John, lumber manufacturer
Mattel Joseph, liquor saloon
Taylor & Pickens, general merchandise
Tillotson L B & Company lumber manufacturers
Towle Brothers, lumber manufacturers
Towle Gould & Company lumber manufacturers
Wright J E, livery stable, liquor saloon and market

Altamont, Alameda County, PO 39 miles east of Oakland
Dolan P, hotel
Wright William H, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company and general merchandise

Altaville, Calaveras County, P O address, Angels Camp, 12 miles south of San Andreas
Beker John, brewery
Demerest D D, foundry
Nuninger H, liquor saloon
Prince B R, hotel and general mdse.

Altaville, Del Norte County, PO address, Crescent City, 16 miles north east of Crescent City
Tack Nicholas, hotel

Alvarado, Alameda County, PO 18 miles south east of Oakland and 26 miles south east of San Francisco, is in Washington Township. This is one of the oldest towns of Alameda, and was the first county seat. Alameda creek flows through the place, affording navigation to light draught vessels, by which easy communication is maintained with San Francisco.

The town boasts the leading stove foundry in the State, and until recently a Beet Sugar factory flourished, but this, to secure cheaper land and fuel, was removed to Sequel, Santa Cruz Co. Another, however, is soon expected to take its place. The surrounding land is low and of great fertility, assuring large business and an abundant prosperity to the people. The landing, or port of Alvarado, is at Union City, half a mile from the principal town, and possesses four or five large warehouses and engages quite a fleet of small vessels.
Alguire Rodney, harness and saddlery
Bidtenger William, shoe maker
Brvan W J, Superintendent Alvarado Foundry
Butteau S A, physician
Dyer E H, surveyor
Helwig P, butcher
Heyer August, liquor saloon
Huff Edward, liquor saloon
Ingalls B F, builder
Latin W H, liquor saloon
Lee Antonio, barber
Listen William M, general merchandise
Lowell A J, tinsmith
May August, butcher
McKeown James, blacksmith and wagon maker
Owen Daniel C, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company notary public and insurance agent
Ralph John H, general merchandise
Smithurst John, liquor saloon
Stokes James J, general merchandise
Sumner H C, livery stable
Tay George H & Company proprietor Alvarado Foundry
Tuller P, proprietor Brooklyn Hotel
Williams B F, attorney at law

Alviso, Santa Clara County, PO 9 miles north of San Jose, and 35 miles by steamer south east of San Francisco, at the head of San Francisco Bay, and is the landing, or embarcadero, of San Jose.

This is an important depot for the trade of Santa Clara County, having five brick warehouses for the storage of grain, and six of wood for hay, all of large capacity, one of the warehouses connected with Bray's flouring mill having capacity for the storage of 5,000 tons of wheat.

Two steamers make daily trips to San Francisco, touching at the Green Point Dairy Ranch. Numerous small sailing craft also ply in the trade. A narrow gauge railroad to San Jose is proposed, which would greatly facilitate business. A large flouring and paper mill constitute the manufactures.

The place is surrounded by a large extent of marsh land, subject to overflow at the highest tides, and a company has been formed which is engaged in the reclamation of a large area lying between Alviso and the lauds of the old Mission of San Jose.
Anderson M, flour manufacturer
Ayres _____, boot and shoe maker
Bray Frank, proprietor Alviso Flour Mills
Carter John S & Company grain warehouse
Erkson William, Granger's grain warehouse
Gallagher Andrew, warehouse
Hum U II, hay warehouse
Hays & Carter, proprietors Alviso & San Jose stage line
Howard & Emerson, blacksmiths
Hutchinson K, lumber and warehouse
Johnson S W, butcher
Karr John, superintendent Alviso warehouse
King E J, paper mill
Pogue Thomas, hotel
San Francisco and Alviso Transportation Co
Tilden D K, general merchandise
Vincent Louisa Madame, hotel
Wade H, warehouse
Wade H G, grain warehouse
Wade M A Miss, postmistress
Whitcomb O, blacksmith
Wright William, liquor saloon

Amador, Alameda County. (See Dougherty Station)

Amador City, Amador County, PO 6 miles north west of Jackson
Allen George, lumber
Chichizola A, general merchandise
Cribbins P, hotel
Fleehart C, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Harrington J W, proprietor Amador Hotel
Harris S, cigars tobacco and fruit
Heisch P, barber
Hewitt C, superintendent Keystone Consolidated Mining Co
Jordan J T, wagon maker
Kerr Thomas, livery stable
Kirkland W W & Company general merchandise
Kling George W, liquor saloon
Mooney M, liquor saloon
Peyton William, liquor saloon
Sowden Joseph, shoe maker
Timmerman Joseph, blacksmith and wheelwright
Weil Aaron, postmaster, agent W U Telegraph Co and general merchandise
Werner & Sutherland, butchers

Amador County. Organized in 1854. Bounded north by El Dorado, east by Alpine, southeast and south by Calaveras, and west by San Joaquin and Sacramento. Area. 700 square miles. Assessed valuation of property for 1874, $2,554,5.55. County seat, Jackson. Principal towns: Drytown, Fiddletown, Ione, Sutter Creek, and Volcano.

The resources are mineral, with capacity for agriculture and grazing to a considerable extent. Fruit, in great variety, is successfully grown, and in the manufacture of wine and brandy Amador promises to take high rank. Its gold mines, particularly in quartz, are among the richest in the world, and their successful prosecution is very encouraging to that interest. The great Mother Lode passes through the county, upon which are some of the richest mines in the State.

A bed of coal, or lignite, is found near Ione, which supplies a fair quality of fuel, much used at the mines and mills in the vicinity, and to which a railroad from Stockton is building. Copper and other minerals are found, and successfully mined. The Amador Canal, a grand mining enterprise, was completed in 1874, earring 5,000 inches of water, giving cheap motive power to machinery and new life to placer mining.

The county is long and narrow, extending from the summit to the base of the Sierra Nevada on its western slope. The south branch of the Cosumnes runs along its northern border, and the Mokelumne on its southern. Sutter and Dry creeks, two small streams, are in the lower portion. Lines of stages to Sacramento and Stockton pass through it, connecting with the Central Pacific Railroad at Gait.

Officers: Thomas M. Pawling, County Judge; James B. Stevens, Clerk, Recorder and Auditor; Thomas J Phelps, District Attorney; Peter Fagan, Sheriff and Tax Collector; John A. Butterfield, Treasurer; John VV. Surface, Assessor; William L. McKim, Surveyor; Daniel Myers, Coroner and Public Administrator; Samuel G. Briggs, Superintendent Public Schools.

American Flat, El Dorado County, PO address, Kelsey, 7 miles north of Placerville
Lawyer J J, groceries and varieties

American House, Plumas County, PO address, La Porte, 35 miles south of Quincy
Cunningham Patrick, hotel

American House, Trinity County, PO address, Trinity Centre, 50 miles north east of Weaverville
Dodge W S, hotel

American Ranch, Shasta County, PO. (See Anderson)
Anderson Elias, Postmaster

Anaheim Landing, Los Angeles County, PO address, Anaheim, 37 miles south east of Los Angeles.
Anaheim Lighter Company forwarding
Classen M, restaurant and liquor saloon
Halberstadt & Company lumber

Anderson, Mendocino County, PO. (See Boonville)
Rogers J Taylor, postmaster

Anderson, Shasta County, PO address, American Ranch, 18 miles south east of Shasta
Anderson Elias, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and railroad agent
Bedford & Wright, general merchandise
Egleston W J, agent J B Haggin
Ludwig William, machinist
Palmer & Wagner, fishermen
Parhann D & Son, blacksmiths
Roberts Frank, teacher
Salsbury William, carpenter
Sinder L P, liquor saloon
Snow John, hotel

Angel Island, Marin County, PO in the Bay of San Francisco, 12 miles south east of San Rafael and 4 miles north of San Francisco
Mellon Charles, postmaster

Angel's Camp, Calaveras County, PO 12 miles 8 east of San Andreas
Anderson James, liquor saloon
Bruner Frederick, butcher
Cooley John, boot and shoe maker
Cosgrove M Mrs, hotel
Crooks William, postmaster and books, stationery and tobacco
Feray John, livery stable
Fletcher J T, lumber
Garlick Joseph, liquor saloon and bakery
Hockman Richard, varieties
Johnson J Rawson Rev, clergyman (Cong)
Kelly W A, physician
Lindsay T L, notary public and justice of the peace
Love A & Company lumber
Matson James, blacksmith
Peirano John, dry goods and provisions
Peirano Joseph, general merchandise
Robinson L R, barber
Scribner John C, agent Wells, Fargo & Co. general merchandise and drugs
Speilner John, boot and shoe maker
Stickles E & G, general merchandise
Tait William, tinsmith and justice of the peace
Tryon G C, proprietor Angel's Hotel
Waterman E K, blacksmith and wagon maker

Antelope, Yolo County, PO 20 miles north west of Woodland
Argyle J A, carpenter
Brown Z G, drugs and varieties
Buckly Robert, brick maker
Dunnigan & Yarick, hotel and blacksmiths
Dunnigan A W, postmaster
Earle William, general merchandise
Gray George W, carpenter
Gray J B, liquor saloon
Gray Joseph, carpenter
Kier H M Physician
Lily James, carpenter
Lyon George, blacksmith
Mitchell Thomas, blacksmith
Ross D L, liquor saloon
Yarick G W, harness and saddlery

Antelope City, Mono County. (See Coleville)

Antelope Valley, Tehama County, PO address, Red Bluff, 4 miles east of Red Bluff
Blossom R H, wine grower
Clark S D, general merchandise
Loupee & Sanford, blacksmiths and wagon makers *
Wilson James, wagon maker

Anthony House, Nevada County, 12 miles west of Nevada
Westerfield William, postmaster and General mdse.

Antioch, Contra Costa County, PO 25 miles east of Martinez.

Applegate's Siding, Placer County, PO address, Colfax, 10 miles north east of Auburn
Applegate George W, fruit and wine grower
Holmes H T & Company lime manufacturers

Aptos, Santa Cruz County, PO miles east of Santa Cruz. This place, which has an extensive beach and wharf, has lately assumed importance. Here, during the past summer Claus Spreckles, Esq. of San Francisco, has erected a splendid hotel and laid out walks and drives with the view of making it a popular resort for invalids and those seeking pleasure in both surf and glade.
Arano Joseph, postmaster and gen mdse.
Gasque Henry, manager Aptos Hotel
Nichols B C, lumber manufacturer
Rice D M, hotel proprietor
Walsh P K, proprietor Live Oak Hotel

Aqueduct City, Amador County, PO address Pine Grove, 10 miles east of Jackson
Ludekins Louis, general merchandise

Arbuckle, Shasta County, PO address, Horsetown, 35 miles west of Shasta
Parks George & John, general merchandise

Areata, Humboldt County, PO 8 miles north of Eureka by water and 14 by land, is pleasantly situated at the northern extremity of Humboldt Bay, with surroundings most romantic and lovely, and abounding in wealth. The soil is very fertile, and the neighboring forests are grand in the extreme. The California laurel one of the most beautiful of cabinet wood, grows quite plentifully, and from the immense forests of redwood a vast quantity of lumber is made.

Two small steamers make semi-daily trips to Eureka, and sea-going vessels sail direct to outside ports. Some marsh land is in the neighborhood, which, when reclaimed, is found very productive.

The principal exports are potatoes, dairy products, wool, tanbark, laurel and redwood lumber.
Bauman John, blacksmith
Bowen G C, drugs and medicines
Brizard Alex, general merchandise
Bull J C, butcher
Burns Robert, tinsmith
Cowan E, blacksmith
Craig J U, liquor saloon
Croghan & Murphy, livery stable
Culberg J, general merchandise
Deming Byron, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, notary public and justice of the peace
Deming B, wagon maker
Develin Thomas, tanner
Falk & Miner, lumber and flour manufacturers
Fickle W Y, physician
Force L, physician
Greenewald J, general merchandise
Harpst, Spring & Company general merchandise
Hawkins E. cabinet maker
Kirkby W H, livery stable
McLeod D, blacksmith
Merrell S W, hotel
Odenheimer William, shoe maker
Preston A M, tanner
Reed J L, architect
Richards C C, liquor saloon
Richart F, hotel
Shorleg Louis, tobacco and fruits
Simpson D L, liquor saloon
Smith Charles, postmaster and general merchandise
Smith Joshua, boot and shoe maker
Stanley G R, Rev, clergyman, (Meth)
Todd J S, clergyman, (Presb)
Watkins & Gilbraith, blacksmiths
Yocum G W B, blacksmith

Areola, Fresno County. (See Borden.)

Argusville, Lassen County, 71 miles northwest of Susanville
Carmichael & Farrington, lumber dealers
Chandler C, hotel
Chandler & Roney, stage agents
Curry J D, general merchandise
Nolten John W, postmaster
Ricketts R A, stock dealer

Arroya Grande, San Luis Obispo County, PO is 13 miles south east of San Luis Obispo, Is In a pleasant valley, and promises to become a place of considerable importance.

Near the town are the White Sulphur Springs, where accommodations have recently been constructed for parties resorting hither for health or pleasure. The water of the sprint's has a temperature of 115 degrees, and contains sulphur, iron, magnesia, etc., giving it rare medical qualities.

Wild game, romantic scenery, and a pleasant climate are among the attractions to this healthful resort. The nearest landing to Arroyo Grande is the People's Landing, near Point Sal, 9 miles distant.
Branch Bros, flour manufacturers
Corbit John, postmaster and blacksmith
Hammerchlag M, general merchandise
Lyon J M, blacksmith
Newson D F notary public, conveyancer and real estate agent
Bobbins George W, hotel proprietor and general merchandise
Ryan W H, liquor saloon

Ashland, Sacramento County, PO address, Folsom, 25 miles north east of Sacramento City
Latham & Lawton, general merchandise

Atlanta, San Joaquin County, P 15 miles south of Stockton
Averill Bros, blacksmiths and wheelwrights
Davenport E G Mrs, hotel
Murphy J D, postmaster and general merchandise

Auburn, Placer County, PO and County seat, 35 miles north east of Sacramento.

Augusta, Santa Clara County, PO address, Santa Clara, 6½ miles west of San Jose
Sanborn K C, liquor saloon
Watkins & Scott, manufacturers agricultural implements and steam engines

Avila, San Luis Obispo County, PO address, San Luis Obispo, 9 miles south s west of San Luis Obispo, is a newly surveyed town at the People's Landing, San Luis Obispo Bay, and receives its name from the Messrs. Avila, the owners of the land surrounding the harbor. This harbor, although generally available, is not regarded as safe in stormy weather, particularly during southeast winds, but it is claimed that it may be easily rendered a harbor of refuge by the construction of a sea wall, for which Congress has been petitioned.

The harbor, or roadstead, is a broad open bay formed by the projection on the west and northwest of Point San Luis, but on the south is unprotected. It is in Lat. 35° 10' 37" north, and Long. 120° 43' 31" west. A wharf 780 feet in length gives accommodation to shipping, with twenty feet of water at low tide. The principal exports are wool, hides, wine, dairy products, asphaltum, whale oil and the products of fisheries along the coast.

The town was laid out in the summer of 1874, and bids fair to prosper. Narrow gauge lines of railroad are proposed with prospects of building, one to San Luis Obispo, and another to Guadaloupe, and the valley of the Santa Maria, connecting at the county line with one proposed from Santa Barbara.
Benrimo M A, hotel
Schwartz & Harford, lumber dealers

Azusa, Los Angeles County, PO 20 miles east of Los Angeles
Booth N B, nurseryman
Caley Thomas E, teacher
Casey John W Rev, clergyman (Baptist)
Dalton Henry, fruit grower and distiller
Goldsmith Adolph, general merchandise
Gordon J T, attorney at law
Justice Jesse, blacksmith
Justice Oliver T. postmaster
Potter J C, butcher

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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