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Gabilan, Monterey County to Gwin Mine, Calaveras County California

Gabilan, Monterey County, PO 7 miles east of Salinas
Clark Mark H, postmaster, hotel and blacksmith
Smith Carrie Miss, teacher (Oak Grove)

Gabilan House, Monterey County, PO address, Natividad, a miles north of Salinas
Townsend J H, hotel

Gallatin, Los Angeles County. (See Downey City)

Gait, Sacramento County, PO 27 miles south of Sacramento
Brewster John, postmaster
Clough A A, forwarding and commission merchant
Edwards G S, blacksmith
Harvey G W, hotel
Hunt & Dunen, blacksmiths
Locke Jackson, liquor saloon
McKinstry & Howard, livery stable
Studebaker W B, boot and shoe maker
Tinker D B, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and C P RR
Whitaker & Ray, general merchandise
Wriston & Norton, butchers

Garberville, Humboldt County, PO 50 miles south west of Eureka
Garber J C, postmaster and general merchandise

Garcia River, Mendocino County, PO address, Punta Arenas, 57 miles south of Ukiah
Nickerson B & Company lumber manufacturers and general merchandise

Garden Valley, El Dorado County, PO 12 miles north of Placerville
Bell F M, contractor
Cole C R Mrs, teacher
Filippini Rinaldo, postmaster
Filippini Rinaldo & Company, groceries and provisions
Kinninmouth Andrew, blacksmith
Nevell W II, dentist
Russell H W, blacksmith

Garrote, Tuolumne County, PO address, Groveland, 26 miles south of Sonora
Allen Carson, liquor saloon
Foot M, hotel
Muller Eugene, brewery
Mullins John A, blacksmith
Noziglla Michael, general merchandise
Savory B L, hotel
Tunnahill James, general merchandise
Watson G W, shoe maker

Garrote (No 2), Tuolumne County, PO address, Groveland, 28 miles south of Sonora
Chaffie & Chamberlain, gardeners and nurserymen

Gas Jet, Humboldt County, PO 36 miles south of Eureka
Odell A, teacher
Stewart Thomas, postmaster

Gas Point, Shasta County, PO
Williams John S, postmaster

Gazelle, Siskiyou County, PO 18 miles south of Yreka
Eddy H C Mrs, postmistress
Edson Bros, hotel

Georgetown, El Dorado County

Georgetown Junction, El Dorado County, PO address. Slippery Ford, 46 miles north east of Placerville
Fountain Garrett, hotel

Georgia Slide, El Dorado County, PO address, Georgetown
Barklage, G H, general merchandise

Geyser Springs, Sonoma County, PO 43 miles northwest of Santa Rosa, in one of the deep gorges of the St. Helena Mountains. These remarkable springs present a scene seldom seen on earth, and forcibly suggestive of a place not to be mentioned to ears polite. Numerous mineral springs, of all colors and temperatures, with extensive deposits of magnesia, sulphur, and other minerals, are to be found in the vicinity. The Witches' Cauldron, of black boiling water, with its sulphurous gases impregnating the air and appalling the senses, and the columns of steam forced into the air several hundred feet from crevices in the earth, with a noise resembling that made by a high-pressure steamboat, present the most interesting natural phenomena to be found on this coast. The locality is reached from San Francisco by steamer to Donahue, 34 miles; thence railroad to Cloverdale, 56 miles, and stage to the Geysers, 10 miles, or by steamer to Vallejo, 23 miles, thence railroad to Calistoga, 43 miles, then stage 23 miles over a road presenting some of the grandest scenic views to be obtained in the State.
Foss & Connelly, stage proprietors
Hollingsworth B L, hotel
McBride Georgie Mrs, postmistress
Van Arnam & Kennedy, stage proprietor

Geyserville, Sonoma County, PO address, Clairville, 23 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Critchfield G W, agent Wells, Fargo & Company and hotel
Critchfield & Lamb, general merchandise

Gibsonville, Sierra County, PO 25 miles north of Downieville
Clough, G G, attorney at law
Gould, Jacob S, liquor saloon
Holway, Thomas F, shoe maker
Jacks Robert, general merchandise
Kling Joseph, brewery
Meikle D A F, hotel and blacksmith
Mussey J M, physician
Newhouse H, general merchandise
Perry James E, postmaster
Perry James E & Brother, butchers
Perry M A Mrs, hotel
Spencer C R, livery stable
Squier Elias, blacksmith
Thorp J H, teacher
Wolters & Brother, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Company

Gilroy, Santa Clara County

Gilroy Hot Sulphur Springs, Santa Clara County, PO 48 miles a of San Jose
Bailhache A P, butcher
Roach L, varieties
Roop George, postmaster
Roop & Cottle, proprietor hotel and springs

Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, PO 14 miles south east of Santa Rosa
Gusti Charles, postmaster and liquor saloon
Tarrant H T general merchandise

Glenbrook, Lake County, PO 25 miles south east of Lakeport
Broadwell k Bassett, stage proprietors
Cobb Mountain Mill Company, lumber manufacturers
Gordon William, lumber manufacturer
Houghton C L, teacher
Mills D E, postmaster
Whitton Brothers, hotel

Glenbrook Park, Nevada County, PO address, Grass Valley, 2 miles north west of Nevada City
Faulkner James, proprietor Half Way House and race-track

Glenville, Kern County, PO. (See Linn's Valley)
Meyers Joseph, postmaster

Gold Gulch, Fresno County, PO address, Buchanan
Michel Charles & Company, hotel and liquor saloon

Gold Hill, El Dorado County. (See Granit Hill)

Gold Hill, Placer County, PO address, Lincoln, 7 miles west of Auburn
Ross Thatcher, general merchandise

Gold Run, Placer County, P O 28 miles north east of Auburn
Alderson Robert, liquor saloon
Anderson William W, blacksmith
Brown Henry H, banker and agt Wells, Fargo & Co
Cloudman Charles H, shoe maker
Cook & Company, liquor and billiard saloon
Davison A N, agt C P R R and A & P Telegraph Co
Fleming Frank, barber
Ford Edwin, carpenter and builder
Hackett House, Christian Kryger, proprietor
Haley Jerry, liquor saloon
Harrison John A, liquor and billiard saloon
Hoskin Joseph H, hydraulic pipe manufacturer and tinsmith
Hoy John, boot and shoe maker
Hunt William H. general merchandise
Kidd Charles B, house and sign painter
Kryger Christian, prop Hackett House
Marshall & Hughes, boot and shoe makers
McDonald _____, merchant tailor
Moody & Company, general merchandise
Pape Christian, bakery and liquor saloon
Schnabell Frederick A, general merchandise
Van Buren Josiah, liquor and billiard saloon

Wardner Shubael, postmaster, agent W U Telegraph Company, drugs and varieties
Washburn John H, wagon maker
Weber Paul B, notary public and liquor saloon
Webster & Dixon, butchers

Gold Springs, Tuolumne County, PO address, Columbia, 5 miles north of Sonora
Caveron F, gardener and nurseryman
Jarvis L F & Company, distillers
McNamee J, marble mills
Trask J F, distiller

Gold Spring's Cottage, Tuolumne County, PO address, Jamestown, 3 miles south of Sonora
Williams Isaac, hotel

Golleta, Santa Barbara County, PO
Foster J G, postmaster

Gonzales, Monterey County, PO 16 miles south east of Salinas, amid the wide-spread wheat fields of the Salinas Valley, is a young and growing town, and is a station on the Southern Pacific Railroad, 134 miles from San Francisco.
Edwards D K, teacher
Kearns Peter, liquor saloon
Mitchel John, warehouse
Searles William, postmaster
Searles & Widdeman, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Starr B S. hotel
Wilson & McCabe, blacksmiths
Withers ____, blacksmith

Goodyear's Bar, Sierra County, PO 4 miles south west of Downieville
Ackerly Oscar F, postmaster and general merchandise
Beauchamp Louis, general merchandise
Fluck Jacob, hotel
Marston C E, teacher
Smith Thomas, butcher
Stewart & Company, lumber manufacturers

Goose Lake, Modoc Couny. (See Willow Ranch)

Gordon's Landing, San Mateo County, PO address, San Gregorio, 18 miles south west of Redwood City
Gordon A, proprietor landing

Grafton, Yolo County. (See Knight's Landing)
Fryett S J, postmaster

Grainland, Butte County, PO 20 miles north west of Oroville
Bowman Samuel, general merchandise
Carton Peter, liquor saloon
Farrens N I, wagon maker
Frost J Henry, blacksmith
Gilman & Braecktel, shoe makers
Greenbaum Oscar, postmaster and gen mdse
Flail F G, teacher
Hensly Tobias Anes, blacksmith
March James 0, carpenter
Miller Jonathan A, liquor saloon
Nichols Elijah, notary public
Parker John W, attorney at law
Sanders Henry B, livery stable
Whistler A, physician
Yokum Henry F, hotel

Grand Island, Colusa County, PO 14 miles south east of Colusa
Diefondorff C J, postmaster
Diefendorff C J & G E, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Hicok J J, attorney at law
Webber Henry, blacksmith and wagon maker

Grangeville, Tulare County, PO 27 miles of Visalia
Edwards W H, teacher
Phillips J S, postmaster
Phillips & Weinshenck, general merchandise
Watkins & Greenwood, blacksmiths

Granite Hill, El Dorado County, PO 6 miles north west of Placerville
Kesselring A, hotel
Munson Jonas R, butcher
Vernon William P, postmaster

Graniteville, Nevada County. (See Eureka South)
Robb, John W, postmaster

Grass Valley, Nevada County

Grass Valley (Little), Plumas County, PO address, La Porte, 28 miles south of Quincy
Richards John, hotel
Tomb & Dickey, ice dealers

Gravelly Valley, Lake County, PO 36 miles north of Lakeport
Chamberlain M Mrs, teacher
Crocker George, wagon maker
Fordyce John, cattle dealer
Graves A L, stock dealer
McMath A B, cattle dealer
McMath Archie, postmaster, hotel and cattle dealer
Parker Edwin C, druggist
Trammel F, tanner

Grayson, Stanislaus County, PO 12 miles west of Modesto
Brown L L, liquor saloon
Copeland George H, notary public and J P
Cunha & Castro, liquor saloon
Donkin J P, tinsmith
Fisher D B, liquor saloon
Hall J J, liquor saloon
Hendricks & Lincoln, blacksmiths
Israel William C, livery stable
Kroh Olo, butcher
Major & Company, druggists
McDonald J R, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Painter William, blacksmith
Randall William, carpenter
Smith Samuel, liquor saloon
Steppenbach E. liquor saloon
Vandenberg & Gedney, butcher
Zimmermann A, hotel

Green Valley, El Dorado County, PO 13 miles west of Placerville
Johnson Roxy, teacher
Rohlfing H F, general merchandise
Rust W W, blacksmith
Skinner James, distiller
Willets William H, postmaster
Wulff H, distiller
Zeutgraff J, distiller

Green Valley, Kern County, PO address, Kernville
Evans & Company, lumber manufacturers

Green Valley, Solano County, PO address, Cordelia, 6 miles south west of Fairfield
Baufreton A. wine and brandy manufacturer
Capell James, wine and brandy manufacturer
Elleister Brothers, wine and brandy manufacturers
Jones F S, wine and brandy manufacturer
Shultz Brothers, wine and brandy manufacturers
Votypkee John, wine and brandy manufacturer

Greenville, Plumas County, PO 20 miles north of Quincy
Hall J S, butcher
Hough L F & Co. lumber manufacturers
Lathrop W B, wagon maker
Lawrence & Lathrop, foundry
Maxwell J H, hotel and livery stable
McIntyre A D, general merchandise
Pollard Grey, liquor saloon
Shattuck Edward, liquor saloon
Stevens William, blacksmith
Taylor William, general merchandise
Whitlock James H, postmaster, agent Wells, Fargo & Company, and general merchandise
Wood E P, physician

Greenwood, El Dorado County, PO 18 miles north west of Placerville
Baker S, barber
Ferree George, notary public and J P
Gay Robert, postmaster
Gay & Dobbas, butchers
Hirsch A Nagler, general merchandise, agents
Wells, Fargo & Company, and telegraph office
Horr George W, blacksmith
Muhlbach & McGonagle, brewer
Pollard Benjamin F, hotel
Reed E, carpenter
Ricci Felix, groceries
Roulaux S, shoe maker
Salgado Pietro, liquor saloon
Scheffer John H. Blacksmith and wagon maker
Walsh Michael, liquor saloon and general merchandise
White L, shoe maker
Winkleman Jacob, hotel

Gridley, Butte County, PO 15 miles west of Oroville
Blackford S S. contractor
Boyles John M & Company, flour manufacturers
Brantegam & Schermer, blacksmiths and wai makers
Brown J S, contractor
Brown & Eilert, house and carriage painters
Davis Samuel J, postmaster
Field J L, Rev, clergyman (United Brethren)
France J K, physician and druggist
Gordon J M, lumber and storage
Henshaw & Davis, general merchandise
Hironimus Will, blacksmith and wagon maker
Langley William, liquor saloon
Maul Philip, shoe maker
Mclloes J, harness and saddlery
Mitchell George J, restaurant
Murray W P, brick dealer
Musselman S, Rev, clergyman (United Brethren)
Norman G H, dentist and barber
Peck W D, livery stable
Price & Magoon, liquor saloon
Quimby C S, butcher
Rodgers William R, hotel
Stone Louis C, general merchandise and agents Wells, Fargo & Co
Wooley J A, physician

Grimes' Landing, Colusa County
Grand Island Grange Co-operative Company, N M Bonham, manager, general merchandise
Grimes Cleaton, storage

Grizzly Flat, El Dorado County, PO 24 miles south east of Placerville
Baird, Jefferson, lumber
Berry Mrs, hotel
Graham A J, blacksmith
Loofbourrow D T, postmaster and general merchandise

Grogan, San Benito County. (See Paicines)

Groveland, Tuolumne County, PO. (See Garrote)
Tannahill James, postmaster

Guadalupe County

Gualala, Mendocino County, PO 70 miles south west of Ukiah
Ferguson W S, general merchandise and shipping (Fish Rock)
Gualala Mill Company, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Lundstrom Charles, shoe maker
Robinson C D. postmaster, hotel, dealer wood, ties, posts, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Swansen Peter, barber
Wilson J R, ferry proprietor

Guenoc Lake County, PO 37 miles south east of Lakeport
Amesberry & Davis, dry goods
Burk J M, blacksmith
Davis William M, carpenter and wagon maker
Getz Marcus, general merchandise
Hames Thomas H, postmaster and liquor saloon
Joslin A P, hotel
Oliver Henry A, notary public and justice of the peace

Guerneville, Sonoma County, PO 20 miles north west of Santa Rosa
Bagley John W, postmaster and general merchandise
Crichton George, shoe maker
Epperly H, liquor saloon
Hassett & Mead, lumber manufacturers
Heald & Guerne, lumber manufacturers
Korbel Brothers, lumber manufacturers
McPeake & Bell, butchers
Murphy Brothers, lumber manufacturers
Selling J & Company, general merchandise
Taggart John, hotel

Gulion's Bar, Klamath County, PO address, Forks of Salmon, 20 miles east of Orleans Bar
Bahr Andrew, general merchandise

Gwin Mine, Calaveras County, PO 10 miles north west of San Andreas. This is one of the richest and most thoroughly prospected quartz mines in California. The shaft has been sunk to the depth of nine hundred feet and the rock taken therefrom is crushed by two mills of forty and twenty-four stamps respectively
Green Richard, liquor saloon
Pillon A, hotel (Flume House)
Redmond Robert M, postmaster and general merchandise
Redmond & Seavers, liquor saloon
Schrack L M, hotel

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875

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