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Damascus, Placer County to Dutch Hill Plumas County California

Damascus, Placer County, PO address, Iowa City, 36 miles north east of Auburn
Cannon F E, butcher
Denly H K, general merchandise
Hall John, hotel and general merchandise

Danetown, Placer County, PO address, Lincoln, 15 miles west of Auburn
Nader Henry, groceries

Danville, Contra Costa County, PO 16 miles south east of Martinez
Cameron W W, supt. Monte Diablo stage road
Cohen Michael, postmaster
Cohen A Cahen, general merchandise and express agents
Conway John, general merchandise
Rawley & McPheeters, blacksmiths and wheelwrights

Darwin, Inyo County, PO
Elder Abner B, postmaster

Davenport, Santa Cruz County, PO 13 miles north west of Santa Cruz
Hatch & Brangan, lumber manufacturers
Lorenzen Lorenz, ship builder
Purdy William, postmaster and general merchandise
Roque A, hotel
Sprague A Company, blacksmiths
Wuurr Henry, lumber manufacturer

Davis School House, San Joaquin County, PO address, Lodi, 7 miles north of Stockton
Chase C H, general merchandise

Davisville, Yolo County, PO 9½ miles south west of Woodland

Daylor's Ranch, Sacramento County, PO address, Consumes, 29 miles south east of Sacramento
Balis George W, hotel
Cotton J S, hotel and groceries
Esterbrook James Mrs, blacksmith
Frazer ____, hotel
Tubbs A Howell, groceries and liquors

Dayton, Butte County, PO address, Chico, 23 miles north west of Oroville
Bowman S, general merchandise
Carton Peter, liquor saloon
Greenbaum O. general merchandise
Yokum H F, hotel

Dayton, Lassen County, 20 miles east of Susanville
Jones S, hotel
Sifford A, teacher

Deadwood, Placer County, PO address, Michigan Bluff, 37 miles north east of Auburn
Ferguson D, hotel
Morton Mrs, hotel

Decota, Alameda County, PO, a station on the C P R R
Decota Bros, grain warehouse
Hare Andrew, postmaster

Deep Well Station, Monterey County, PO address, Natividad, 18 miles north east of Monterey
Foster Allen, general merchandise and hotel

Deer Greek, El Dorado County, PO address, Shingle Springs, 15 miles s west of Placerville
Holdridge L, hotel

Deer Valley, El Dorado Company, PO address, Green Valley. 12 miles north west of Placerville
Reese John, teacher
Smith E II, general merchandise

Del Norte County. Organized 1857.

Delano, Kern County, PO 35 miles north of Bakersfield
Amy Victor, liquor saloon
Chauvin E, postmaster, general merchandise and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Rice J W, hotel and general merchandise
York Fred, agent S P R R

Denverton, Solano County, PO 9 miles s east of Fairfield
Crawford J N Rev, clergyman
Daniels Addio F Miss, teacher
Levigno H, carpenter
Mein Robert, storage and forwarding
Nurse Stephen K, postmaster and general merchandise
Sullivan & Ent, blacksmiths
Smith William

Diamond Spring House, Plumas County, PO address. La Porte, 40 miles south of Quincy
Union Lumber Company, lumber manufacturers

Diamond Springs, El Dorado County, PO 3 miles south of Placerville.
Bradbury Erastus G, postmaster and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Dean Isaac, blacksmith
Griffith & Bryant, lumber manufacturers
Harris Thomas, provisions and hardware
Hogan P B, lumber manufacturer
Hooper H O, door and sash manufacturer
Hsohn Fredk, hotel
Koch B, hotel
Schneider John Jr, liquor saloon
Siesbuttel Alexander, hotel

Dick's Station, El Dorado County, PO address, Slippery Ford, 46 miles north east of Placerville
Yarnold Richard, hotel

Dixon, Solano County, PO 20 miles north east of Fairfield

Dobbins' Ranch, Yuba County, PO address, Oregon House, 27 miles north east of Marysville
Merriam Joseph, hotel
Slingsby & Gettins, general merchandise

Doby Ranch, Sacramento PO, 20 miles south of Sacramento
Carroll Z. blacksmith
Russell Samuel D, postmaster

Dodgeville, Sonoma County. (See Pine Flat)

Dog Creek, Shasta County, PO address, Portugee 37 miles north of Shasta
Smith William T. general merchandise and hotel
Smithson S, hotel

Dog Town, Yolo County. (See Capay City)

Donahue, Sonoma County, PO address, Lakeville, 21 miles south east of Santa Rosa
Susenboth John C, hotel
Rochfort Thomas, general merchandise

Donner Lake, Nevada County, PO address, Truckee, 55 miles north east of Nevada. The lacustrine scenery of the Sierra Nevada has become widely celebrated for its beauty, but in no section is it shown in more charming loveliness, associated with wild grandeur than at Donner Lake. Pure and sparkling this mirror-like body of water rests in its quiet vale, fringed with evergreen forests, while in the west rises, in grim majesty, the mountain ridge of rugged rocks along which is hewn the narrow shelf that bears the great Pacific Railroad and its sweeping trains like a battle of life against the elements a triumph of art over nature.

The Lake is three and a half miles in length by one in breadth of great depth and purity of water, and occupies a basin of the eastern slope of the Sierra, having the high mountains on three sides, the eastern opening of the valley of the Truckee River one branch of which here taking its source. Tourists in season of the refreshing and pictures one, visit it via the Summit, or from the town of Truckee, two miles distant, or view the scene from passing trains. Turing the summer it is a pleasant place of resort, stages and carriages being available to visitors, accommodation by good hotels, the fishing and boating are always excellent, and the pure air, the fresh cold water and the grand scenery give health to the body, and pleasure to every sense.

The name perpetually recalls a painful reminiscence of the trials and hardships of the pioneers of California near the southern end of the lake are some high stumps of trees, old and decaying, indicating the site of the "Donner Cabins," where, in 1846, a party of immigrants from Illinois, of which the Donner family were prominent members, caught in the early snows of that year, made their encampment and were compelled to pass the winter. Terrible suffering ensued, many dying from starvation and others relieved themselves by cannibalism and suspicions are entertained that in the deep despair of the frigid imprisonment murder was comminuted that the pangs of hunger might be relieved from the body of the victim. The surviving immigrants were relieved in February by the exertions of the settlers at Sutter's Fort, and their tale of suffering and despair sent a thrill of horror over the country, and to this day attaches a melancholy interest to the scene that bears the name.

Door Station, Trinity County, PO address, Trinity Centre
Whittmore H M. hotel

Dorris Bridge, Modoc County, PO and County seat 200 miles north east of Sacramento, is a newly settled locality at the junction of the North and South Forks of Pitt River, in what is locally called Hot Spring Valley. The town is of but recent location, and is in a wild and elevated region, but is surrounded by broad meadows of excellent grasses, affording abundant pasturage. The scenery is romantic the water pure and cold, and the climate is subject to no extremes of heat and cold, although frost occur in summer and snows of two feet in depth come in winter.
Barber W C. liquor saloon
Coombs William liquor saloon
Dorris James J, attorney at law
Harmon & Billman, blacksmiths
Harris G F, attorney at law
Hill H G, physician
Lauer E & Company, general merchandise
Mann Henry, liquor saloon
Mark A Weller, livery stable
McKay George, carpenter
Pendleton & O'Hale, carpenters
Rine N B, postmaster
Skinner William, attorney at law
Smith J L P, carpenter

Double Springs, Calaveras County. (See Valley Springs)

Dougherty's Station, Alameda County, PO 14 miles south east of Oakland
Bowen John, wheelwright
Donnelly James, butcher
Dougherty J W, stock raiser
Green John, general merchandise and hotel
Luten Peter, hotel
Wertheimer Siegfried, postmaster and gen mdse
Wills T D, blacksmith

Douglas City, Trinity County, PO 7 miles south of Weaverville
Carr T S, teacher
Earl A R, notary public
Gream W T. blacksmith
Hennessy D. liquor saloon
Leonard H W, hotel
Lobdell O, gunsmith
Marshall Amos H, postmaster
Marshall & Mason, general merchandise
Wallace & Mabie, butchers
Weaver W T, blacksmith

Douglas Flat, Calaveras County, PO address, Murphys, 18 miles south of San Andreas
Gagliardo Antonio, general merchandise
Perasso G, general merchandise
Perry S A, general merchandise

Dover, Merced Company, PO address, Hills Ferry, Stanislaus County, 30 miles south west of Snelling
Shaw Hiram, blacksmith

Downey City, Los Angeles County, PO address, Los Nietos, 12 miles south east of Los Angeles
Adams Samuel A Rev, clergyman
Adams S G Rev, clergyman
Barnett G, blacksmith
Baruch & Loeb, general merchandise
Benbrook Charles, liquor saloon
Brown J C, boot maker
Brownstone Samuel, attorney at law
Clayton P Rev, clergyman
Cooper & Company, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Crowell C T, general merchandise
Frankel Bros, general merchandise
Gilletta C Rev, clergyman
Graham J B, hotel
Griffith & Lynch, lumber
Guirado B, general merchandise
Holloway J B, attorney at law
Jenkins W W, attorney at law
Jones S, painter
Leach J W Rev. clergyman
Mitrovitch J, fruits
Moores William Rev, clergyman
Pollard L C, liquor saloon
Rice M, hotel
Settle M G Rev, clergyman
Shortridge Charles, harness and saddlery
Smith A Fulton, druggists and agents Wells, Fargo & Company
Standifer R, livery stable
Stroud R. blacksmith
Stuart Henry, blacksmith
Wolfe George W, attorney at law and justice of the peace

Downieville, Sierra County, PO and county seat

Dry Creek, Calaveras County, PO address, San Andreas
Oneto Lorenzo, general merchandise

Dry Creek, Yuba County, P O address, Oregon House, 25 miles north east of Marysville
Kingdon H, hotel
Shoenholzer George, general merchandise

Drytown, Amador County, PO 11 miles north west of Jackson
Clark W O, livery stable
Clemens James, liquor saloon
Creglow H, wagon maker
Finn Stephen, wine manufacturer
Gifford Samuel, shoe maker
Grimes George, dry goods and clothing
Heich P, barber
Henderson F B, proprietor Exchange Hotel
Jennings William, postmaster, grocer, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and manager W U Telegraph Co
Leincke Charles, manufacturer wine and vinegar
Miller D R, blacksmith
Normon W A, physician
Silvy Thomas, butcher
Williams J C, general merchandise

Dublin, Alameda County. (See Dougherty's Station)

Duncan's Mill, Sonoma County, PO 25 miles 8 east of Santa Rosa
Beacom Thomas, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and hotel
Duncan A & Company, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Knowles Joseph, flour manufacturer
Markham Andrew, liquor saloon

Durham, Butte County, P O 18 miles north west of Oroville
Baker J, Blacksmith
Cambell James, railroad agent and liquor saloon
Durham William W, postmaster
Gass & Company, warehouse and flour manufacturers
Pratt C, warehouse

Dutch Flat, Placer County, PO 32 miles north east of Auburn

Dutch Hill, Plumas County, PO 26 miles north west of Quincy
Dutch Hill Mining Company, general merchandise
Scott Samuel N, postmaster

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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